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Bailey & Griffin Fabric Line
February 21, 2014 in Inspiration | no comments

Scott and I are up in Ft. Worth now visiting a few project sites.  We’ve had a busy couple of days.  I am excited to show you progress pictures from the Georgian home in Ft. Worth, but I haven’t had time to download them just yet (as they were just taken a few hours ago)!

bailey and griffin heather scott

So, instead I’d like to share with you a fabric line I was not aware of until a couple of weeks ago, Bailey & Griffin.  When our Duralee rep came in to tell us about Tilton & Fenwick, he also shared the Bailey & Griffin line.


Here is our rep Dean, patiently explaining to us how they hand roll the prints onto the fabrics.

Bailey & Griffin fabric at Heather Scott Home & design

Bailey & Griffin is considered a high end or ‘luxury’ fabric line.  Some times you might ask yourself why a fabric is so expensive.  This fabric is hand made in the USA at a Rhode Island mill.  This is one of very few hand screen printed fabric mills in the US. 

hand printing fabric

This labor alone can make you understand why the fabric would be in the hundred/high hundred dollar range per yard.  But, add to that the number of colors which are applied to each print run:

bailey and giffin paint colors in fabric

It is pretty amazing what goes into the production of these archival prints.  Now, can you chose a great fabric with 2 colors that is produced on the bolt and sold for $30 per yard?  Yes, you can. 

But, if you want to design something really unique that won’t be seen everywhere, this is the kind of company I would start with!

Here are a few of the prints I am looking forward to using in upcoming projects:

Salur in Sea Green:



Not sure if I will use Sea Green first….

malabar sea green

Or linen/charcoal:

malabar linen and charcoal

All these prints will be available in the new fabric book: “From the Archives”.

I can’t wait to get my book back at the office!bailey and giffin fabric book

Hope you are planning for a wonderful weekend!  I’m looking forward to getting back home and catching back up on my Austin projects!  I trust you enjoyed a short look behind the scenes with the amazing fabrics that we have to work with.  I know that I never grow tired of the fabulous offerings.  Talk to you again next week!