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Before & After: San Antonio Apartment Clubhouse with Accent Wall + The Blog is Moving
February 07, 2014 in Uncategorized | no comments

Before I delve into today’s post, I just want to let you know that the blog is now being ‘hosted’ within our main website:

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The team just finished installing a new clubhouse lobby this week and I wanted to share a couple of photos of the space.

Heather scott commercial dining area

This lobby areas biggest challenge was the super high ceilings! Previously, the lobby had a very woodsy, farmhouse look. The new owners had already put in new flooring and wall paint/treatments when they called us about the project.


Before: Lobby area

lobby before

Before: Fireplace/Work Desk

fireplace area before

Before Dining Area:

Dining area before

We were asked to provide the furnishings and decorative details for an environment which would appeal to the residents, made up predominately of college students.


Dining Area

As I said, the biggest challenge was how to manage the height of the room. This was done with a series of wall shelves which go up to over 15 ft above the ground.

We also added really dramatic head chairs at both ends of the table!

Heather scott commercial dining area, feature wall

Fireplace/Work Desk Area

Where better to wait for the University bus than by the fireplace in some cozy, leather wing chairs! The art above the fireplace ties nicely into the other side of the room, which is very modern.

Heather scott commercial lobby


The main area needed a really big chandelier and what is actually a full sized dining table, not your usual ‘entry table’.

Heather scott commercial entry

Dining area detail

Design isn’t always glamorous, so special thanks to Raquel (thank goodness she isn’t afraid of heights) and Emily, both of whom spent the entire day onsite to finish the project!

filling wall shelves

Heather scott commercial dining area

Based on the photos, I’d say they did a great job!


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