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A Sophisticated Foundation with Joss & Main
January 24, 2014 in Home Furnishings | no comments

I am very excited to be doing another ‘Curator’s Collection’ with Joss & Main next week! The event starts in the evening on Tuesday, January 28th and runs for just a few days.

joss and main

The theme of this “Curated Collection’ will be based around the idea of cultivating a ‘sophisticated foundation’. This supports my philosophy that you invest wisely in your basic fundamentals, and splash out on the ‘decorative’ elements, such as art, accessories, and throw pillows.

For example, in this room the ‘foundations’ are the bed, upholstery and window treatments. The room’s style and color could be completely changed by selecting different wall paint, accent pillows, lamps and art.


Source: Heather Scott Home & Design

This dining room could also get a complete makeover with a new wall paint and rug. You could choose any accent color you were in the mood for!

Dining Room 2 - High Res

Source: Heather Scott Home & Design

In this loft room, you could simply swap out the painting, lamps and pillows and have an entirely new look.


Source: Heather Scott Home & Design

I am a believer in spending your money well, once. If you invest in a ‘sophisticated foundation’ you have so many more opportunities to make future changes without being frustrated that you wasted money choosing the wrong items the first time around.

You will continue to see this concept through all of our upcoming projects, including the Texas Monthly Star Home. I look forward to sharing these selections with you as we get closer to the completion of the home!