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In Progress: Dental Office
December 13, 2013 in Commercial Office, Installs | 2 comments

Exactly one year ago today we sent out a design proposal for a new build dentist office.  It’s hard to believe that time can move so quickly, but a project can seem to take so long.  I am excited to say (and I certainly know that our client is equally elated) that we move her lobby and office furniture in on Monday!

In preparation for the big install I wanted to share some ‘in progress’ photos.  There were a lot of permit and inspection delays, but a project of this size really does take this long.  Prospective clients often under estimate the amount of time required to design and build a new space.

This is where we were 1 year ago:

Conceptual Drawing after a few revisions:

Building concept

Just a couple of weeks ago the building looked even better than the illustration:

exterior under constructio

This is a dentist’s office on the right and a doctor’s office on the left.  We did the design work for the doctor and the dentist and I look forward to showing you final results for both!

The lobby for the dental office is going to be really special.  She wanted a fireplace and beams in the room. Her goal was to make the space more like a home than a business!

Our early layout:

dental office lobby layout

Photo during construction.  Boy, you have to have vision at this point in time, don’t you?  What a mess!

Lobby under construction

This is where we were on Tuesday.  Big progress and less than 1 week to install!  I wouldn’t mind going to a dental office where this was the lobby, would you?

Lobby for dental office, interiors by heather scott home and design

The office has three bathrooms: a public bathroom, employee bathroom and private bathroom.

We decided early on to use beveled edge white subway tile and marble counters in the employee bath:

employee bathroom tile and counter

Here we are this past Tuesday; starting to get close now!

employee bathroom

This is the ‘public’ restroom, it has a great limestone tile and a mosaic:

public restroom at dental office by heather scott home and design

One of the most exciting rooms left to do is the kids space.  I can’t remember if I already shared this (I think I did?).  Around the 20th a company called “Wow Play Spaces” is coming to install an amazing three dimensional tree and play desk.

Kids space for heather scott home and design

This room is going to have a TV, game system, bookshelves in the tree and a desk for coloring. I can’t wait to see it come to life!

Once we get everything finalized I’ll be sure to share the photos with you.  We are rushing to get everything done before the holiday so she can start business in the new location in January.

Hopefully we can all remember to slow down, enjoy each others company and reflect on the special meaning of the season!  That is all it takes to put everything in perspective.

I’ll talk to you next week!