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In Progress: A Georgian Style Residence
October 18, 2013 in Before & After, Historic Homes, Regional Style, Uncategorized | 2 comments

I have been working on a new build project up in Fort Worth for awhile.  It was a bit of a slow start (weather delays, permits, etc).  But now it is really up and going.  Here is a copy of the original exterior rendering:

Exterior rendering, heather scott home and design project, new residence

I was onsite yesterday and I was so pleased with how it looks.  I wanted to show you some photos of the early stages, so you will have some background when we get to the lovely reveal.

exterior photo, heather scott home and design

Extrerior side view, heather scott home, fort worth new build

This home is in an older, historical neighborhood and is being built in the Georgian style of architecture.  The home previously on the site had foundation issues and was not able to be salvaged by the new owners.  They ended up doing a redesign of the home.  Georgian Architecture is not a style common in the Austin area, but I love it!  The basic principles of this architecture involve symmetry, order and proportion.  Anyone that knows me, knows I like orderly environments!

To give you some high level points about the architecture (a little history lesson), this is predominately an English style of design from the early 1700s to mid 1800s.  This style is recognized by its proportion and balance. Lack of symmetry, at this time period, was felt to be a design flaw.  Ancient Greek and Roman classical rules of architecture (including using math to determine the best formula for window width and shape) were used to design the homes.

Take a look at the stoic, yet beautiful Georgian architecture in this village

georgian architecture | Amazing Georgian Architecture Structural Design | Gallery Photos ...

Images from Pinterest/Google

Georgian homes are most often clad in brick, commonly red or painted tan or white.  Ours will be a beautiful off-white, but we will have little while until we get to that point.

Here are a couple of interior images to give an indication of the entry area.  Georgian architecture has a lot of millwork detail and this home will have that, as well.  The windows and ceilings will have various types and levels of moldings.  The entry and dining both have domed or recessed areas for additional architectural detail.

This is a look up into the entry ceiling:

Entry Ceiling heather scott home and design

This is the dining room, to the left of the entry, with 2 sets of beautiful French doors out to the front porch.

dining room heather scott home and design

There is  a pair of French doors on the left side of the home, while the right side has the same style, only these are windows. You can not tell from the street that they are different, there is still perfect symmetry.

detail of windows

I am looking forward to going back in about another 6 weeks to do the measurement for the window treatments and finalize the furnishings plan.  I will keep you posted on the progress!  In the meantime, I encourage you to pay attention to the exterior styles of homes that cross your path.  Sometimes we get in a rut, making everything look the same.  You never know what other styles you might like if you don’t get out there and see them!