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How to Design With Ottomans
August 09, 2013 in Heather Scott Home & Design Store, Home Furnishings | no comments

Hi there!  It is Amanda, here.  I am guest blogging for Heather today.  We were having a conversation and I was telling her about all the people that ask about what fabric to choose for ottomans and then, what accessories, because the ottomans take up such a large visual space in the room.  We both thought it would be a great idea to cover this topic.

We all love the idea of an ottoman in the center of our living spaces! They are extremely functional because they can provide a soft surface for both the little ones and comfort for our feet. The question frequently comes up, if I were to get one what would I put on it?



This space is all about pattern and texture! The ottoman in the center allows for yet another pattern and by adding the tray on top there is even more texture! This is such an interesting space so by accessorizing with 3 simple objects, it doesn’t take away from everything else throughout the room.



This zebra print ottoman was intended to add drama and make a statement! The tray was planned to bring in a sleek look and tie in the side tables in the space. Here they have incorporated minimal accessories to keep a simple design but still used a natural element in a glass vase to liven up the starkness. This room is overall very minimalistic, but adds a lot of excitement at the same time. It’s amazing what difference a great print can make!



By adding the ottoman here they were able to bring in a much needed pop of color to offset such light furniture. I love that the fabric color reflects the coral wall behind the sofa. The style of this space is more collective so they have included several floral and china pieces that coordinate with the rest of the space and draw your eye to the center of the room.



This is a wonderful example of a rectangular ottoman and how to accessorize it. I love that the ottoman is tufted to add some sophistication to the design. When accessorizing a rectangular shape, it is best to be more symmetrical. Notice how they placed stacks of books/magazines on either side and added a vertical element in the middle.



I love how the colors are mindful in this space. By incorporating pops of blue throughout the blue ottoman was a must! It pulls your eye to the center and is beautifully done in rich blue tufted velvet totally making the room! They have put the ottoman tray at a casual angle making it look like an effortless design element. The round boxwood is a great shape here and simple stack of books with some fresh flowers really livens up the area.



This room is such a large space with great vertical availability. By placing the ottoman tray on the ottoman they are able to add even more height with apothecary jars and coral structures.



This room is a little more eclectic and has several fabrics throughout the space. By selecting a light gray ottoman to offset all the surrounding beige they really centered the space. Notice here how it looks as though they have used a mirror rather than a tray, which is a creative way to incorporate a reflective appearance with the candleholders. A lot of times, the rule is to group in threes! This is a prime example of that. See how they have placed 3 items in the center all at different heights?

Come check out our ottomans we have immediatley available in our showroom! We would love to help you pick which one fits your space! If these aren’t the perfect fit for your room we can help you customize your own ottoman! Don’t forget to bring in some pictures of your room so we can help select what works best!


Leather Storage Ottoman

Dimensions: 35.5L x 35.5W x 18H inches




Telescope Ottoman

Dimensions: 32”W x 45L” x 21”H




Round Chocolate Velvet Ottoman

Diameter 30” Diameter x 19”H, $910.80


We look forward to seeing you soon at the store!