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New Luxury Home TV Show: Staged to Perfection
May 31, 2013 in Inspiration | 2 comments

I am really looking forward to this weekend.  HGTV is airing a new show this Saturday, June 1st at 5pm EST.  I can’t wait- the host is Meredith Baer, owner of probably the most prestigious staging company in the country.  And by staging I don’t mean homes that rented Cort furniture.  I mean homes that look like this:

Baer home staging living family

Note:  All photos in this post are from Meredith Baer’s website here.

M baer bath staginm baer family room, zebra chairs

and this:

baer bedroom staged

baer staged breakfast room

and this:

baer landing

baer dining room

Recognize this one? Hint: it belonged to a blogger….

Staged study

I first read about Meredith Baer maybe 5 years ago or so.  I think it was in the Wall Street Journal.  I immediately went to her website and my jaw dropped.  This was before Pinterest existed, so it was hard to get this many beautiful home photos in one place.

The number of homes she staged in the Los Angeles area, and the photos, went on forever.  Not only that, but the homes looked amazing.  I think they were all for sale over a million dollars, but they looked like it!  Each one was a dream home you could only imagine living in.

I think you will pick up pretty quickly on the white furniture theme.  Meredith’s style really influenced me when I started designing.  I kept looking at her photos trying to determine what about her rooms were so appealing.  I wanted to learn what she was doing that was so successful.

Her company is hired for traditional homes, coastal homes, modern homes, and so on.  There isn’t one specific style, but they all look great.  I think the key elements are always: classic white furniture, interesting art and accent pillows.  Remember, she doesn’t touch the architecture, just the staging.

But if I were in the market for a new home, I might want to buy this one:Baer family

or this one:

baer formal living room staged

My personal style isn’t contemporary, but I could see myself living here:

baer contemporary family room

And here:baer rustic walls, staged

What an incredible portfolio!

According to HGTV, Staged to Perfection will be hosted by Meredith and will include her and her team of 18 designers who use their resources stored in their 90,000 square foot storage facility to stage luxury homes in the LA area which are on the market but have not sold, yet.  Get ready for some fabulous eye candy.  You will certainly be able to observe and pick up design strategies which can be implemented in designing your home.

Oh, and while we are on new shows.  I have been enjoying HGTV’s new show: Flip or Flop.  I am a total sucker for home renovations and flips, but seriously, this one has been fun to watch.  If you haven’t caught an episode yet, check it out.  I might like it so much because I used to live in Orange County, CA and it is fun to see familiar places, but I think you might like it, too.