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What’s New Wednesday: Hanging Fixtures
February 13, 2013 in What's New Wednesday | no comments

We just installed our first decorative hanging fixtures in our new location! These fixtures are the perfect blend of coastal, eclectic, and unique.


These bell shaped fixtures are made of jute rope and polished steel and could be really cool if they were converted into light fixtures!


You can purchase the set of 3, or the baskets individually, depending on the size of your space.  They can also fit a variety of design styles.

The small hanging fixture is $126.99 and is 22” H x 13”D.


The medium is available for $152.99 and is 28”H x 15”D.


Lastly, the large is 31”H x 17”D and is priced at $189.99.

One other quick note, unfortunately, Google Maps has still not updated our new address, so for those of you who have not visited or are unfamiliar with the area, please follow the link below to get the correct address and location for our store (and yes, it still says “European Car Repair”- it takes longer to update the internet with new information than I ever imagined!):


We hope to see you soon!