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Before & After: A “Preppy” Update
February 08, 2013 in Before & After | 6 comments

I had a client recently that wanted some help with a master bedroom.  She wanted a fresher space, she even went so far as to say “maybe a little preppy”.  She is a very stylish professional and smart dresser.

Custom bedding detail

However, her home (this is Texas) has a ‘rustic’ bent.  Not only that, but she is sentimentally attached to her bed and nightstands, which were hand made by a parent and therefore staying in the room.  I felt we could incorporate these pieces and still lighten up the room overall.

The master bedroom was very full and had a cluttered feeling.  The homeowner wanted it to feel more relaxing and fresh.  We took a lot more out than we put in, but managed to have the replacement pieces serve dual function (i.e. a media piece that is also a book cabinet, but with closed doors for the neat factor).

I told her that her biggest challenge was going to be feeling that the room was too empty when we did the installation.  However, I was so pleased to get a note from her that night to say how much she was enjoying her new bedroom and how relaxing it felt with out so many things in the room!

On that note- here are the photos:




Final Bedroom, purple and navy

Fresh paint, new curtains, bedding, lamps and settee

Custom bedding detail

I just love this custom bedding from Leontine Linens.  We did a combination of purple and navy!   You may also notice the draperies above are purple and white with a line of navy trim on them.

custom lamp shade

We also had custom ceramic lamps made with navy shades with a purple interior!  They look so great in the room.  These little details can really make a room feel special.





We cleared out all the miscellaneous pieces of furniture, used a clean lined cabinet as a place to store books and hold the TV.

BEFORE: “Sitting area”



Sitting area

We ended up with a settee at the foot of the bed and a pair of small scaled chairs on this wall near the bathroom.  There is plenty of seating (more than most bedrooms!).  These elements helped to tie in the rustic nature of the rest of the home with the new ‘preppy’ direction of the master, without having a mismatched look.

I hope this helps you to see you can update and change your style direction while still working within the confines of your home’s style and some existing pieces, particularly those of sentimental value.

If you need help updating your space, we would love to help.  Contact us at for more information!