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Before & After: Buying & Selling with the Property Brothers: Christi & Peter
December 14, 2012 in Before & After, Home Furnishings | 5 comments

I hope you had the chance to see Wednesday’s episode of Buying & Selling with the Property Brothers.  I was so excited to see my name listed in the credits as the Interior Designer for the program.  I didn’t think I was going to get any credit for the job, so it was an amazing honor to get recognized and be able to use this experience on my ‘resume’ of work!

For the design work for Christi and Peter’s suburban home on Buying & Selling with the Property Brothers, we focused on updating elements of the home which would appeal to most suburban families, specifically the kitchen and family room.

after, aerial view

The majority of the funds were spent updating the kitchen.  For the rest of the home we focused on an improved floorplan and cosmetic improvements such as new light fixtures and staging.

The bright orange, navy and gray color scheme was unique for this part of town, but really made the home feel updated and fresh.

Before: Family room

before family room fireplace


before family into kitchen

After: Family room- updated tile in fireplace surround, new wall paint, larger scale art and impactful furnishings and accessories.  All the artwork came from

after, family room fireplace view

after, family bay area

after, aerial view

Before: Kitchen/Breakfast Area- dated cabinets, tight island, bad lighting, and large columns that separate the space from family room and wall cabinets that looked out of place.


before kitchen

before kitchen breakfast area

After: Kitchen/Breakfast Area- new flooring, painted cabinets, new breakfast bar opened to family room, new coffee/wine bar built-in and updated lighting.

And, lest you think everything runs smoothly in TV land, here are two photos from the night before (kitchen still being painted/lights hung) …


…and the morning of filming as the countertop company installs the new countertop addition at literally the last minute!


But, the trials were worth it for this great result:

after, new breakfast bar

after, new bar area

after, breakfast room

Before: Upstairs Media Room

before media room

After: Media Room

after, media area

Before: Small niche as Home Office

before, home office

After: Small niche as Reading Nook

after, home office

If you are planning on selling your home it is very important you look at your home with a critical eye and determine the areas which need to be updated, well cleaned and cleared of clutter.  Some basic refreshing of your space can really make a difference in the eyes of potential buyers.

I hope you had a chance to watch this episode this past Wednesday night.  If not, check the HGTV schedule for the next airing!