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Biggest High Point Market Trend: Attention to Custom Details
October 19, 2012 in Uncategorized | 2 comments


nailhead art, RW

Photo taken at the Raymond Waites showroom

I’ve noticed a change in attitude recently.  I have been hearing customers in the store and new clients saying things like, “We believe it is important to invest in a product we will keep for the long term” or “I’d rather have a nice piece that will last, rather than something I’ll want to get rid of in a couple of years”.

Honestly, this is a big change from a few years ago when most people were saying, “I don’t want anything nice, my kids are just going to ruin it” or “I don’t want to spend that much on something I will be tired of in a few years”.  My generation has been accused of being a ‘throw away’ generation.  We buy consumer goods intending to replace them before we’ve even gotten them out of the box.

Visiting the High Point Market this past week, I saw the manufacturers creating products that will more than meet the needs of what consumers are asking for now- something special that is worth keeping.

For the past few years, all we saw at market was solid beige linen covered upholstery.  No details, nothing special.  And, as much of this product has been imported from Asia, the quality of the upholstery has gotten progressively poorer (loose threads, uneven seams, etc).  It was so refreshing and exciting to go to market and see exciting upholstered products that bring some creativity to a room.

Here are a few key examples from several of the market leaders in upholstery products:

Hickory Chair:

From the Alexa Hampton collection- red grosgrain trim on the side of a chair


A red racing stripe up the center of a dining chair (sorry for the blurry photo!)


And, in a more classical color way in the main showroom, velvet with linen flange, including a little butterfly pleat at the corner.


Vanguard Furniture:

Contrast welts in the same color way (gray on gray and cream on cream), just a different texture (such as velvet cord on a cotton fabric sofa), at no extra charge, even at the ‘entry’ level price point:



Mixing of fabric and leather in a new way, as well as mixing  up the nailhead details- from tight spacing and the Greek pattern on the arm to the loosely spaced nailheads along the bottom of the fabric.


From the Amy Howard Furniture Collection– another look at mixing of textures (velvet on linen) in alternate colors and tone on tone.




How fun to see a collection that doesn’t look like you’ve seen it everywhere already!

I pointed out the nailhead detail above on the chair.  Go back and look at the 2 sofas above the chair- they both feature different sizes and spacing of nailheads.

And, speaking of adding custom details notice these products from the Mr. & Mrs. Howard Collection by Sherrill Furniture:

mr and mrs howard sofa, nailheads

This pink sofa was so beautiful in person.  The sofa below has contrast trim at the bottom and throw pillows with trim.  The ottoman has a unique nailhead detail.  All these elements are available in the main product line and anyone can add these unique details to their new upholstery products.

mr and mrs howard sofa with contradt band, ottoman with nailheads

As you can see, there are a lot of custom details with the latest upholstery products.  If you are considering investing in new upholstery, I recommend you think about adding some of the customized elements to enjoy your furniture for the long term, not just the next couple of years.  We would be happy to help you navigate your options if it seems overwhelming.  Just stop in the store or email us with your questions.