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Building Update: Heather Scott Home & Design’s New Location
August 17, 2012 in Heather Scott Home & Design Store | 10 comments

Based on the feedback, a lot of you felt the recent purchase for our new location….

before photo

left a lot to be desired.  The comments ranged from something like “after I picked myself off the floor’”, “I’m glad you pre-qualified with ‘don’t worry, it will be great’…”.  Hehehe. Scott and I have been cracking up at everyone’s reactions.

Interior Before:



Hmm, yes, I can see where this would be intimidating.  But you know how it goes, “Location, Location, Location”.

So, I thought I would give you a progress update for yourselves so you can see we are in good hands.

We are moving along:

full building early

New retail store entry


Retail interior getting insulation.

retail insulation

Sheet rock going up

New design office- this is the lobby, conference room and my office door (at the end of the wall).   The old building had windows in the back, but the city made us remove them for our remodel, which was disappointing.  I love natural light.  We added some skylights so we will at least get the feeling of real light in the back of the building.

design space interior

Stucco is now being painted:


So, as you can see, the interior has been gutted, the exterior completely refinished and a beautiful facility is underway.

We have had a lot of challenges in getting selections approved by the city for various reasons.

For example, I didn’t know you couldn’t use a lantern on your exterior facility because exposed light may interfere with something (I can’t even remember what is was, but it struck me as odd, that the purpose of light was to light things, and here they want you not to expose the light).  All exterior building lighting has to have a solid cover over the bulb.  This is one of many new challenges we have encountered in building a new facility.  And I had been coveting these Bevelo lanterns for years!

We have spent a lot of time ‘re-selecting’ as often happens in home building and design projects, so we should not consider ourselves immune from the same challenges everyone else faces.  Once I am sure our interior selections are ‘approved’ I will show you the final elements which are going to make this space so fabulous.  We are excited that the building is moving along so quickly and we look forward to sharing more!