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New “Trad Home” Issue & Santa Fe Trip
April 27, 2012 in Uncategorized | one comment

In case you missed it, the latest “Trad Home” digital magazine is available online here:

Trad Home Online


Melanie Turner

The publication features some of my favorite designers, such as Melanie Turner and Tammy Conner. The online magazine has showcased several really interesting rooms and includes a useful “5 Tips” section with great recommendations to incorporate when planning your own designs.

The publication also has a special section called “Rooms of Their Own”, two of which are shown below.  This article covers a charitable action coordinated by Vanessa Kogevinas, a friend and colleague (we attended the same boarding school and she has helped me with PR activities).

In addition to her “day job”, Vanessa works with another Vanessa, Vanessa de Vargas, to do good works for the Good Shepard Center for Women and Children (

I know Vanessa is incredibly busy and this is a great reminder to all us not to forget to take time to prioritize helping others amidst all the business/busy-ness of our daily lives.



I was also excited to see a “Girl’s Weekend” trip all planned out to the city of New Orleans in this issue!  I just got back from an annual “girl’s weekend”, this time to Santa Fe.  While there, we talked about our trip for next year and New Orleans was high on the list!  It would be fabulous to have it all pre-planned!

Here is a photo of the group while we were in Santa Fe.  We were room mates at Vanderbilt University (a few years ago!) and have stayed in touch ever since.  These women are such a blessing to me and I can’t wait for our trip next year!

Here are: Leslie (from Atlanta), me (Austin), Susan (Los Angeles), Hays (Dallas), Lori (Tampa)

We went for a great hike out in the desert at the Tent Rock National Park.  The weather was perfect!



Everyone lives in a different city and has different life demands (jobs, kids, etc) but we still manage to get together and enjoy each other’s company.  Believe it or not, when Scott and I were living and working in England, all 4 of them even flew to London to spend a week with me there!  Now, those are good friends!

Here are a couple of other photos I snapped of things that intrigued me- beautiful flowers against adobe walls and the bluest skies you will ever see:

April 2012 076

A very cool address plate:

April 2012 075

We also stopped at the Georgia O’Keefe Museum.  As an art history major, I love looking at art museums when I travel.


I took a picture of this quote by Georgia which is at the entrance of the museum:

April 2012 077

I swear I am taking a photography class within the next year.  The quote reads:

“Where I was born and where and how I lived is unimportant.  It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest”

I find that to be a very intriguing way of looking at life.  We often get hung up with where someone is born or where they live.  It is really what we choose to do with our lives that is of most importance.

On that philosophical note, I am committed to spending more time with family and friends this year.  And when we start planning next year’s ‘Girl’s Weekend” I will definitely ask you all for travel tips and recommendations before we leave!

Don’t forget to check out the Trad Home magazine online!  I promise you will enjoy it.