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Positano: Italian Inspiration
October 21, 2011 in Uncategorized | one comment

I am just back from my brother’s wedding in Positano, Italy.    The town was incredible, this picture is from our hotel window:


The whole family was able to attend, which was fantastic.  My brother, Scott and his bride, Brooke, got married at the Italian Town Hall by the local official.  The wedding was in Italian and translated into English.  I know they had to do a ton of paperwork to make it official!


We all loved the bride’s shoes- how fabulous! They were a soft pink with rhinestones.


Our hotel was in a great location, just on the beach, but still tucked in the hillside.  You can see the pool from our hotel in the middle of this picture.


The pool looked out over the town and the ocean we were able to snatch a little time to hang out and watching the ships.


It has been awhile since I had been to Italy and I think I had visions of the Tuscan decorating we have seen so much of over the past few years. However, the area we stayed in was very coastal/resort town and everything was much lighter.  It seemed more like being in Greece.  The hotel had amazing greenery (bougainvilla, especially) growing up the walls of the interiors.


Most of the buildings in the area had interiors which were white.  There were a lot of white slipcovers (maybe being at the beach?).  Anyone that knows me knows I love a light, airy look so I really enjoyed taking it all in.


We had a fantastic view from our room:


The beds all had netting surrounding them and the majority of the furniture appeared to be antiques.  Most of the rooms had fabulous light fixtures, especially sconces.



We also had a fabulous floor lamp in our room which I forgot to take a picture of!

We shopped around a bit in town.  They make leather sandels for you while you wait here!  Several of the shops had fantastic lamps but I just couldn’t imagine getting them home – they were all very overscaled and breakable.  Shipping probably would have been a fortune (not to mention the exchange rate issue).  I am really excited about these amazing drawer/door pulls we purchased in one of the home shops.  I can’t wait to put them on my pantry doors:

We did take a ton of pictures of local architecture and landscaping.  I plan on doing a post on our trip to the town of Ravello and Pompeii as well as one on Naples and the amazing hotel we stayed in while we were there. 

Until then, enjoy some of the sites of the Amalfi Coast in Italy!






Look at the little peppers at the bottom of the plant, these grow all over the place.


Can you believe the cactus growing out of the side of the wall like this?100_3324

We took a bunch of pictures of fabulous door entries.


The coast line is dotted with these old watch towers from the pirate days.


We could see the Siren’s Islands from our hotel, these islands are mentioned in the Odyssey.


Positano was a great town and, while not easy to get to, definitely worth the trip!  After spending time in Italy I feel re-inspired by their approach to combining light colors and materials with antiques to create classy and chic rooms which are still livable and welcoming.  I can’t wait to incorporate some of these ideas into my design projects!  I hope you feel inspired too!