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What’s New Wednesday: Jan Barboligio
October 12, 2011 in What's New Wednesday | no comments

I don’t know if all of you are familiar with the line Jan Barboligio, but we carry many of her pieces at Heather Scott Home & Design.  Jan, a real person, has had her home featured in Traditional Home magazine (see pictures below from the article) and is well known for her decorative ironwork.


There is not a lot of information available on Jan Barboligio, but I understand she grew up in Mexico and moved to Dallas maybe in the 80’s.  She and her sisters launched a clothing line of unique dresses, which people still tell us about to this day when they recognize her name.

The home décor pieces she creates, we have been told, are all hand made on her family ranch in Mexico.  I am always impressed how she continues to come up with new ideas and offerings through out the year using the same basic elements.  Her hand crafted pieces are true works of art.  In addition to her home accessories, she also custom makes larger pieces of furniture such as tables, beds and fire screens.  These are all custom made and take months (and a hefty budget) to procure.

Two of her newest pieces just arrived at the store and I thought I would shade them here.  Both are considered “Adelitas”.  This term came about during the 1910 Revolution in Mexico.  There is a myth of a woman in love with a military man for whom she joined the fighting and camp life.  Adelita is said to signal courage and protection.

Adelitas was the term later used for single candles or ‘lights’ placed in doorways and portals to guide those fighters home.  Two of Jan Barbolgio’s Adelitas are shown below:

The first is the “Corazon D’Melon” and is a glass heart topped with the familiar chocolate rose iron work.  This piece sells for $89.


The second is a “Houseblessing in Nickel” for $59.  As “symbols of protectors and just causes and those they love” this piece has a nickel glass heart base topped with very unique iron work at the top.  Houseblessings are also considered protectors of the home and family.


We have many other unique and interesting Jan Barboligio pieces with interesting stories here at the store.  Come by to see some of her other pieces of art!