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What’s New Wednesday: Lampe Berger
August 31, 2011 in Uncategorized, What's New Wednesday | one comment

Let me introduce you to a product you probably didn’t know you needed, but once you have you will wonder how you lived with out it!

Lampe Berger out of Paris provides a patented product invented over 100 years ago by a pharmacist to purify the air in hospitals.  It is an air purifying system.  The Lampe is not a candle or a diffuser, which cover odors and can add smoke to the room.  The Lampe has a volcanic stone which is heated for 2 minutes, then blown out.

Essential Squarelamp fragrance - lampe bergerlamp fragrance - lampe berger

The Lampes

The lampe then, via the wick in the bottle, begins the air purification process and releases your chosen fragrance into the room.  If you don’t care to have a ‘scent’, they offer a ‘Neutral’ fragrance which simply cleans the air.

This product is great for those who have pets or smokers in the home, or for those who do a lot of cooking (especially bacon lovers!).  You only need to use it for about 30 minutes (time varies based on room size) to have many hours of clean, scented air.  Then you recap the lampe to cool down the stone for use another day.

We have a variety of lampe styles and a large selection of fragrances.  We also just received these “Starter Kits” which include a small version of the lampe, the wick, and the neutral scent.


Starter Kits


Various ‘lampe’ options- different colors, heights and designs


Some of the fragrance options, including many categories such as floral, spice, and ocean.


Two new scents, Cranberry and Heavenly Spruce, we just received in preparation for the coming holiday season!  Here in Texas it is hard to believe we are gearing up for the holidays, but they are right around the corner!

The starter kit is only $44.99 and the refill bottles cost $19.99.  I encourage you to try one for yourself or consider it as a creative gift alternative to the usual candle.

Feel free to call us (512.342.6899) if you would like additional information about how Lampe Berger works!