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Austin Monthly Home Photoshoot
July 23, 2011 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

Scott and I were really excited to get a call a couple of weeks ago to see if we would agree to be featured in the fall issue of Austin Monthly Home magazine.  Would we?  Absolutely.

Not wanting to be too pushy, we didn’t ask too much information (i.e. featured how- one page on the store or a shoot at the house?).  We got an email a few days later to say they would come to house to take some professional photos.

I thought it might be appropriate to inquire, at this point, about how many pictures?  The answer- enough to fill an eight page spread.  How exciting!

The details were coordinated in very quick order and the shoot was scheduled.  It was probably just as well that I didn’t have too much time, as I was tempted to begin redecorating, and finishing all the little projects I had been putting off; however, the time frame just didn’t allow for any major revisions.

097We started early in the morning, so we had coffee and pastries from the Upper Crust Bakery (off 45th in Austin) on hand.  The pastries looked so good, we ended up using them in the shoot.

bkft flower

The Austin Monthly Home team, Editor, Mitchell Alan Parker, and Creative Director, Jessica Power, brought beautiful flowers- peonies and hydrangeas (my favorites!) to brighten up the space.

making selections

There is so much involved in setting up and taking the pictures!  Our photographer was Kimberly Davis from Kimberly Davis Photography.  You can check out some of Kimberly’s beautiful work on her website:

Kimberly specializes in editorial photography, particularly food and lifestyle.  You should see the food photos on her website- yumm!  Her work has been featured in magazines such as Cooking with Paula Deen, Taste of the South and Victoria.  Here are some pictures she took recently in a local garden and some chocolate covered strawberries she made.  I love how someone talented can take something simple and make it look like a work of art.

Kimberly recently relocated to Austin from Birmingham, AL.  As any good Southerner would, she has the most beautiful monogram she uses as her corporate logo.  Love it!

Kimberly and Andrew helped to set up each of the shots.

setting up

I thought I made the bed very neatly, but I guess I missed tucking in the corners!

master details

We had a full day producing a lot of great shots.

into living

There was so much photography gear, it looked like a movie set!

living room

Kimberly went to great lengths to capture the best shots, including shooting a very difficult angle from our rotunda entry (and I had hidden everything in that closet!).


After a full day, all the pictures were taken and the team wrapped up.  The Fall issue of Austin Monthly Home will be out before you know it!  We’ll be sure to let you know when it is available on newstands so you can pick up a copy for yourself and look at the great work that the Austin Monthly Home team are doing to showcase design in Austin.