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Before & After: The Little Ritz
July 01, 2011 in Before & After, Installs | no comments

We recently finished a master bedroom remodel for a couple that had not updated their bedroom in years.  When I first met them I was really touched by their story.  They had owned a larger home, but when the wife had her first (and only) child, she decided she wanted to be home with the baby.  They could not afford to keep a larger home and have her stay at home, so they made the decision to downsize.  They have stayed in that same home, in a historic area of Austin, even now with their son grown and gone off to get his master’s degree.

Being an older home, the bedroom is quite small- about 15ftx11ft with 8ft ceilings.  We had to be very conscious of the size and scale of every piece that went in the room, especially considering they were adamant about having a king size bed.


This is the room before:



We painted the room, took out the ceiling fan, ordered a new bed, bedding, nightstands and lamps.  The existing chair was reupholstered.  The majority of the wall décor was removed to simplify and eliminate any cluttered appearance.

Both side walls have large windows, but they are different sizes in height and placement.  On the right side the windows were offset, running into the corner near the closet.  We installed new horizontal wood blinds (to replace the older metal ones) and did one and a half width custom silk curtains in a beautiful, silvery blue shade.  The curtains on the right side are actually offset to make it appear as if the window is centered on the wall.


Woods Master Bedroom

A rug adds softness to the old hardwood floors.  The left side has a mirrored nightstand and the right has a bamboo style wood nightstand.  The glass column lamps help to keep it light and airy.

I asked the home owners how they were liking the new space.  They said they loved it and they felt like their bedroom was now as nice as a luxury hotel room.  The wife joked, “We now call the bedroom ‘the little Ritz’”.

Don’t we wish we could all say the same!  If you would like help creating your own room retreat, contact us via email at: