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When Scott and I lived in California, the traffic was always bad.  Except on Friday.  The radio would give the traffic report and they would say “It’s Friday lite”— meaning there was not much traffic on the road.  Usually because people started the weekend early!

We get a little Friday lite in Austin during the summer and it is always a treat to get to the office faster, or home even faster at the end of the day!

This week has been exhausting (trips to Dallas, Ft. Worth, the Hill Country, etc.), so I am declaring this Friday, “Friday Lite” from a blog post point of view.  Just a quick bit of info and a couple of photos.

And in honor of California, I am going to share some photos from a house in Laguna Beach I’ve been enjoying looking at.  The home is owned by an Interior Designer and someone has already made an offer on this $2.4M home that has been on the market less than one week.

855 Manzanita Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


855 Manzanita Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


855 Manzanita Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


855 Manzanita Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


855 Manzanita Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


855 Manzanita Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


I wouldn’t mind spending my Friday afternoon in this house!  Oh well… for today I’m spending Friday afternoon in my office.  But, Saturday is right around the corner!  I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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Scott and I can not believe it has already been 7 full years  since we opened “Heather Scott Home & Design”.  Time surely does race by as you get older!

When we opened our business we made a commitment that we wanted to price our products at a fair price point and not always be offering some type of ‘sale’.  I hate buying something at full price only to find out 2 weeks later it has been marked down.  We agreed that the only sale we would hold would be our ‘anniversary sale’ and we have stuck to that since the first year.


Our 7th Anniversary Sale will start on Saturday, July 12th at 10am (doors will not open early, even though people line up well before 10am).

If you are in the Austin area and plan on stopping by, here is a sneak peak of some of the products which may be on sale.

heather scott retail store 4

heather scott retail store 6

heather scott retail store 3

heather scott retail store 8

heather scott retail store 5

heather scott retail store 9

heather scott retail store 10

heather scott retail store 11

heather scott retail store 2

heather scott retail store 1

Remember, Saturday July 12th, 10am!  Hope to see you there to celebrate the beginning of our 8th year in business!

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A year or two ago I was working on a design project in town and drove by an amazing house.  It was brand new, still being finished.  I loved the exterior so much I wrote a letter to the homeowner inquiring who the architect was. 

camille styles home exterior 2

That might border a bit on approaching weird, but having “Home & Design” on your letterhead gives you a little leeway for that kind of oddity.

In one of those ironies of life, I had just met the homeowner, blogger Camille Styles, the week before at a Kendra Scott event in town.  She has an amazing lifestyle business focusing on entertaining and events.


We just drove by the house again the other day on our way to Mount Bonnell with some relatives and snapped a few photos of homes in the neighborhood (Thanks Brian!).  I think several of the homes I liked were designed by architect Ryan Street, including Camille’s home.

I like many of the architectural projects by Ryan Street, but this house appeals to me most.  One of my favorite movie houses is from The Holiday I I feel like the exterior of Camille’s house is what the exterior of The Holiday movie house should look like if it were built today. 


Here are a few other angles of the exterior:

camille styles home exterior 4

camille styles home exterior

camille styles home exterior 3


The little drive-by reminded me how much I had liked this home….Then, in another little irony I was reading my Austin Home magazine over the Memorial Day weekend and was excited to see Camille’s home featured in an article on the inside!

Just in case you don’t have access to a Austin HOME magazine, here are a couple of pages from the article.  For those of you in Texas you should pick one up at a local grocery store or Barnes & Nobles.  We have extra copies at the store if you can not find a magazine.

Am Home cover

Here is a shot of the main living space, with view out to the patio.

family room camille styles

The dining room is just off the entry.  I love the steel front door.  Steel doors/windows are on both Scott & my ‘dream home’ features list! 

Camille styles dining

The outdoor living space is just wonderful.  I love the infinity pool.  The views in this area are really lovely.  Lots of trees and hills, but nestled right downtown, so the location is wonderful!

Camille styles exterior (left)
Camille styles exterior (right).jpeg

The house is a great envelope of impeccable architectural details and a restful scheme.  The homeowner can add any style or color and whatever she chooses will work with the home.  

I think in the case of her business (which features photos and examples of recipes, party and event ideas) this neutral envelope is a smart approach to give the homeowner seasonal flexibility.  This is a perfect example of how making your home fit your lifestyle needs can work for all of us!  I hope you have found this example as inspirational as myself.  My goal is to challenge you to see how functional structural design (architecture) and lifestyle design (decorating and interior design) can work together to provide you the entire experience!     



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We are getting closer and closer to installing our new home project up in Ft. Worth.  This house is going to be so lovely!  Our team is ready to go, and the home owner is even more anxious!

I was just there to check on progress last week and wanted to share some of the latest ‘in progress’ photos.

If you’ll remember the home’s architecture is Georgian, which is very traditional and symmetrical. 

heather scott interior design home exterior

A closer up photo shows you the level of detail for the windows, railings and doors.

heather scott interior design, front entry

A solid wood front door was custom made to coordinate with the window style. 

heather scott interior design front door

Inside, a custom iron railing was made for the entry stairs.  I feel like the design is very elegant and a unique touch. 

heather scott interior design stairwell

Immediately on the left is the formal dining room which is being a combination of pale blue, off white and mandarin orange! I have always wanted to do a home with a plaster ceiling design and was very thrilled the homeowners were open to investing in this feature.  It makes the room!

heather scott interior design dining room ceiling with plaster treatment

heather scott dining room with door and ceiling treatment

The powder bath down the hall is getting wallpapered today.  The custom chest and sink has this fabulous Kallista faucet with crystal handles.  I want one of these for my office sink!

heather scott interior design powder bath kallista faucets

Everyone loves to see the master bath and kitchen, so a couple of quick shots of those:

The shower has amazing tile work compromised of Calcutta gold marble and a mosaic tile.

heather scott interior design master shower tile

The kitchen is a classic off-white for longevity with a pale gray ceramic backsplash and an elegant light fixture over the island. 

heather scott interior design kitchen cabinets

The island was a challenge in this kitchen.  The home was built on the footprint of an existing home that ended up needing to be razed due to foundation issues.  The kitchen was a bit tight and the homeowner wanted the sink to face the patio/pool area.  That limited the space for a traditional kitchen island.

So, I sketched out the island to look more like a piece of furniture.  The oval shape doesn’t take up as much room.  Once it gets hardware it will look like a little gem.  The countertop is Danby marble.


heather scott interior design custom island design

The homeowner wanted an apron front sink, and if you are going to do that, a Shaws sink is the way to go. 

You can see the french doors to the patio just behind the sink.


heather scott kitchen shaws sink

Adjacent to the kitchen and family room is a lovely little sunroom or ‘library’ for the family.  

heather scott interior design custom cabinets in library

Here is a view from the family room back to the kitchen. 


Fingers crossed we will have a lot more to show you by the summer.  We can’t wait for this lovely house to become a home.

If you would like us to help make your house a home, email us for more information about our design services at:

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The Austin Parade of Homes finished with a bang- it was announced that our home won the “People’s Choice” award on the last day of the event!  It is a great honor to win not only “Best of Show”, “Best Interior Design”, and “Best Furnishings” but also to win the vote of the attendees for the best home on the parade.  It is a great reward for everyone who worked so hard to pull the house together.

In case you were not able to get out to the event, today’s post will take you on a tour of several of the key rooms.

Starting from the front of the home, we had the front doors custom made by BMC Millwork.

008_Front Entry-v

The doors are made of solid wood and the glass is slightly rippled for privacy. 

010_Foyer 2

One thing you will notice throughout is a lot of ‘mixed metals’, especially with the light fixtures.  You’ve heard me say it before, but I think rooms get dated when everything is matched exactly the same.  This doesn’t apply to all styles, but for a more classic look I think it matters.


From the entry you have a view into the family room, out to the patio.  We provided all the furnishings for the home and the art above the fireplace came from The Wally Workman Gallery here in Austin. 

Living Room

The furnishings are all light, bright and airy.  Several of the fabrics are Sunbrella (though you would never know) and we put a lot of thought into how to make the room beautiful yet practical.

Heather Scott Home & Design, Living Room 2 Cropped

Heather Scott Home & Design, Living Room 2

The kitchen focal point is the range hood.  We had a design challenge with how to ‘finish’ the hood with such a high ceiling but with a couple of photos for inspiration, Silverton Custom Homes was able to work with their cabinet and millwork teams to create this amazing centerpiece.

Heather Scott Home & Design Kitchen

Silestone supplied all the countertops for the home and we used Lagoon (which looks similar to marble) for the ‘main’ kitchen.


The kitchen has loads of storage space, built in commercial appliances and top notch luxury details such as cabinet fronted dishwasher, refrigerator freezer, and wine cooler.

022_Kitchen 3

In addition to the main kitchen, this house had a ‘Prep Kitchen’ (i.e. a fully loaded laundry room).  We went with a bold blue paint on these cabinets (Benjamin Moore Blue Spruce) and a lovely pearlescent tile on the backsplash.

Heather Scott Home & Design Prep Kitchen

A couple of other views to get the full effect…

This full sized fridge freezer was awesome.  It was one of those features I never knew I needed until I saw it and used it there.

029_2nd Kitchen

028_2nd Kitchen 2

One guest bedroom downstairs was set up as an office.  Texas Monthly was a sponsor of the home and it is located in “Willie Nelson’s Backyard”, so we framed some Texas Monthly music covers and added some guitars for fun.  We kept with the blue/orange color theme for the home in this room, but punched it up a notch with Orange Taffeta curtains.

Heather Scott Home & Design, Office

There is another dining area off the kitchen which we set up as a more formal space.  But, we didn’t want it to be too dressy- this is the hill country after all.  We used a dramatic light fixture, but it is made of white washed and rusty iron to keep the space from getting too fancy! 

026_Dining View-v

In the master bedroom I used mostly off whites with touches of gray and paprika.  We wanted to keep everything focused on the view.

Heather Scott Home & Design, Master Bedroom

The master bath had custom cabinets with mirrored fronts.

039_Master Vanity

The bathroom has these wonderful windows, four total, but they are up so high you don’t have to worry about privacy.  Opposite the tub is a shower with a digital thermostat.  No valve handle!  It is another feature I didn’t know I needed until I saw how it worked!  That is on the dream home list!

037_Master Bath

038_Master Shower

A couple of other bath shots:

The powder bath- the walls are covered in wall tile from Porcelanosa.

034_Guest Bath

One of the upstairs baths.

047_3rd Bathroom

Another upstairs bath:

050_4th Bathroom

And, as much as I wanted to share the interior photos, the view is really the best part of the house!  Imagine if this was your backyard!




Now that you’ve had a chance to study the photos, I trust you’ll appreciate that both the inside and outside of this home was built and designed with functionality, beauty and care.  We truly enjoyed being a part of the home and feel honored that this will eventually be the home of someone who will be able to sit back and enjoy the benefits from something created specifically with their life style in mind.

As I have mentioned many times before, we strive to deliver chic, timeless, elegant and sophisticated environments and this certainly hit on all of our key objectives.  Thanks for being a part of this event with us and for supporting Scott and I though out our seven years in business in Austin! 

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One of my favorite artists, Mallory Page, is now being represented by the Wally Workman Gallery in Austin.  They are having a special exhibition of her latest work and I highly recommend stopping by to see it!

gallery showing

If you aren’t lucky enough to be in town during the event, the gallery actually has a ‘virtual tour’ you can take on their website.

You can enjoy it here: Wally Workman Gallery


I have two Mallory Page pieces, one at home and one in my office.  This is the view from my desk at work; I get to look at Mallory’s lovely art everyday!


mallory page art at heather scott


Scott and I stopped by the show opening on Saturday and got to see some really dramatic pieces.

mallory page pink


mallory page fuschia

I love my two pieces, but they are both about 2’x3’.  There is something totally different about seeing art that is on such a grand scale, probably around 5’-7’.  What a statement!  I just need a bigger house, and a bigger budget!

mallory page pale pink

The collection of new pieces at the gallery are all done in either pinks or chartreuse.  I asked Mallory about why she had chosen that color scheme.  She said she had planned to have 3 colors, but really liked the way the two worked together.  One of her pieces I have is pink, so I wasn’t surprised to see those, but the chartreuse really stood out. 


mallory page chartreuse
I think she said it was a color she had seen on a friend’s scarf and it wouldn’t leave her mind.  She described it as literally caught in her throat and it just had to come out.  Really interesting when you learn an artist’s motivations.

We will be showing at least one of Mallory’s pieces at the Parade of Homes, which opens next weekend, the 26th, can you believe it?  We will be installing the home on Monday and Tuesday and can’t wait to share some sneak peeks with you!

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Well, it is that time of year again.  Yes, High Point, but also Round Top!  I decided to take the shorter travel route this time and go to Round Top, Texas.

It is always a fun time to see what is happening and selling at the various vendor booths.  This year I noticed 3 key trends.  I will say I was so distracted I forgot to take a lot of pictures, but I did snag a few photos of the 3 biggest trends I noticed.



Acrylic furniture and décor was everywhere… tables, lamps, etc.  Really popular.  Some were more modern and mid-century, others more art deco.  All kinds of looks.

Here are a pair of cocktail tables.

Acrylic Cocktail tables

You can see a peak of an acrylic bunching table here on the bottom.


I really like how acrylic can lighten up a space.  It is especially beneficial in a small room where you don’t want to feel overly crowded.



For the past several years just about every single piece of upholstered furniture at Round Top has been recovered in beige linen.  It goes with everything, looks clean and provides an updated look.  However, I barely saw any linen, much less beige, on upholstery this year.

I didn’t take many pictures, but there was a lot more color on upholstery.  Here are just a couple:

Blue velvet…

blue velvet chairs

Dark gray velvet…

Fabric covered chairs

Black velvet…

black velvet ottomans

I’m on a velvet kick right now, myself.   We are using quite a bit of velvet in the Parade of Homes, and a lot in current design projects.



We all love and appreciate classic Fortuny fabric.  The price point is certainly not ‘accessible’, but a scrap used on a pillow or detail can really go a long way!  There were a lot of Fortuny pillows for sale at this year’s Round Top.

fortuny pillows blue

I’m not sure this chair is actually covered in Fortuny fabric, but it sure looks like it and they were ‘advertising’ the book. 


It is very pretty, especially on pillows.  I really like the ones that have the band in the middle with the linen on the edges and back. 

There is always lots of great inspiration to be had at Round Top.  Hope this gives you some insight into what is happening in the design area influenced by Dallas, Houston and Austin.  We are looking forward to sharing with you some of the products we have in the store which align with these trends in our upcoming newsletter.  If you haven’t signed up for it, email us at to get on the list!




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We are very excited about our new Voluspa candles! The luxury candle company, which started in the kitchen of Troy and Traci Arntsen, has quickly become world famous for their elegant packaging and striking scents.

Voluspa candles at Heather Scott Home & design

We carry 14 of Voluspa’s famous fragrances all which feature an innovative, clean burning coconut wax blend. The coconut wax blend is beautifully creamy and white, and holds a high volume of fragrance. Some of the fragrances we carry include Gardenia Colonia, Laguna, Macaron, Suede Blanc, and Vervaine Olive Leaf. Laguna is my personal favorite!

Voluspa candles Yuzu Rose Stonecrop and Sake Lemon Flower at Heather Scott Home & Design

Our favorite newly introduced scents from the Masion Jardin collection include Sake Lemon Flower and Yuzu Rose Stonecrop. Sake Lemon Flower combines zested lemon rind and chilled rice sake wine with notes of light lemon flower and coconut husk.

Yuzu Rose Stonecrop combines yuzu grapefruit with Tuscan roses, stonecrop, lavender, and tarte white strawberry.

They both smell just as fabulous as their chic floral packaging. Each boxed candle sells for $27.50. Delight your senses with these luxurious hand poured candles!

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Looking for luxe leather chairs that swivel? Our latest chair arrivals are distinctly stylish and polished. Our swivel chairs feature slate gray leather that is accented by antique nickel nail heads that border the arms of the chairs. They are great pieces for a living room or office.

Pair of grey leather swivel chairs from heather scott

The large frame and deep seats of the leather swivel chairs give a more masculine and polished feel to the chairs. The chairs also feature a fiber back pillow with a box edge detail and welting.

grey leather swivel chairs from heather scott

The dimensions of the chairs are 33 W x 36 D x 32 H and the seat dimensions are 18 W x 26 D x 23.5 H. Each chair sells for $2,119.00.

I really like the lines of the chair. They would be a great way to make a room feel more modern, without making it cold. Plus, who doesn’t love a swivel chair! Come to the store and try them out yourself!

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Before I delve into today’s post, I just want to let you know that the blog is now being ‘hosted’ within our main website:

If you’ve found us here, you’ve found us in the correct spot, but if not, please resubscribe or re-bookmark this page.

The team just finished installing a new clubhouse lobby this week and I wanted to share a couple of photos of the space.

Heather scott commercial dining area

This lobby areas biggest challenge was the super high ceilings! Previously, the lobby had a very woodsy, farmhouse look. The new owners had already put in new flooring and wall paint/treatments when they called us about the project.


Before: Lobby area

lobby before

Before: Fireplace/Work Desk

fireplace area before

Before Dining Area:

Dining area before

We were asked to provide the furnishings and decorative details for an environment which would appeal to the residents, made up predominately of college students.


Dining Area

As I said, the biggest challenge was how to manage the height of the room. This was done with a series of wall shelves which go up to over 15 ft above the ground.

We also added really dramatic head chairs at both ends of the table!

Heather scott commercial dining area, feature wall

Fireplace/Work Desk Area

Where better to wait for the University bus than by the fireplace in some cozy, leather wing chairs! The art above the fireplace ties nicely into the other side of the room, which is very modern.

Heather scott commercial lobby


The main area needed a really big chandelier and what is actually a full sized dining table, not your usual ‘entry table’.

Heather scott commercial entry

Dining area detail

Design isn’t always glamorous, so special thanks to Raquel (thank goodness she isn’t afraid of heights) and Emily, both of whom spent the entire day onsite to finish the project!

filling wall shelves

Heather scott commercial dining area

Based on the photos, I’d say they did a great job!


Just a reminder about the server switch for the blog. If you suddenly can’t find us, just go to our main website: and look for the blog there!

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