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As I mentioned, Scott and I went to a business conference two weeks ago.  Unfortunately, the conference coincided with The Dallas Total Home & Gift Market, one of our favorite events.  Since we could not go, Raquel, Nikki and Lilly (3 of our designers) went without us to see all the latest trends and products.

Lilly was kind enough to identify key product trends and take photos to share with us.  As you know, we aren’t proponents of buying ‘trendy’ furniture, but it is important to keep an eye on what is happening in the marketplace.  It is easy and important to add some new pillows or décor to keep your home looking fresh.  

Dallas Market Center Buildings:

dallas market center

dallas market

So, Dallas Market from Lilly’s point of view:

If you’ve never been to Dallas Market before, it is quite an experience. As a designer, it is a visual paradise, with beautiful products everywhere you look. With 3 buildings and many floors of showrooms, the volume of products you see can be overwhelming!  That said, there were some obvious trends we saw throughout market.  I’ve narrowed the list down to the biggest three.

1) Shagreen

Shagreen was everywhere at Dallas Market, which means it’s definitely here to stay. We saw shagreen used in almost every application, from console tables to ottomans, to picture frames and tissue holders.

shagreen furniture

shagreen bath accessories

shagreen picture frames

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, shagreen is an untanned leather covered in small round granulations.  Shagreen is usually made from the skin of sharks or rays. In design, shagreen can be upholstered to make almost any piece and is a great way to add texture and color to a room in an unexpected way.

The most common colors we saw in shagreen pieces were cream and gray tones—another trend that is here to stay—but we also saw it in a variety of pastels, which made spaces more fun and interesting with pops of color.

shagreen desk accessories

shagreen frames and trays

If you’re opposed to using animal skin, or the typically high price of the product, we also saw many examples of faux shagreen, which if done well, can look great and give the same effect as the real thing. Adding shagreen accents to your home conjures luxuriousness and can give your space a unique richness.


2) Geodes

Geodes were another noticeable trend at market. Geodes are round rocks which contain hollow cavities lined with crystals, the most common type being quartz.


We saw geodes as a trend not only literally, but noticed their natural jewel tone had inspired a color trend as well. These rocks are beautiful on their own and are a great way to add rich color and texture to your home.

In a way, these rocks act as pieces of art themselves. In my favorite application we saw, the geodes were framed in silver-leafed shadow boxes, and hung in an arrangement on the wall, making a gorgeous focal point to the space.

geode wall decor

We also saw polished versions of the rocks made into accessories, and of course large raw, untouched geodes that were so mesmerizing, they didn’t need to be manipulated.

geode topped boxes

geode starburst on stands

geodes on display

3) Mediterranean Blue & Graphic patterns

In almost every booth we visited, there was evidence of a Mediterranean trend. That rich, Mediterranean blue reminiscent of the Greek isles was everywhere!

blue patterned large rug

blue graphic vases

We saw rugs, lamp shades, tabletop accessories, seating, textiles—literally everything you can think of— in this color. We also saw a lot of the Greek key pattern in many applications. I personally love this trend, and think it’s the most doable of the three. I love the idea of incorporating this color with whites and neutrals, because I believe it really makes your furnishings stand out, and in a way that isn’t overwhelming with color.

blue patterned rug

blue patterned ottoman

Blue tones are soothing to the eye and are generally calming psychologically, and in that aspect it acts as neutral itself.

poufs in blue in white

lamps with graphic blue shades

If you aren’t ready to commit to painting your walls blue or buying a blue sofa or chair, start with accessories like pillows, lamp shades, or a piece of art in the same hue to get you into that Mediterranean spirit. The least “trendy” of the design trends, this blue is the new navy, and is on the horizon for 2015.

Everyone always wants to know what “market” is like.  I hope you got a taste of it from this blog post.  We will have new accessory and décor items, which were shown at market, coming in to the shop over the next couple of months.  We hope you can drop by and see them!

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Scott and I were in West Palm Beach for a business conference just last week.  We decided to check out early from our ‘standard’ (read: boring) hotel and upgrade to a resort closer to the ocean.  Being cost conscious, we decided to spin the wheel on one of those websites where you don’t know the name of the hotel until after you book it.  But, boy did we get lucky; we got a room at the Eau Palm Resort and Hotel.

eau palm resort

I say ‘lucky’ because I would not have picked the hotel on my own.  Secretly I was hoping for the Breakers or the Four Seasons, not a hotel I’d never heard of before.  But, this just goes to show you not to be too set in your ways!

The Eau Palm Beach was recently redesigned by Interior Designer Jonathan Adler, whose specialty is designing modern and colorful interiors.  The “Eau Palm” was a delightful place from the moment we arrived!

eau palm beach entry

Staying here reminded me of Palm Springs in the 50’s.  That ‘hot and hip’ look and style.

colorful bikes

I’m personally all about classic, chic and serene, but that does not mean I do not appreciate other design styles.  That is one of the first things I learned when I started taking Art History in high school- learn to appreciate what makes various design styles valuable and enduring, regardless of the time period and subject.

Well, the Eau Palm was all about fun and happy from the moment we walked down the halls and into our bedroom.

hallway decor

“Beach happy” chic was everywhere.  Blues, white and yellows are used throughout the space.  Also, the design has great attention to detail, such as custom trim on the window treatments and bedding.  Details you don’t usually see in your typical hotel room.

bedroom photo
Grosgrain trim embellished both the bed canopy and the window valance.

window view

Wall art plays a key role in the décor throughout the rooms, including photos by Slim Aarons…

slim aarons art

room view

colorful toilet
The bathrooms were a lovely mix of classic marble with chic details via lighting, mirror overlays and campaign style drawer details.  Jonathan Adler is clearly not afraid to mix metals.  I know that is one area clients are always nervous about.  The hallways had gold, most of the bath was silver (both chrome and brushed).  It caught my eye, but nothing looked mistakenly chosen.  Everything was thoughtful, including all the accessories.

bathroom vanity

I was wondering how I had never heard of this property before (it was formerly the Ritz Carlton), so I did some sleuthing online.  The renovation was just completed in December. 

If you are interested in learning more, you can check out this blog post at Architectural Digest.  Or, click here for an article in the New York Times.  Regardless, I recommend you go to the hotel’s website here.  I guarantee their professional pictures are a lot better than mine!  This is the perfect time of year to look at photos of beaches and sunshine.  Happy day-dreaming!



















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Scott and I are in West Palm Beach this week for a business convention.  We’ve been spending a lot of time learning, and a little bit of time sampling all the fabulous local restaurants and checking out some cool design spots (more on that another week).

This week one of our designers, Nikki Clause, has volunteered to help me out with the blog by writing some pointers on the importance of and ‘how to’s’ of keeping organized!  Here goes:

It is hard to believe 2015 is already in full swing. And with a new year always comes new resolutions. For some of you that may mean living a healthier lifestyle, dedicating time to a fun hobby, or much like our team here at Heather Scott Home & Design… getting organized!

I don’t know about you but we’ve come to find that we are much more productive at work and our lives are much more at ease when our workspace is clean and organized. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find that fabric swatch that was on your desk three days ago!

To start the New Year off on the right foot, it was time for no more chaos of overloaded fabric books and tile samples! So our design team dedicated an entire day to giving our office library a makeover. With some brainstorming and a major shopping trip to The Container Store (That store can be overwhelming so I recommend having a plan of action before shopping!), we had a plan to make the space much more efficient.

We used clear bins to color-code our loose fabric swatches for easy access.


Simple file boxes made the perfect use for storing our wallpaper samples neatly.


After a long and productive six hours, it now looks like this!


As a designer, I believe your environment has a direct effect on your wellbeing, so I promise having a tidy space will make you happier and healthier!

A quick tip to achieving this look is to try arranging furniture and accessories on right angles as straight lines suggest simplicity and order. A room tends to feel less relaxing and more cluttered when things are offset. Here are a few spaces that can be great inspiration in case you are in need of a little push to de-clutter your life whether at work or at home.







I know the team has been that much more excited to come to work knowing we have a fresh space to work in…for now anyways! Cheers to an organized year ahead!


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I recently read a lovely new ‘coffee table’ book “Hill Country Houses, Inspired Living in a Legendary Texas Landscape”. The book is by author Cyndy Severson, an Interior Designer,  who splits her time between Texas and Mexico.  It is filled with wonderful photos of homes in and around Austin, in the area known as the “Hill Country”.



The book is rich with room and detail photos, the majority of which I had not seen before in magazines or blogs.  It was really refreshing to see gorgeous interior and exterior photos of grand and small homes all with a unique architectural point of view.

Note: All photos courtesy of the Monticello Press



The best takeaway from the book for me, beyond the amazing pictures, was a very enjoyable read through the history of the architecture of the area.  I am not from Texas, so understanding the roots of Hill Country architecture was all new to me.

The book is broken into four style influences:

1) Spanish Colonial – influenced by the style of the missions in and around the San Antonio


Helmut Barnett's painting fills out this nook perfectly in our clients home. Photo from the book by Cyndy Severson, Hill Country Houses

2) Northern European Influence- architecture from the settlers of the area, predominately Germans

euro living

3) O’Neil Ford’s Legacy- The style and reach of architect O’Neil Ford, who focused on pure and simple design for longevity.

hch kitchen

4) Modernists & Renegades- a focus on modern design, especially in the Austin area, as younger, ‘hip’ families migrate to the area.

hch mod kitchen


The book is available now.  You can read additional reviews and purchase a copy here and here.  I hope you enjoy the learning lesson as much as I did!

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Halloween has passed, the time changed, and a serious cold front rolled through Austin.  It finally feels like Fall has arrived and the holidays are just around the corner!


The amazing team at Heather Scott Home & Design spent a busy day decorating for the winter holidays. 

We’ve got adorable snowmen:


Fabulous ribbon and happy moose (what is the multiple of moose?):


Front door mats with prancing deer:


And of course, it isn’t Christmas until you have some Thymes Frasier Fur candles to burn!


Don’t let the holiday season sneak up on you.  Start planning now so you don’t get stressed when December arrives.

Our retail shop can help you with holiday décor and gift ideas.  And, our design team can help with the in-home decorating should you require some personal service to get the task done! 

Just don’t wait too long before you take a moment, stop and catch your breath, and truly enjoy this holiday season!
















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High Point market was a blast this year.  Scott, Emily, Eli and I left Austin at 5am on Saturday and went straight to the market, and one of our favorite showrooms, Vanguard Furniture, the minute we arrived.  Here we are on Vanguard’s roof top deck:

HSH team

We were honored to be selected to participate in the Home Accents Today magazine retailer breakfast.  It was great to hear from all the other participating retailers about the opportunities and challenges in today’s retail environment.


High Point is the place to go to catch all the latest innovations in the furniture and design industry.  All the design leaders are there, especially if they have product to share, such as the new Kelly Wearstler lighting collection from Visual Comfort.

hp vc kw

One of our team’s highlights was a tour through the new Hickory Chair showroom, where we got to meet design doyennes Suzanne Kasler, Alexa Hampton and Mariette Himes Gomez (thank you, Tommy!).

group picture


Hickory Chair moved into a new building this year and as such, had to change all their layouts and set ups.  The building they moved into (Market Square) is one of Scott and my favorites. It has creaky old wood floors and ceilings, brick walls and big windows with black metal frames.  It has a lot of character.

Market square

But, sometimes that character can be a distraction to the furniture, especially when you need the fabric colors to look good.

hp hc entry area
new hc showroom

We really enjoyed speaking with Suzanne Kasler who told us about how the ‘orange’ in the wood and the contrasting brick color presented a design challenge to the furniture pieces she wanted to present. 

hp hc sk talking 2

You can see what she meant here in this photo:

hp hc orange floors

In one area, she ended up upholstering all the furniture in a basic ticking stripe.  She said it was the first time she had ever done just one fabric on everything like that, but as market got close, she started to panic, so she added some solid white chairs at both ends.

hp hc sk desk
hp hc sk ticking stripe

You can barely tell all these pieces are done in a black and white ticking stripe!

ticking stripe

Do you know how great it was to hear Suzanne said she ‘panicked’ near the end?  I think all designers have those wake up in the middle of night worries.  But, I would like to think at some point, maybe after being published in Veranda like Suzanne, I wouldn’t panic anymore, but it was reassuring to hear it happens to all designers!

Well, no need to panic.  The furniture looked amazing!  The ticking stripe was barely noticeable and read as a solid from a distance.  And, up close it looked wonderful- comfortable, casual, approachable and still elegant.  In other areas, Suzanne used only linen, velvet and leather.

The leather she used (shown below on the side chair and bed) are pale blue/grays.  I don’t usually use leather because it often looks heavy, but here, with the white wood and light surroundings, it looks really ‘fresh’

hp hc sk chair in leather

hp hc sk bed

Here are some of the areas with the linens.  She used white lacquer (without a high sheen) and a birch toned wood throughout.  Propped up by seagrass rugs and airy lamps and chandeliers, the whole space was a treat!

hp hc sk sofa
hp hc sk entry table

hp hc sk seat grouping

hp hc sk entry grouping

Essentially, you can see from the length of this blog that we really enjoy High Point market and the inspiration gleaned from it is second to none.  Therefore, we have a lot of new product on order and will enjoy working it into our projects and retail vignettes as it trickles in over the next four to five months (that is a whole other blog topic in and of its own)!     


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When Scott and I lived in California, the traffic was always bad.  Except on Friday.  The radio would give the traffic report and they would say “It’s Friday lite”— meaning there was not much traffic on the road.  Usually because people started the weekend early!

We get a little Friday lite in Austin during the summer and it is always a treat to get to the office faster, or home even faster at the end of the day!

This week has been exhausting (trips to Dallas, Ft. Worth, the Hill Country, etc.), so I am declaring this Friday, “Friday Lite” from a blog post point of view.  Just a quick bit of info and a couple of photos.

And in honor of California, I am going to share some photos from a house in Laguna Beach I’ve been enjoying looking at.  The home is owned by an Interior Designer and someone has already made an offer on this $2.4M home that has been on the market less than one week.

855 Manzanita Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


855 Manzanita Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


855 Manzanita Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


855 Manzanita Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


855 Manzanita Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


855 Manzanita Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


I wouldn’t mind spending my Friday afternoon in this house!  Oh well… for today I’m spending Friday afternoon in my office.  But, Saturday is right around the corner!  I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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Scott and I can not believe it has already been 7 full years  since we opened “Heather Scott Home & Design”.  Time surely does race by as you get older!

When we opened our business we made a commitment that we wanted to price our products at a fair price point and not always be offering some type of ‘sale’.  I hate buying something at full price only to find out 2 weeks later it has been marked down.  We agreed that the only sale we would hold would be our ‘anniversary sale’ and we have stuck to that since the first year.


Our 7th Anniversary Sale will start on Saturday, July 12th at 10am (doors will not open early, even though people line up well before 10am).

If you are in the Austin area and plan on stopping by, here is a sneak peak of some of the products which may be on sale.

heather scott retail store 4

heather scott retail store 6

heather scott retail store 3

heather scott retail store 8

heather scott retail store 5

heather scott retail store 9

heather scott retail store 10

heather scott retail store 11

heather scott retail store 2

heather scott retail store 1

Remember, Saturday July 12th, 10am!  Hope to see you there to celebrate the beginning of our 8th year in business!

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A year or two ago I was working on a design project in town and drove by an amazing house.  It was brand new, still being finished.  I loved the exterior so much I wrote a letter to the homeowner inquiring who the architect was. 

camille styles home exterior 2

That might border a bit on approaching weird, but having “Home & Design” on your letterhead gives you a little leeway for that kind of oddity.

In one of those ironies of life, I had just met the homeowner, blogger Camille Styles, the week before at a Kendra Scott event in town.  She has an amazing lifestyle business focusing on entertaining and events.


We just drove by the house again the other day on our way to Mount Bonnell with some relatives and snapped a few photos of homes in the neighborhood (Thanks Brian!).  I think several of the homes I liked were designed by architect Ryan Street, including Camille’s home.

I like many of the architectural projects by Ryan Street, but this house appeals to me most.  One of my favorite movie houses is from The Holiday I I feel like the exterior of Camille’s house is what the exterior of The Holiday movie house should look like if it were built today. 


Here are a few other angles of the exterior:

camille styles home exterior 4

camille styles home exterior

camille styles home exterior 3


The little drive-by reminded me how much I had liked this home….Then, in another little irony I was reading my Austin Home magazine over the Memorial Day weekend and was excited to see Camille’s home featured in an article on the inside!

Just in case you don’t have access to a Austin HOME magazine, here are a couple of pages from the article.  For those of you in Texas you should pick one up at a local grocery store or Barnes & Nobles.  We have extra copies at the store if you can not find a magazine.

Am Home cover

Here is a shot of the main living space, with view out to the patio.

family room camille styles

The dining room is just off the entry.  I love the steel front door.  Steel doors/windows are on both Scott & my ‘dream home’ features list! 

Camille styles dining

The outdoor living space is just wonderful.  I love the infinity pool.  The views in this area are really lovely.  Lots of trees and hills, but nestled right downtown, so the location is wonderful!

Camille styles exterior (left)
Camille styles exterior (right).jpeg

The house is a great envelope of impeccable architectural details and a restful scheme.  The homeowner can add any style or color and whatever she chooses will work with the home.  

I think in the case of her business (which features photos and examples of recipes, party and event ideas) this neutral envelope is a smart approach to give the homeowner seasonal flexibility.  This is a perfect example of how making your home fit your lifestyle needs can work for all of us!  I hope you have found this example as inspirational as myself.  My goal is to challenge you to see how functional structural design (architecture) and lifestyle design (decorating and interior design) can work together to provide you the entire experience!     



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We are getting closer and closer to installing our new home project up in Ft. Worth.  This house is going to be so lovely!  Our team is ready to go, and the home owner is even more anxious!

I was just there to check on progress last week and wanted to share some of the latest ‘in progress’ photos.

If you’ll remember the home’s architecture is Georgian, which is very traditional and symmetrical. 

heather scott interior design home exterior

A closer up photo shows you the level of detail for the windows, railings and doors.

heather scott interior design, front entry

A solid wood front door was custom made to coordinate with the window style. 

heather scott interior design front door

Inside, a custom iron railing was made for the entry stairs.  I feel like the design is very elegant and a unique touch. 

heather scott interior design stairwell

Immediately on the left is the formal dining room which is being a combination of pale blue, off white and mandarin orange! I have always wanted to do a home with a plaster ceiling design and was very thrilled the homeowners were open to investing in this feature.  It makes the room!

heather scott interior design dining room ceiling with plaster treatment

heather scott dining room with door and ceiling treatment

The powder bath down the hall is getting wallpapered today.  The custom chest and sink has this fabulous Kallista faucet with crystal handles.  I want one of these for my office sink!

heather scott interior design powder bath kallista faucets

Everyone loves to see the master bath and kitchen, so a couple of quick shots of those:

The shower has amazing tile work compromised of Calcutta gold marble and a mosaic tile.

heather scott interior design master shower tile

The kitchen is a classic off-white for longevity with a pale gray ceramic backsplash and an elegant light fixture over the island. 

heather scott interior design kitchen cabinets

The island was a challenge in this kitchen.  The home was built on the footprint of an existing home that ended up needing to be razed due to foundation issues.  The kitchen was a bit tight and the homeowner wanted the sink to face the patio/pool area.  That limited the space for a traditional kitchen island.

So, I sketched out the island to look more like a piece of furniture.  The oval shape doesn’t take up as much room.  Once it gets hardware it will look like a little gem.  The countertop is Danby marble.


heather scott interior design custom island design

The homeowner wanted an apron front sink, and if you are going to do that, a Shaws sink is the way to go. 

You can see the french doors to the patio just behind the sink.


heather scott kitchen shaws sink

Adjacent to the kitchen and family room is a lovely little sunroom or ‘library’ for the family.  

heather scott interior design custom cabinets in library

Here is a view from the family room back to the kitchen. 


Fingers crossed we will have a lot more to show you by the summer.  We can’t wait for this lovely house to become a home.

If you would like us to help make your house a home, email us for more information about our design services at:

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