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One of my favorite artists, Mallory Page, is now being represented by the Wally Workman Gallery in Austin.  They are having a special exhibition of her latest work and I highly recommend stopping by to see it!

gallery showing

If you aren’t lucky enough to be in town during the event, the gallery actually has a ‘virtual tour’ you can take on their website.

You can enjoy it here: Wally Workman Gallery


I have two Mallory Page pieces, one at home and one in my office.  This is the view from my desk at work; I get to look at Mallory’s lovely art everyday!


mallory page art at heather scott


Scott and I stopped by the show opening on Saturday and got to see some really dramatic pieces.

mallory page pink


mallory page fuschia

I love my two pieces, but they are both about 2’x3’.  There is something totally different about seeing art that is on such a grand scale, probably around 5’-7’.  What a statement!  I just need a bigger house, and a bigger budget!

mallory page pale pink

The collection of new pieces at the gallery are all done in either pinks or chartreuse.  I asked Mallory about why she had chosen that color scheme.  She said she had planned to have 3 colors, but really liked the way the two worked together.  One of her pieces I have is pink, so I wasn’t surprised to see those, but the chartreuse really stood out. 


mallory page chartreuseI think she said it was a color she had seen on a friend’s scarf and it wouldn’t leave her mind.  She described it as literally caught in her throat and it just had to come out.  Really interesting when you learn an artist’s motivations.

We will be showing at least one of Mallory’s pieces at the Parade of Homes, which opens next weekend, the 26th, can you believe it?  We will be installing the home on Monday and Tuesday and can’t wait to share some sneak peeks with you!

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Well, it is that time of year again.  Yes, High Point, but also Round Top!  I decided to take the shorter travel route this time and go to Round Top, Texas.

It is always a fun time to see what is happening and selling at the various vendor booths.  This year I noticed 3 key trends.  I will say I was so distracted I forgot to take a lot of pictures, but I did snag a few photos of the 3 biggest trends I noticed.



Acrylic furniture and décor was everywhere… tables, lamps, etc.  Really popular.  Some were more modern and mid-century, others more art deco.  All kinds of looks.

Here are a pair of cocktail tables.

Acrylic Cocktail tables

You can see a peak of an acrylic bunching table here on the bottom.


I really like how acrylic can lighten up a space.  It is especially beneficial in a small room where you don’t want to feel overly crowded.



For the past several years just about every single piece of upholstered furniture at Round Top has been recovered in beige linen.  It goes with everything, looks clean and provides an updated look.  However, I barely saw any linen, much less beige, on upholstery this year.

I didn’t take many pictures, but there was a lot more color on upholstery.  Here are just a couple:

Blue velvet…

blue velvet chairs

Dark gray velvet…

Fabric covered chairs

Black velvet…

black velvet ottomans

I’m on a velvet kick right now, myself.   We are using quite a bit of velvet in the Parade of Homes, and a lot in current design projects.



We all love and appreciate classic Fortuny fabric.  The price point is certainly not ‘accessible’, but a scrap used on a pillow or detail can really go a long way!  There were a lot of Fortuny pillows for sale at this year’s Round Top.

fortuny pillows blue

IMG_5813I’m not sure this chair is actually covered in Fortuny fabric, but it sure looks like it and they were ‘advertising’ the book. 


It is very pretty, especially on pillows.  I really like the ones that have the band in the middle with the linen on the edges and back. 

There is always lots of great inspiration to be had at Round Top.  Hope this gives you some insight into what is happening in the design area influenced by Dallas, Houston and Austin.  We are looking forward to sharing with you some of the products we have in the store which align with these trends in our upcoming newsletter.  If you haven’t signed up for it, email us at to get on the list!




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We are very excited about our new Voluspa candles! The luxury candle company, which started in the kitchen of Troy and Traci Arntsen, has quickly become world famous for their elegant packaging and striking scents.

Voluspa candles at Heather Scott Home & design

We carry 14 of Voluspa’s famous fragrances all which feature an innovative, clean burning coconut wax blend. The coconut wax blend is beautifully creamy and white, and holds a high volume of fragrance. Some of the fragrances we carry include Gardenia Colonia, Laguna, Macaron, Suede Blanc, and Vervaine Olive Leaf. Laguna is my personal favorite!

Voluspa candles Yuzu Rose Stonecrop and Sake Lemon Flower at Heather Scott Home & Design

Our favorite newly introduced scents from the Masion Jardin collection include Sake Lemon Flower and Yuzu Rose Stonecrop. Sake Lemon Flower combines zested lemon rind and chilled rice sake wine with notes of light lemon flower and coconut husk.

Yuzu Rose Stonecrop combines yuzu grapefruit with Tuscan roses, stonecrop, lavender, and tarte white strawberry.

They both smell just as fabulous as their chic floral packaging. Each boxed candle sells for $27.50. Delight your senses with these luxurious hand poured candles!

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Looking for luxe leather chairs that swivel? Our latest chair arrivals are distinctly stylish and polished. Our swivel chairs feature slate gray leather that is accented by antique nickel nail heads that border the arms of the chairs. They are great pieces for a living room or office.

Pair of grey leather swivel chairs from heather scott

The large frame and deep seats of the leather swivel chairs give a more masculine and polished feel to the chairs. The chairs also feature a fiber back pillow with a box edge detail and welting.

grey leather swivel chairs from heather scott

The dimensions of the chairs are 33 W x 36 D x 32 H and the seat dimensions are 18 W x 26 D x 23.5 H. Each chair sells for $2,119.00.

I really like the lines of the chair. They would be a great way to make a room feel more modern, without making it cold. Plus, who doesn’t love a swivel chair! Come to the store and try them out yourself!

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Before I delve into today’s post, I just want to let you know that the blog is now being ‘hosted’ within our main website:

If you’ve found us here, you’ve found us in the correct spot, but if not, please resubscribe or re-bookmark this page.

The team just finished installing a new clubhouse lobby this week and I wanted to share a couple of photos of the space.

Heather scott commercial dining area

This lobby areas biggest challenge was the super high ceilings! Previously, the lobby had a very woodsy, farmhouse look. The new owners had already put in new flooring and wall paint/treatments when they called us about the project.


Before: Lobby area

lobby before

Before: Fireplace/Work Desk

fireplace area before

Before Dining Area:

Dining area before

We were asked to provide the furnishings and decorative details for an environment which would appeal to the residents, made up predominately of college students.


Dining Area

As I said, the biggest challenge was how to manage the height of the room. This was done with a series of wall shelves which go up to over 15 ft above the ground.

We also added really dramatic head chairs at both ends of the table!

Heather scott commercial dining area, feature wall

Fireplace/Work Desk Area

Where better to wait for the University bus than by the fireplace in some cozy, leather wing chairs! The art above the fireplace ties nicely into the other side of the room, which is very modern.

Heather scott commercial lobby


The main area needed a really big chandelier and what is actually a full sized dining table, not your usual ‘entry table’.

Heather scott commercial entry

Dining area detail

Design isn’t always glamorous, so special thanks to Raquel (thank goodness she isn’t afraid of heights) and Emily, both of whom spent the entire day onsite to finish the project!

filling wall shelves

Heather scott commercial dining area

Based on the photos, I’d say they did a great job!


Just a reminder about the server switch for the blog. If you suddenly can’t find us, just go to our main website: and look for the blog there!

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Looking for the perfect home accent? We are excited to spotlight our latest lamp arrivals! Our antique white wooden table lamps from Eastern Europe are casually elegant and sophisticatedly simple.

wood lamps heather scott home and design

The base of the lamp is made of solid hardwood and features a soft antique white finish. The lamp also features chic curves that are accented by the subtle silver banding. The delicate silver detailing against the antique white wood finish of the base make the lamps truly unique.

wood lamp heather scott home and design

The dimensions of the wooden table lamps are 6.5W x 32H with a 16-inch drum linen shade. Each lamp sells for $379.99. The antique white wooden lamps also come in several different styles, some of which we currently have in our store. Come in and see them today!

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As designers, we often share photos of rooms which are ‘finished’ but rarely show how the design process starts at the beginning. When I begin a project, I usually start with an ‘inspiration’ fabric that sets the color palette, style and theme for the room.

Thankfully, new prints are always coming out and our wonderful fabric reps will come by to share the newest options.

We were really excited when our Duralee fabric rep came by the other day to show us some of the latest fabric collections, including the collection by designer/blogger team Tilton & Fenwick.

tilton and fenwick book

I had just seen this spread covering the fabric in the latest Traditional Home magazine…

traditional home spreadIt features an entire room done in the multi-layered collection. I thought it was cute, but when I saw it in person, I was really impressed. And, I wasn’t the only one!

tilton and fenwick fabric 2

The whole team loved everything about it. It really helped to see it in person and in the large swatches. There are so many ways to use the different textures, different color ways, different patterns.

tilton and fenwick fabric Online and in print I think they look a little more traditional than they are. I love traditional, but these definitely fall in the “New Traditional” category.

Tilton and fenwick fabric 3

All of us, no matter our age or stage in life, had a smile on our face as we looked through the fabrics.tilton and fenwick fabric 1Geniesse in Sea Green (below) was definitely a group favorite. Someone described the collection as having a bit of an Anthropolgie vibe.

tilton fabric 2Here are just a few others from the collection:

tilton fabricscout

tilton farbic detailJax

The fabrics are available now and I already have a project in mind to use them in! I will be sure to share photos!

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The building of the parade home is fully underway now and we are very busy with all the decisions for the home!

The Austin HBA Parade of Homes is scheduled to be held in Tierra Vista in Spicewood (also known as “Willie Nelson’s Ranch”). The dates are April 26th- May 11th.

Tierra Vista Parade of homes

The home I am designing is being built by Silverton Custom Homes (the same builder we worked with on the Southern Living Showcase Home).  They have partnered with the amazing Texas Monthly magazine for the event and I am really excited about some of the benefits of the partnership.  You will see more about the home in the coming issues of Texas Monthly magazine!

I thought I would give you a little preview of the home and some of the fabric/color elements we are looking at for the home.

First off, the home is situated on a bluff in the “Texas Hill Country”.  You can see the hills in the background, even though the weather was horrible the day I took pictures!

Exterior view of austin parade home, side view

Exterior view of austin parade homeThe finished house will be just over 4,000 square feet.

Exterior view of austin parade home, other side

This is the view from the family room.  There is a river in the distance, but you can’t really see it here.

view from family room

This is the amazing view from the master bedroom.

austin parade home bedroom view

You feel like you are up above everything when you step out back.  An infinity pool will be added, enhancing the amazing views that much more!

And now, for some of the fun stuff…Fabric and colors!

I’m still a big believer in timeless neutrals on all the fundamentals, so all the major elements are going to be done in creams and browns, but we’ve added a lot of rich blue and rust as the main color accents.

These are our main area elements, which includes the family room, kitchen, breakfast area and dining area.

wood floors, farbics and paints

The ‘laundry’ room in the back is huge and holds everything.  These are the shade and bar stool fabric.  I’ve been wanting to use the heron fabric for a while now!

Prep kitchen fabrics for austin parade of homes

The office is going to be very cool, with a music theme in homage to Willie and the history of the area.  We’ll have some very rich textiles and colors, including orange taffeta and teal velvet.

office fabrics for austin parade of homes

Upstairs we are going to keep the cream and chocolate backdrop but in a little library alcove I am going to use ‘aubergine’ for something unique.  There is a paint called Plum Chocolate which I think will be perfect!

parade of homes library fabrics

There are 3 guest bedrooms and each of our interior designers are in charge of a bedroom.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

I hope you are getting excited and plan on putting the Parade of Homes tour on your calendar at the end of April!

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When Scott and I started our business 6 1/2 years ago we were the only 2 employees for 2 full years! We knew we would have to add staff eventually and we did, slowly…. up until this year!


Raquel         Charissa      Emily        Toni             Sarah       Amanda    Eli

Our design business has grown so much that in addition to our retail team, we now have in place 4 full time designers (including myself) and two operations team members to manage all the details for the ordering and installation of our projects. If you work in the industry, you know how critical that phase of the business is!

I wanted to take today to give you a little bit of a run down on who is now working on our team, their background and key roles.


1) Toni McWilliams

Toni has over 20 years experience in Interior Design, beginning after she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design from Baylor University. After graduation, Toni was hired by a design firm in Aspen, Colorado. She has spent her career as a full time designer, working at large firms, small firms and as an independent designer.

In Colorado, Toni’s jobs focused on luxury homes and condos in the Aspen area. One of her projects won an ASID award, sponsored by Colorado Homes & Lifestyles magazine, for Best “Residential Traditional Kitchen”.

If Toni wasn’t an Interior designer, her dream job would be working with rescued baby elephants in Africa!

2) Raquel Skrobarczyk

Raquel is an artist at heart and has studied fine arts, photography and interior design in Texas and Italy. So far in her seven years of design experience, Raquel has worked in model home merchandising and high end residential design. She collaborated on the design of a 2009 Mueller Parade Home winning 8 awards including “Best of Show.”

You would think an artist’s ‘dream job’ would be something painterly, but when quizzed, Raquel said if she wasn’t a designer she would be solving mysteries as a CSI!

3) Amanda Bogner

Amanda has an enthusiastic and fun personality that shines from the minute you meet her. She grew up in the design world- her father was in construction, one uncle was an architect and the other an interior designer. So, naturally this business is a bit ‘old hat’ for her, even though she is young at heart.

Amanda has spent time working with luxury bedding and upholstery and is also so good with CAD she has done a lot of freelance work for other designers. Outside of the design world, Amanda’s dream job would be in dance…ballet specifically.

I think our new design team is amazing and I can’t wait to roll out all the wonderful projects we have this year with them.


We’ve also added to our ‘ops’ team to handle the increased workload.

1) Emily Hernando

Emily has been with us over a year and a half now. She is the consummate professional and a major help to both Scott and I. She has the ability to see what needs to be done to meet a goal and dives right in to do it. I am continually amazed when I ask her about something and her reply is “I already did that”. That is such a blessing in a business!

Emily studied at UT when getting her BS in Textiles & Apparel, Retail Merchandising. We were lucky to have her intern with us and she has been here ever since!

If Emily wasn’t working with us, she’d be searching out a job to name nail polish colors!

2) Sarah Kirsch

Sarah is just finishing up from the University of Texas, after also working on a merchandising degree. Her positivity and strong work ethic make her a great add to our operations team, which requires an amazing commitment to attention to detail.

In this business we can’t afford to make mistakes so we need those involved in our ordering and procuring to understand what our clients need and make sure it gets built properly.

While Sarah studied merchandising, she has also worked at couture clothing companies, including a high end bridal boutique and a men’s custom dress shirt company. Learning about these couture details will help her as we deal with custom upholstery with ‘dressmaker’ designs. If Sarah wasn’t working with our team, she would be in marine biology and swimming with dolphins.


1) Elisandra Noriega

Eli is our Assistant Store Manager. She studied business and marketing at UT. She worked retail in college at Forever 21, with the Forte Foundation helping women in business and also worked for the state. She is a wonderful writer and I wished I had tapped her to put this blog post together for me!

Eli is originally from El Paso but loves Austin. Eli loves to travel and spent a semester in Europe. If she could do anything, she said would move to Nice, France and be a food and travel blogger!

2) Charissa Pongtaratik

Charissa was another Textile & Apparel intern with us (if you own a business in Austin you should definitely get linked into this crew!). She finished up her internship in December and started with our retail team in January.

She never meets a stranger and knows everything there is to know about Austin, especially if it involves restaurants! Charissa is hoping to spend her career focused on fabrics and textiles and we are a good spot for her to begin that journey!

Whew! What a team. Those of you who remember when it was it just Scott & I are probably blown away by what has transpired in just a few years.

I am just thrilled to have such a group of motivated, positive and inspiring ladies to share in this awesome workload in 2014. Scott and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings, but I can guarantee we will be staffed to handle it!


Lamps are the jewelry of a room and our latest lamp arrivals help make a statement! Our customized celery ceramic lamps are perfectly chic and classic. The celery ceramic base adds a refined pop of color, while it is still subtle enough to be paired with other cool blue, cream, and white accessories.

ceramic gourd lamps

The mounting and finial of the ceramic lamps are finished with gold leaf, which is a great accent to the lush celery color of the lamp’s ceramic base. The oatmeal linen drum shade also adds a touch to the elegance of the lamps.

ceramic gourd lamp with linen shade

The custom ceramic lamp is 34”H and the dimensions of the oatmeal linen drum shade are 19”W x 11”H. Each lamp sells for $389.00.

custom ceramic colors

Want to customize and design your own ceramic lamp? With a palette of 35 forecasted fashion colors , 11 different base shapes, and 3 different mounting and final finishes to choose from, you can play designer and customize your very own colored ceramic lamp. Come in to the store to learn more about the custom ceramic lamp program!

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