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    May 20, 2016 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

    Just outside the media room I showed you last week, is our fun family’s ‘game room’. This room was also the playroom for “little baby girl” (nursery to come in future post) and the room had become overrun with toys. Mom’s request: ‘get all this clutter hidden behind a built-in’. So we did that, and had a great time painting it a playful Tiffany blue shade.

    Family Game Roomheatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design



    It is easy to see how children’s toys can over run a space.  Putting all these items behind closed doors makes a room so much more comfortable for adults to use it, as well.

    game room before 2heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design
    game room beforeheatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

    This room had previously housed the furniture from a prior living room and a collection of other cast off pieces. With a revised furniture plan this room became really useful for many family members to hang out and spend time together.


    We designed a sectional to fit the space nicely and added two petite swivel chairs for TV viewing and Christmas present opening.  The tufted sectional is great for little ones and the woven pattern and darker ottoman are very forgiving.

    family game room close upheatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

    This home owner’s little one came in and climbed up onto the sectional and kept saying ‘So cute, so cute, so cute’. I wish I had gotten it on video. It was precious.

    Family Game Room Built inheatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

    I have to tell you about the drapes. I’ve worked with these clients for over 5 years and when I proposed the color scheme, black, white and Tiffany blue, she said ‘I never told you this, but I don’t like black’. First off, she was so sweet the way she said it (like it was her fault I proposed black even though I’ve known her that long), but secondly, she did not say ‘no’; she said ‘let me think about it’. Two days later she decided to get out of her comfort zone and go with black! Not many people will take a chance when they are uncomfortable.

    Family Game Roomheatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

    Once installed, she says the drapes are her favorite thing about the room. Moral of the story: rethinking your position does not mean you are giving in or compromising who you are. Challenge yourself to be open to new ideas, colors and styles. People’s individual styles often evolve, change and develop as they are exposed to new design concepts. Keep an open mind in all areas of life!