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    What’s New Wednesday: New Custom Orchids
    August 26, 2015 in Uncategorized | no comments

    We recently received a stylish variety of one of our signature accessories: orchid floral arrangements. We have many new styles and even some different colored orchids to choose from!

    One of our new double phalaenopsis orchids is planted in a lovely pale blue ceramic vase. The orchid arrangement also features a touch of hanging jade for added greenery. It is 34 inches tall. This arrangement sells for $299.99.

    orchid with hanging jade

    We also have a shorter arrangement in a round mercury glass pot. It includes a small geode for extra sparkle and sells for $124.99. It is 17 inches tall.

    orchid in mercury glass with geode

    Below is a close up of the orchid’s geode.

    close up of geode

    We also have a new mercury glass orchid style that features a chic gold vase. In certain lighting, it picks up a rose gold hue. It is a single phalaenopsis orchid and features a substantial height at 32 inches tall. It sells for $199.99.

    gold mercury glass orchid

    We typically only carry white orchids in our store since they are timeless and add brightness to a room. However, our new sunset orchid can add a lovely pop of color to a room. It can pair well with a room with accents of coral, persimmon, or blood orange.

    sunset orchid

    Below is a close up of the sunset orchid.  It is a stunning centerpiece at 33 inches tall and sells for $449.99.

    close up of sunset orchid

    Lastly, if you want to introduce another classic floral arrangement into your home, our white magnolia is lovely. It pairs well with the pewter vase and measures 9 inches tall. It sells for $159.99.

    White Magnolia

    Our new floral arrangements can make a stylish and sophisticated statement in your home. Visit our store today to see these lovely florals in person!

    White Magnolia II