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    What’s New Wednesday: Decorative Throw Pillows
    February 18, 2015 in Heather Scott Home & Design Store, What's New Wednesday | no comments

    Our decorative throw pillows are an elegant and stylish way to spruce up your upholstery. Simply swapping out your old pillows for new ones can make a sofa, chair or bed look fresh and updated. Pillows are also an easy way to introduce a pop of color or tie a design scheme together.

    teal velvet applique pillow

    One of our favorite new pillows is the perfect size for the center of a sofa (as shown above) or on the center of a bed. The pillow features a crème neutral linen with a teal velvet appliqué and silver bead accents. It is lovely and feminine. It is 18 x 30 and sells for $329.99. Below is a close up of the pillow.

    close up of velvet applique pillow

    Our natural linen pillows with charcoal plum velvet appliqué can add texture and color to your décor. We paired the pillows together with two different patterns on a taupe tuxedo sofa. The patterns and colors complement each other rather than clash. The charcoal grey pillows are 18 x 30 and sell for $369.99 each.

    charcoal grey pillows 

    The center pillow features a white linen fabric with a beaded appliqué. It is 15 x 21 and sells for $269.99.

    close up of beaded pillow 

    The pillow below features a natural linen and beaded pattern. The neutral linen fabric pairs well with the beaded detail for a hint of sparkle and glamour. It is 22 x 22 and sells for $299.99.

    22 x 22 beaded pillow on chair

    Below is a close up of the beaded detail on the pillow.

    22 x 22 decorative throw pillow

    Pillows are a fun way to experiment with textures and patterns. Mixing different sizes, textures, colors and patterns can give your home that highly coveted designer look. Let our team help you create your own mix of pillows.