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    DIY Ornament Tree
    December 27, 2013 in Uncategorized | no comments

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  We surely did!

    I thought I would just quickly share some photos from our “DIY Ornament Tree” in Montana.

    We had great fun making all the ornaments on the tree from scratch.

    DIY Ornament tree

    Allison showed you the button wreath idea from Martha Stewart’s website.  Here are a couple of ours:

    DIY christmas ornament, button wreath
    candy colored wreath

    The initial ornaments turned out great and were so easy:

    DIY christmas ornament, letter B
    DIY christmas ornament, letter H

    These little candy cane mice were super cute:

    DIY christmas ornament, red mouse

    We also did God’s Eye ornaments (remember those from summer camp?)

    photo 1 (4)

    And frosted trees made from real twigs.

    photo 2

    Thank goodness someone had already collected twigs for the fire which we could use on the ornaments, because generally it looked like this up there:

    Snow mobiling
    We enjoyed spending the day indoors making the ornaments.  A great time for all ages and I highly recommend the activity for your family next year!

    Now, I am going to spend the next few days recouping, un-thawing and getting organized for the new year!  We have a lot of projects ready to kick off and I predict 2014 is going to be even busier than 2013!