HGTV’s Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers

This past summer was full of excitement at Heather Scott Home & Design.  One of the highlights was working with Jonathon & Drew Scott, also known as “The Property Brothers”, on a few episodes of their new series, “Buying & Selling with the Property Brothers” for HGTV.



That’s me BTW, all fuzzy in the background.  Unlike the TLC TV show, our involvement in this project was all behind the camera but for one key exception.  A portion of the show was filmed in our store, Heather Scott Home & Design, right here in Austin.

I can’t believe I lost track of time, but the episode filmed in our store aired Wednesday night.  Luckily, it is going to be aired again on Thursday, November 1st at 8pm EST.   Here are the schedule details:

This episode is known as Shane & Sydney, the names of the homeowners, or also #108.

Stephanie and Amanda, both of whom work in the store, were excited to have the opportunity to be in charge of the store on the day of filming.  Scott and I had a long weekend planned in Montana and nothing was stopping us from a vacation!

Heather scott home and design with property brothers austin, 2

Heather scott home and design with property brothers austin

Stephanie and Drew (1st) and Amanda and Drew at the store

My favorite part was that you could actually see glimpses of Amanda and Stephanie working in the store on air!

I had the awesome opportunity to work with this team on the design side of the business for episodes #110 (Craig & Kris) and #112 (Peter & Christy).  No air dates for these episodes, yet, but we have to be getting close!

Once the episodes air I will be able to share with you some of the amazing before and after’s from each of the homes.  These were some incredible transformations (not to mention crazy timelines, budgets, and workdays, but more on that later!).

I hope you have the opportunity to tune in on November 1st, and if not, check the HGTV website for the schedule of upcoming episodes!

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  1. Lisa Mende Design’s avatar

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see it!!! You are doing some amazing things!


  2. Gary P Jackson’s avatar

    Just saw the show Thanksgiving Day. Great stuff! Lived in Austin area for years, moved back to Central Texas, but miss Austin a lot.


  3. christy sloan’s avatar

    I wanted to ask some questions about the designs in the Peter and Christy episode…specifically, the mantle. Did you design it?


    1. heatherscotthome’s avatar

      The wood mantle came with the house originally. We removed the brick area and replaced it with travertine tile.


      1. christy sloan’s avatar

        Thank you for your response. I was also curious about the canvas art. Can you tell me where it is from/whom the artist is?


        1. heatherscotthome’s avatar

          The piece in the family room is by artist Mallory Page. All the other canvas art I made with a canvas from Micheal’s and some oil paint!


        2. Mario Lopez’s avatar

          On the Property Brothers “Shane and Sydney” episode, does anyone know the location of the lake homes shown?


          1. heatherscotthome’s avatar

            In the Austin, TX and Lakeway, TX area.


          2. Ariadna’s avatar

            On the Property Brothers “Shane and Sydney does anyone the location of the house with simming pool? Thanks


            1. Ariadna’s avatar

              Ok. I know that is Austin but what área? I’m falles in love with this house and i like it have a photos. I’m thinking to built a similar house in Spain. Thanks a lot


              1. heatherscotthome’s avatar

                I know it is on the west side, but I don’t know the specific address.


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