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I often speak about lighting as the ‘jewelry’ of the home.  This is particularly applicable to a newer home, in which a builder has installed matching lighting sets in bulk and put them throughout the whole neighborhood.   Many think this is driven by design (‘shouldn’t all the lighting match?’) but it is not.  This choice was not driven by design; it is driven by efficiency and cost savings.

If you want a home with character and personality, you should start thinking about lighting as the jewelry of the home.  I shared this concept and these principles on KXAN’s Studio 512 just a couple of weeks ago.

heather at studio 512

You can watch the video by clicking on the picture or clicking here:

studio 512, lighting

Or  you can read the ‘cliff notes’ version below:

Imagine lighting as the jewelry of your home and incorporate these three concepts:

1)     It doesn’t have to all match

You don’t have to have all the same fixtures throughout the house, especially bathrooms, and you do not have to use the same finish everywhere.  For example, just because you have oil rubbed bronze in the bathroom, doesn’t mean you have to use a chandelier with oil rubbed bronze on the dining light fixture.

  Takeaway: Just like with jewelry, you can wear only pearls on your ears, neck and wrist (nothing wrong with that!), but mixing up the elements tends to add pizzazz to the total look.

2)     It is your chance to add personality

Even though it takes more time and effort, try to find some elements you won’t see everywhere.

Lighting adds so much character.  If you aren’t using it to your advantage, you are really missing an opportunity to add your personality to your home.  Don’t just go to big box stores or a traditional lighting shop for all your fixtures.

Take-away: Branch out and shop unique boutiques or events like Round Top or Scott’s Antique market to find fixtures that no one else will have.

3)     Usually bigger is better

What girl doesn’t want the bigger diamond?  It is not that we are shallow or materialistic.  It is that ‘bigger’ catches your eye faster and makes a statement.

To determine the best size light fixture for your home add the length + width of the room to determine the ideal number of inches.  I usually take that number and go up from that to add impact.

Take away: In my opinion, it is better to have a large fixture that makes a statement than something too small for the room.

Hopefully these quick tips will help you reframe your point of view on lighting.  If you need help with your lighting and other design decisions, feel free to reach out to us at !  Have a super Memorial Day weekend!

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We are buzzing about our new wood serving tray with pewter honey bees and wildflowers. When paired with our new glassware our new accessories are the perfect way to serve with style.

wood serving tray

The wood tray features mahka wood with a light, food safe finish that provides a rich honey tone. The durable board is adorned with wildflower blooms and honey bees on each corner of the board. The tray is as exquisite as it is practical. The dimensions are 16″L x 12″W and it sells for $589.99. Below is a close up of the embellishment.

close up of honey bees and flowers

Our new glassware is also just as stylish. Each piece is hand-blown, cased Polish glass in a chic opaline blue finish. We currently have an ice bucket with tongs ($89.99) and bedside carafe with one serving glass ($124.99), seen above. We also have a set of 4 martini glasses ($129.99), martini pitcher with crystal stir stick ($99.99), and set of 4 glasses ($129.99) available in our store.

martini glasses and pitcher

Below are some more photos of the opaline blue glassware we have available.They are the perfect accessories for a summer soirée.

opaline blue glass collection

Our new accessories are the perfect way to kick-off the start of summer.Visit our store before the Memorial holiday weekend to pick up one of our fabulous new accessories. We will be closed Monday, May 25th , but will reopen on Tuesday for normal business hours. We hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday!

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Last Thursday, Emily, Sarah, Nikki and I drove to the Dallas-Fort Worth area to do three ‘model apartment’ installs in one day!  We manage quite a few “Multi-Family” commercial projects and they are vastly different from residential projects.  No one ever uses the furniture and the design elements are often focused on using color and accessories to make the apartments memorable.

Today I wanted to share the project in Flower Mound (a suburb of Dallas) which had a major transformation, even though we kept most of the existing furniture pieces.

The property manager’s biggest request was to brighten and modernize the space, but with the budget given we had to rely on dramatic accessories to finish the job.

Family Room Before:

Glancing into the family room, there were a couple of things that are aesthetically off-balance. The console table along the wall was too short under the artwork.  The area rug was also too small, and the upholstery was dated.

model living room before

The fireplace area was in pretty good shape (and fit the theme of the location), but the picture over the fireplace was hung too low.  The management wanted to keep the décor that gave a nod to the ‘western’ element of the property, so we used this artwork piece as our ‘design inspiration’.

model living room mantle before

Our project design goals were:

1. Brighten the space

2. Re-purpose and re-arrange existing furniture

3. Tell a color story

4. “Style Like a Pro”

Family Room After:

We took the color scheme from the Don Quixote print and added a punch of orange-red to brighten up the apartment.  We moved the side chair from a bedroom (where it was a touch too big for the space) and used it here.  The console became an end table and we reoriented the furniture to a more welcoming placement and opened up access to the patio.

model apartment living room after

living room after, side view

model apartment living room mantle after

When it comes to apartment projects, pops of color are necessary. The bright colors and dramatic contrasts through accessories make the most impact in small spaces.

How were the design goals addressed in this room?

1. Light and airy pieces like the white, slipcovered sofa and white cotton drapery panels were selected. The jute rug adds texture and brings all the pieces together.

2. Moved the wooden armchair from the master bedroom, and adjusted the coffee table and console accordingly.

3. Inspiration came from the artwork hung above the fireplace mantle. A color scheme was developed which would transition the space from rustic to “Modern Country.”

4. Accessories. Accessories. Accessories.

Other rooms:

Dining Room Before:


Dining Room After:

It was a lot of fun to accessorize the dining space. Previously it was lacking color, so we had a clean slate to incorporate the new color elements.  The staff requested keeping the iron rooster statue as a conversational piece.   It was placed it on the console to add height.

dining room after

The white plate settings brightened the existing dining table, as did the white drapery panels. The mirrored trays help reflect more light into the room, and is a quick way to make a room appear bigger than it is.

We rearranged the dining table to fit the space better, and re-hung only one of the existing art pieces, since two made the console seem too short.

Finally, the bright, orange-red napkins added a pop of color the space was in need of.

dining table accessories


Master Bedroom Before:


Master Bedroom After:

With a slim budget, we allocated funds for new bedding, artwork, table lamps, and accents. Take note of the dramatic transformation just by updating the accessories. It really is the little things.

master model bedroom after

Transforming a space on a tight budget can be tough, but it is also rewarding when complete. Start by making a list of design goals for your space. Figure out which pieces can be re-purposed in a new light, or re-arranged for functionality. Then tell your very own color story, incorporating colors in new ways. Lastly, don’t forget to set aside budget for the color and accessory items to truly make an impact. 


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Our new dining table features clean silhouettes and classic lines. The light gray wash finish of the tabletop paired with its white base gives the table a touch of transitional flair.

grey wash dining table-108"

The dining table is 108” inches and can comfortably seat 8-10 people. The neutral upholstered chairs we have paired with the table add to its airy and clean aesthetic. The table has traditional features, but the finish and our styling give it a more transitional look. Below is a close-up of the gray wood finish and white base.

gray wash finish


The grey wash dining table is made from 100% pine wood. Its dimensions are 108W x 42D x 30H and it sells for $2,149.99.

gray wash and white base


Stop by our store to see this stylish piece in person. It is the perfect table to host a summer dinner party. Also, don’t forget to shop on our online store. Just like our boutique, there is always something new featured!

gray wash dining table

Vetta Magazine, a fast-growing lifestyle magazine based here in Austin, recently asked me to be a “Guest Editor” for their latest Vetta Homes issue.   I had the opportunity to share 6 of my favorite classic, chic and serene elements for any home renovation.

vetta cover

The picks include paint, mill work, lighting, my favorite faucet/sink combination and unique seating, such as the banquette shown below.


The magazine is available in the Central Texas area as well as online.  I’d love for you to check it out and then share with us some of your favorite renovation elements!

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This week we are excited to launch our new online shop on!

In our April newsletter, we announced our partnership with, the one-stop online destination for all the best boutiques. Our online shop will feature a chic collection of our favorite home accessories and gifts. From books to custom-made succulents, our online offering is a great new way to shop from home if you live far away or are simply time-starved.

Shoptiques Online Shop

Any accessory featured on is available immediately. All product information is listed, along with our current inventory for each item. Shipping is free if your order is over $100. If you need your accessories sooner, you can simply request expedited shipping to receive your order within 1-2 days. If you live nearby and place an order online, you have the option to pick-up your order in the store. All we require is a valid photo ID that matches your online order.


Products on Shoptiques

Each order also includes a hand-made keepsake designed by one of our talented team members!

custom card

If you create a free online profile at and ‘like’ our page, you will have the opportunity to be alerted when new accessories are available. You also will gain an exclusive access to special promotion codes that are valid for online use only. Click here to start shopping  or download the free Shoptiques app for your phone!  To learn more visit or email us to learn more information. Start discovering and shop our collection today!

Neighborhood Austin Shoptiques

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Spring is here and patterns are in full swing. From home magazines to the runway, winter’s deep colors and textures have been replaced with trending bolds and brights.

For many of us, we are drawn to these fun prints and cheerful colors as they tend to  liven up a space. But even I’ll admit that decorating with patterns can be tricky. So I’ve put together five tips to hopefully send you on your way to becoming a pattern-playing pro.

TIP #1: Play with scale

You want to have patterns that speak to each other and do not compete. Multiple large patterns can be overwhelming just as combining many small prints can make a room look busy. When putting together a scheme, try to stick to this rule of three: one large-scale print such as a floral, one medium pattern like a fun geometric, and one small print that is simpler. This rule of thumb works especially well when layering patterns like in an arrangement of pillows.

custom patterned pillows


TIP #2: It’s all a balancing act

Just like with anything in design, balance is crucial in making your space cohesive. Be sure to spread the love by incorporating your patterns beyond one concentrated area or piece of furniture, like in the image below. Without the accent throw pillows on the side chairs, the room would become unbalanced and your eye would only be drawn to the sofa.

custom sofa pillows with pattern

TIP #3: Size most certainly matters

Have you ever tried to make a pillow out of a stunning large floral print fabric and felt like it didn’t do it justice? Well that’s because the scale was off. In order to showcase a pattern in its best light, coordinate the scale of the pattern to the size of the area or piece of furniture it is being applied to. Large patterns are great for a wall or area rug.

chairs with pattern

Medium patterns are best saved for an upholstery piece such as a sitting chair, while smaller compressed patterns look nice on accent pillows and accessories like these bone inlay jewelry boxes from our retail boutique.

bone pattern boxes

TIP #4: Make a statement

If you are afraid of overloading your space with patterns but still want a “wow” factor in the room, try making one pattern the main feature. Create an accent wall with a geometric wallpaper or place a vibrant runner in a neutral bathroom for an unexpected bold touch!

wallpaper with pattern

rugs with pattern

TIP #5: Tie it all together

Sometimes one of the biggest struggles when using patterns can be making sure the colors coordinate well together. A helpful hint is to go back to your elementary school basics (or our blog two weeks ago!) and use the color wheel to find complimentary colors.

Another method to help tie colors together in a room is to find one pattern that incorporates your entire desired color scheme. For me, a piece of art or unique fabric tends to be my inspiration for the design of a space, such as in the photo below. This way when I am ever in debate whether a pattern will work or not, I can use that original inspiration as a reference.

custom chairs

Try using these five tips the next time you do some redecorating and I promise you’ll be a pattern professional in no time!

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Often times we focus on the accessories that can be used to decorate bookshelves or etageres. Today’s blog features an étagère that is just as decorative as it is functional. Our new étagère includes brass-plated iron spikes with smooth, honed white marble shelves. There are six shelves of usable space for storage or display.

gold etagere with marble shelves

The white marble shelves add a polished look, and each piece of marble features unique vein character. The openness of the six-shelf piece allows it to be placed against a wall or it can serve as a room divider when it is left to float in a room. In our retail store, we have the piece floating in between two skirted chairs.

close up of gold etagere

The étagère is 29″W x 15.5″D x 80″H and sells for $1,769.99. Shop our store and visit our new online boutique.

close up of marble shelf

One of our regular customers (and by regular I mean from the first month we were opened almost 9 years ago!) hired us recently to work on her ‘formal living’ room.  She knows her style and likes to purchase things from us, but this room really had her stumped.

close up of pillows

After a visit to the home, it was easy to see why.  It was long and narrow, but with double height ceilings.  There was no ‘focal point’ and it seemed to be missing its purpose. 

But, the room was important because this was also the room where our client works from home when she is not traveling for her busy career.  So, it was really key that we be able to design a room that she would want to spend time in, and was functional when she was at home.

Her main requests:

  1. This was a space for her to both work in and visit with friends.  The boys of the house had a media room upstairs they could mess up and hangout in, so we wanted it to be a space she could have a cup of tea with her sister and be comfortable.
  2. Some storage for work files that could be tucked out of site on the weekends.
  3. Keep the existing desk, rug and bergere style chair.

Our biggest challenges:

  1. The volume of the room and how to create character was paramount.
  2. Creating a multi-functional space that still looked like a ‘real room’ (not a home office), as this is the first room you see when you enter the home.


I think you can quickly see how tall this room is.  The sofa is dwarfed by the main wall. And, the white air conditioning grate you can see on the far left stood out…for the wrong reason.

living room before

The front entry is just on the right of this photo; the wood floor transitions to tile and with the stair well at one end and the window at the other we were really boxed in.  In terms of layout options we were really limited.

living room before, full

Design Concept:

You might be tempted to say: “Well, this room just needs some new furniture; you don’t even need a designer for that”.  However, this was one of those rooms that really needed a designer.  Someone not emotionally involved who could step back and think about the principles of design, particularly balance, proportion and emphasis.

A lot of time was spent thinking about how to create a more human scale and a focal point.

Accommodating the desk and traditional work space did not allow for a full-sized sofa, so I chose a smaller scaled, but tall back settee.  Our client really needed storage, so I chose two beautiful chests to create symmetry and focus.  Beautiful and functional. 

Her existing bergere chair had a beautiful back, so we positioned it backing to the front door for maximum visual interest.

birds eye elevation

Now, how to tackle the volume?

One of the great things about home design is that you can always add architectural details, even when you don’t have them.  We needed a clear way to bring your eye down to the main space, address the white air vent and create character.  We did that with one of my favorite design tricks: mill work.

Using the existing chair rail as a starting point, box detailing was added to the main wall and topped with wide molding to separate the upper part of the room from the lower.


Furthermore, I decided to paint the upper area a different color from the lower to bring an additional separation element.


The new room is much brighter, lighter and inviting.  Our mill work trick makes the room feel more human scaled and our fresh furniture and symmetry give visitors a place for their eye to rest when they come into the home.

straight view of living room

Our homeowner can still get her work done at her desk, only now it is a much prettier place to be doing business!

alt view of family room

main sitting area

The mill work adds character and a classic element that helps pull this room together and make it cohesive.  Fresh and functional. I hope you like it! 

full room view

If you are challenged with a room in your home, do not be intimidated to reach out and ask someone who specializes in interiors to see if they can help you.  That is what we are here for!


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We recently received three different styles of upholstered Vanguard Furniture chairs. From modern to traditional, each of our three new chairs are distinctly different and represent the variety that Vanguard prides itself on. Vanguard is based in North Carolina, which remains one of the headquarters for fine, American crafted furniture. It is one of our favorite upholstery lines due to their quality, variety and the many customization options available.

wing chair with modern fabric

One of our new chairs is a “new traditional” take on the wing chair. The chair has a traditional look, but is still slim-lined. The fabric on the chair features a subtle graphic pattern and the back of the chair is accented with pewter nails. The legs on the chair are hand-finished in a cool gray finish. The chair showcases Vanguard’s attention to detail and fine craftsmanship.  Notice how the fabric pattern matches perfectly up the front of the chair.  This is costly for the manufacturer to do and many vendors skimp on details like this.

close up of wing chair and nailheads

The dimensions of the chair are 33″ W x 33″ D x 41″ H. The arm height is 24 inches and the seat height is 21 inches. The chair sells for $2,439.99. If this chair looks familiar, we used this style (in a different fabric) in one of our favorite projects. The chairs looks exquisite by the stone fireplace in this reception area.

Dental office lobyy with fireplace

We also received a modern club chair from Vanguard’s Michael Weiss collection. His collection is known for its sleek, contemporary lines. This is the perfect accent chair with its sleek square arms, square side panels, and added nailhead trim.

modern chair

The chair is polished and handsome with its neutral fabric and brushed nickel nailhead trim and ferrules. The dimensions are 34″ W x 36″ D x 37″ H. The arm height is 26 inches and the seat height is 21 inches. It sells for $2,269.99.

modern chair close up

Our last chair has the deepest seat and it is perfect for lounging. The chair features a waterfall skirt and two back cushions. The added skirt makes the lounge chair look more tailored and put together. The neutral fabric shown has great texture, and the dimensions of the chair are 32″ W x  44″ D x  37″ H. This particular style of chair can be ordered in a sofa or with exposed legs. The arm height is 26 inches and the seat height is 20 inches. The skirted chair sells for $1,999.99.

skirted chair

All of the chairs featured today have unique features and distinct looks depending on your style. However, all share the same standard of quality: each chair is 8-way hand tied. This type of construction is important if you want your chairs to offer support and remain comfortable to lounge on for a longer period of time. If you are looking for the proper support from your seat and a level of comfort that is built to last, then 8-way hand tied is the premium choice.

skirted chair close up

Visit our store to learn more about our quality, American-made upholstery. Quality upholstery is one of the best places to invest your money. Let us help you find your perfect seat today!

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