At some point in time, we have all walked into a home with beautiful custom built-in shelves flanking the fireplace or jaw dropping wall to wall bookshelves in the home office. Just about everyone loves to look at those bookcases in other people’s homes; and then they often decide to build them in their own new home.

home office


But then, those bookshelves actually have to be filled and that is where the trouble starts.  Many of us can not help but cringe a little inside at the thought of actually having to decorate them. Styling bookshelves can be a daunting task, so I have put together a few helpful tips we recently used when decorating our client’s home office that will hopefully inspire you to tackle those empty shelves.


Whether you choose to go neutral or want something more eye-catching, stick to a consistent color palette to avoid things looking messy.

In this case, our stylishly fashionable homeowner really liked the idea of ‘color blocking’.  We incorporated this concept with her existing book collection and added some new accessories to punch up this approach to a color scheme.

office with bookshelves


Long gone are the days when shelves were only for books. Do not be afraid to add to your books a variety of décor items in all sizes.  Good examples are vases, frames, floral objects, and sculptures.

bookshelf detail



By displaying your items in different ways, it will add visual interest to the space. Try techniques with your accessories such as stacking, layering, leaning, and grouping.

full bookcase


The number one mistake made when decorating shelves is thinking that every shelf needs to be stacked to the brim with ‘stuff’.  There is something very positive about having negative space here and there. It will help make the accessories you do have stand out and will avoid your bookshelves from looking cluttered or too busy.

close on shelves


Choose pieces that are unique to you and your family so that visitors can learn something about you. Incorporate photos from a special memory, a collection of items from your personal travels, or books on some of your favorite hobbies (golf, travel, food/wine).

details of bookcase

Remember these five tips and I guarantee you will have beautiful bookshelves of your own. Updating your bookshelves is a great way to update your room.  If you want to get started but are still searching for the perfect accessories, stop in our retail shop to see our new décor items for sale, or check out our online shop here: Start Shopping!


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We recently received a stylish variety of one of our signature accessories: orchid floral arrangements. We have many new styles and even some different colored orchids to choose from!

One of our new double phalaenopsis orchids is planted in a lovely pale blue ceramic vase. The orchid arrangement also features a touch of hanging jade for added greenery. It is 34 inches tall. This arrangement sells for $299.99.

orchid with hanging jade

We also have a shorter arrangement in a round mercury glass pot. It includes a small geode for extra sparkle and sells for $124.99. It is 17 inches tall.

orchid in mercury glass with geode

Below is a close up of the orchid’s geode.

close up of geode

We also have a new mercury glass orchid style that features a chic gold vase. In certain lighting, it picks up a rose gold hue. It is a single phalaenopsis orchid and features a substantial height at 32 inches tall. It sells for $199.99.

gold mercury glass orchid

We typically only carry white orchids in our store since they are timeless and add brightness to a room. However, our new sunset orchid can add a lovely pop of color to a room. It can pair well with a room with accents of coral, persimmon, or blood orange.

sunset orchid

Below is a close up of the sunset orchid.  It is a stunning centerpiece at 33 inches tall and sells for $449.99.

close up of sunset orchid

Lastly, if you want to introduce another classic floral arrangement into your home, our white magnolia is lovely. It pairs well with the pewter vase and measures 9 inches tall. It sells for $159.99.

White Magnolia

Our new floral arrangements can make a stylish and sophisticated statement in your home. Visit our store today to see these lovely florals in person!

White Magnolia II

posted by Heather Blue Harkovich,

Scott and I attended the ASID Legacy of Design awards in Dallas, Texas last week.  It was the 40th anniversary and was quite a swanky event!

heather and scott as asid awards

The evening started with a large cocktail party and then we all entered the massive banquette hall for the evening’s ceremonies

cocktail party
banquette room

This is an annual event which provides awards for the best interior design concepts in the state of Texas.  I had entered 3 categories for: Best Interior Design for a Master Bath, Best Interior Design for a Kitchen, and Best Interior Design for a Unique Space (entered in conjunction with Raquel for the retail shop: “Found”).


I am excited to say we won “First Place” for all three categories!  You may have seen the Found project photos on the blog before.  The other two I can not share with you just yet, because they are due to be published in a magazine around January.  After they publish I will be sure to share!

I just wanted to take today’s post to share our great news and thank our Heather Scott Home & Design team and our amazing clients for being so fabulous to work with on all our projects!  We are looking forward to many more great projects and awards in the future!


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If you haven’t visited our store lately, you will find that we have been busy receiving numerous classic and chic pieces. Some of our favorite new furniture pieces include a variety of decorative chests and a vintage grey console. Each furniture piece is made from solid wood and features quality construction. However, what makes the pieces stand apart are the unique finishes and details that are simply stunning.

Pale Finish dresser

Our first chest features a lovely stained finish, which is close to a dark, charcoal grey color. The grey finish is accented with black trim and oil rubbed bronze hardware. It is a great storage piece and its use is not limited to bedroom only.  The dimensions are 40″ X 22.5″ X 32.5″ H and sells for $1,599.99.  Below is a close-up detailing of the dresser’s drawer fronts.

pale finish dresser, close up

Our next chest features a weathered finish which pairs well with most decor. This dresser also features an intricate detailing and oil rubbed bronze hardware. This piece also includes three drawers for storage. It can also be ordered in a  hand rubbed black finish. The dimensions are 40″ x 20.5″ x 30″ H and it sells for $1,109.99.

weathered dresser

Below is a close up of the detail drawer fronts on the weathered dresser.

close up of weathered dresser

Last but not least, this chic console is stained in a new finish, “vintage grey.” The four drawer console also includes four shelves that allow you to display your favorite home accessories. The dimensions are 60″ X 18″ X 35″ H and sells for $1,299.99.

Vintage Grey Console

Visit our store and let our team help you furnish and accessorize your home with timeless pieces like the ones featured on today’s blog.

close up of Vintage Grey console

animal print on sofa pillows

posted by Raquel Skrobarcyk,

We were recently featured in a Bed Bath and Beyond blog post discussing how to incorporate “animal touches” into your home! It was fun getting to share all of the different applications out there.

Animal prints and textures are a great way to add depth and interest to a room along with a little personality. From endless fabric selections, to wrapped furniture pieces and bone inlay designs, there are so many options to choose from.

I wanted to share a few design projects where we have incorporated animal prints and textures. These are all very different and give a good idea of the range of applications you have to choose from.  If you think animal print is too wild for you, we are here to show you it can be tastefully incorporated and, we promise, it will not make you feel like you are living in a jungle!

animal print pillow on bed

A subtle zebra print was chosen in this bed pillow fabric and also tied into the side table’s fabric skirt. Here we mixed it with geometric and floral prints in the same color ways and it makes for a calming, yet unique bedroom.

animal print on chair back

For a punch of color we reupholstered the out-back of these dining chairs in a bright orange leopard print to tie together the room color scheme. By only adding the pattern to the back it is less overwhelming and really adds a finishing touch to the chairs.

animal print on sofa pillows

Here we went with bold zebra print pillows and also a cocktail table that is wrapped in cream faux shagreen. Shagreen is a faux stingray material that gives the look of dimpled leather. It comes in many different color ways and no sting rays were harmed in the making!


More shagreen was used in the charcoal TV console and also the ivory end tables. This application is very subtle when viewed from far away, but up close the attention to detail makes a statement all in its own.

hair on hide rug

There were multiple ‘animal touches’ in this room along with the hair on hide dining room rug!

bone inlay

Another very popular treatment is bone inlay. This is normally used to create a more mosaic look as shown in this TV console.  A really unique bone inlay piece can add a to of personality to a room and is one of our favorite design treatments.

If you are looking to add more interest and texture to your space any of these options would be a great place to start. We would be happy to help you if you are ready to take a walk on the wild side!

Check out our blog post on Bed Bath and Beyond for even more design tips!

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As we have said many times before, lamps are the jewelry of the room. Our new antique mercury glass lamps with gold details are the perfect accessory if you are looking to add a touch of sparkle and glamour to your home! Mercury glass is timeless and can truly elevate a space to be more sophisticated and stylish. We currently have two different styles of statement lamps that feature the versatile finish.

mercury glass star lamps


The first style of lamps we have available is an antique mercury star lamp. The star shape base makes the lamps standout. They are paired with an oatmeal linen shade. The neutral tones of the lamp allow it to be beautifully paired with various furnishing styles. The dimensions are 17.5” Dia x 29” H. We currently have two lamps available and they sell for $349.99 each.  Below is a close-up image of the mercury glass star base.


close up mercury glass star lamp

We also have an antique gold ornament lamp with mercury glass finish that is bold enough to stand on its own. The lamp’s pretty curves can add a feminine touch to a side table or console. The dimensions of the lamp are 15″ W x 10″  D x 27.5″ H. We have one available and it sells for $429.99.


mercury glass ornament lamp

Visit our store today and let us help you accessorize your home with sophisticated statement lighting!

posted by: Charissa Pongtaratik,

We just finished updating the interior of a clubhouse for an apartment complex in Hutto, TX. The furnishings and décor previously reflected a “Texcan” (Texas-Tuscan) style that was popular in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.

Texas-Tuscan design attributes its name from the drama and scale of “Texas” (you’ve probably heard the saying ‘everything’s bigger in Texas’) and from an old-world Italian villa aesthetic. The use of this theme’s materials is seen at this property in the hand plastered walls, ornate architectural details framing the fireplace, and dark Rococo style furnishings.

Since the apartment complex resides near a golf course, the property owners wanted to update the space to brighten it up and ‘bring the outdoors in’.  We were working with a limited budget and didn’t have the opportunity to change the architectural character or the paint, but I think you will see a dramatic difference regardless!


This room has some great features, but it was really dark and a bit dated.

sitting area before



Can you believe how much brighter this room is now?  It is even more impressive when you consider we did not change the paint color!

new sitting area
windows after

In order to brighten up the room, we took out the dark furniture and draperies and lightened up everything with shades of beige, grey and white.  We did not ignore the architecture, but selected upholstery with rolled arms and curvatures in the frame to fit the traditional nature of the building.

The custom carpet is made of an ivory/beige sisal material that is easy to clean up and played a huge role in brightening the space.


The existing area rug (hidden under the pool table) remained in great shape, so we kept it in place and revolved the color scheme around it. It is a bit too dark to tell, but we pulled the pops of teal and salmon accents from the rug and used those colors as accessories and artwork to tie the new elements with those we chose to re-use.



Apparently the pool table was not getting much use, so the property manager asked us to create a usable space where residents and guests could hang out.  We added cushy banquette and chair seating in three distinct groupings to accommodate several groups of residents. 

color block drapery panels

The color blocked drapery panels added a punch of color and made the room feel a lot bigger and brighter. The zinc-top tables are versatile enough to be paired with the wooden “new traditional” styled chairs and barstools.


The next room had been the leasing office and wasn’t functioning effectively as a place to meet with prospective residents.  Not only was it dark, but it was also long and narrow making it tight to squeeze families and employees into the room. 



The leasing office was moved out into another space and this room became the  community director’s office.  This room is now much more comfortable for working at a desk and for business meetings. 

after, managers office

Many of the multi-family residential projects we work on help the community stay up to date with their evolving demographic. You do not have to invest heavily in construction elements if you choose your furnishings and décor wisely.  By updating the furnishings, décor, and layout, the clubhouse had a drastic facelift. Now the property can give their guests a great first impression of what the complex really has to offer!

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Typically on our blog we tend to feature large art pieces. However, if you don’t have the wall space or live in a smaller space, finding art that can make a dramatic statement can be challenging. Our small scale art is the perfect solution and can add just as much impact.

Wonder Why I

One of our new arrivals is a pair of giclee art by artist Charles McMullen. The artist likes to bring out earthy and naturalistic colors in his abstract pieces. This series of two features a combination of taupes, teals, and a vibrant pop of tangerine orange.

Wonder Why ii

Each piece is printed on high quality canvas and then hand embellished with texture to mimic a hand painted canvas. They are the perfect niche piece. Each art piece is 16 W x 24 H and is sold separately for $159.99 each.

Sea I canvas art

We also have another pair of giclee art by artist Sharon Gordon. Her art allows the viewer to enjoy a landscape that is both calming and serene. Each art measures 20 W x 16 H and sells for $139.99 each.

Sea II canvas art

Each piece is unique and would be a great accent to any wall lacking character. Visit our store to learn how we can help you find the right size and scale of art for your home!

The August issue of the Local Palate magazine is on newsstands as of July 28th and includes a table setting spread designed by Heather Scott Home & Design!

The magazine is filled with gorgeous imagery of food, wine and restaurants.  You can purchase the magazine nationally at some of the higher end grocery stores (like a Whole Foods, for example) as well as bookshops like Barnes & Noble.     

Heather designed a table setting that would be fitting for an outdoor BBQ, but that also reflected her style manta: Classic, Chic & Serene.

table setting

We set up the table in Heather & Scott’s backyard.  The color palette used was white, grey and celadon green.

table setting ideas

A bar cart was styled with horn elements, traditional silver and glass ware by Simon Pearce.

bar cart

Heather’s brother, Scott Blue, an artist in Seattle, WA, created an 9 foot, handmade silk- screen table runner for the table.  He created a faux bois pattern and used a traditional silk-screen process, hand pressing the screen multiple times along the length of the fabric to create a continuous pattern.

table runner and monogrammed napkins

The monogramed napkins with antler motif were created by Atlanta’s Gramercy Linens.  Each place setting is flanked by a unique, antique sterling silverware pattern.

monogram napkins

Sarah Kirsch, part of the Heather Scott Home & Design team, designed and hand drew the chalkboard menu. 

menu board

The table concept was a lot of fun to pull together and it was great to be able to work with Scott, Sarah and Gramercy to create unique elements for the display.  You can purchase the actual magazine on stands now to see the lovely photography shot by Ryann Ford, or you can view a digital version on our press page here.  




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A velvet tufted headboard is a chic bedroom staple. Our new bedroom vignette showcases a bold and feminine take on the classic furniture piece. The 66” headboard features a luxe magenta velvet, diamond tufting, and pewter nail head trim.

Velvet Tufted Bed


This particular bed style is completely customizable! You can special order a headboard or the full platform bed (as shown above). Then, you can select from any Vanguard fabric or leather option, or provide your own COM.  Tufting and nailhead trim are optional upcharges.

Finally, the bed style can be ordered in Twin, Full, Queen, King or CA King sizes. You can also choose from a 48”, 56”, 66”, or 76” headboard height. It is a fun way to customize your own one-of-a-kind piece of furniture from even the smallest detail.  Our 66” tall Queen tufted headboard is sold for $2,599.99. 

Queen Velvet Headboard, Tufted

To add the perfect finishing touch to the chic bed we paired it with a neutral medallion printed duvet set. The taupe, grey and white colors from the duvet pop against the magenta velvet fabric. The Queen duvet is sold as a set with 2 standard shams for $974.99. The duvet set is available in Queen and King sizes only.  Also, the white and cream coverlets are sold separately for $299.99 each.

Visit our retail boutique and let our team help you customize your very own bed. To request a a custom order quote, email us at!

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