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Our chic new selenite crystal fire logs are the perfect home accent as we look forward to the coming fall and winter months. The crystal fire logs feature a unique shape since they are made from natural hand cut North African selenite. They offer a stylish and unique homage to the classic wood fire log.

selenite crystal fire logs, vertical

Our selenite fire logs feature an elegant pearly opaque finish that sparkles and reflect light. Selenite is derived from the Greek words that mean brightness, “selas” and moon, “selene.” The set of three fire logs can be arranged vertically as crystalline columns or horizontally as a centerpiece for a table or ottoman.


selenite fire logs

The icy crystalline logs can also be used to stage a fireplace since they are purely decorative. They are not meant to be burnt or placed in a fire. They are sold as a set of three and vary in size.  Each set sells for $279.99. Come into the store to see these fabulous chic crystal accessories.

I have been collecting magazine articles with gorgeous homes designed by Bobby McAlpine & Susan Ferrier for years.  Before I was ‘in design’, I would tear out pages of homes I liked, only years later to discover the majority were from the same architect and designer, McAlpine & Ferrier.

This was one of my early favorites from Veranda magazine:



And this:



Having admired all these homes in magazines, I never thought about actually being able to visit one of these residences to see their work myself.  You can visit a museum to see an artist’s work or visit a public structure by someone like Frank Gehry, but for a team that does predominately residential work, the majority of us who appreciate their ‘art’ never get the opportunity to see it in person.

Now, if you are in Austin (or planning a trip?), you can actually experience a space created by Bobby McAlpine, David Baker and Susan Ferrier.  It is LaV restaurant.

The interiors are the epitome of what you would expect from this team- large, gridded windows; smoky, atmospheric interiors of wood planks, antiqued mirror, velvet and hide; floor to ceiling drapery panels and a lot of rich materials.  It is fabulous!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit for yourself, here are some photos from LaV’s website (nice, professional ones) and some other detailed photos which I took when I was there for brunch.  Be sure to pause and really look at all the detail in the rooms.

The first 8 photos are all sourced from here

There are several dining environments in the restaurant.  Beginning with the Wine Bar area….

lav bar room
laV bar seating

Flowing into the lounge…

lav bar

lav center room

lav center view

Then, the main dining area with signature grid windows, tufted banquettes, dramatic light fixtures and impactful drapery panels.

lav dining area

laV dining seating

And finally, the private dining room.

lav private wine room

And, a few more glimpses not found on the website:

Exterior Dining

La V fountain
laV patio dining

Restaurant Entry

laV entry

Waiting Bench

laV close up of bench
laV entry alcove

Wine Bar/Lounge seating

laV bar seating


laV wine bar seating
Hair on hide barstools/swivel stools, still in bright white condition!

laV hide barstools

Stainless steel bar top-

laV bar

Pastry cart with signature Susan Ferrier antiqued mirror and iron lighting.  And, similar vignette at the opposite end of the bar.

LaV pastry cart

laV mirror and lighting

And of course, it doesn’t matter how great it looks if the food isn’t any good.  No worries there.  The brioche doughnuts are so yummy!  I can’t wait to go back and try out dinner!

laV brioche doughnuts

LaV Austin is definitely worth stopping into for drinks or dinner.  It is such a lovely space to spend time with others. 

This stop has really inspired me to get out to more ‘boutique’ restaurants to observe the design details.   Paying attention to the small details is what makes the space feel so intimate and welcoming.  I’m going to take notes on this team’s approach to creating intimacy as a personal challenge for creating a similar atmosphere for my projects, where appropriate.  

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If you have been keeping up with our weekly blog, it is hard to miss all of the fabulous new upholstered pieces we have received lately! Our cotton upholstered swivel chairs with antique nickel nailheads are no exception. The chairs are great for anyone looking for furniture with a modern look without having to sacrifice comfort.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The swivel chairs feature a chic ivory cotton fabric that is perfectly accented by the antique nickel nailheads along the arms of the chairs. The chairs also feature a large frame and a plush, box-edge back cushion that allows the chairs to be just as comfortable as they are sleek. Below is a close up of the nailhead detail.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The chair’s dimensions are 33 W x 36 D x 32 H. The seat depth is 23.5 inches. Each chair sells for $1,645.00. Come into the store to see if these stylish swivel chairs pass your “sit test.”

As a designer we have to constantly challenge ourselves to find new sources and options for our clients.  One area that has ‘limited’ options, are countertops.  There is a definite trend away from granite and now into other materials, such as marble, quartz and quartzite. 

The ‘holy grail’ of countertops is a design option that looks just like marble, preferably Calacatta Gold or Bianco Carrara, without staining and etching.  As of today, the look of real marble just can’t be duplicated.  But, I will show you a couple of options you might not have thought of.

A recent trip to the Aria Stone Gallery in the Dallas Design Center opened my eyes to some new countertop options that work wonderfully with today’s white and grey color palettes. 


Aria approaches countertops more like pieces of art and does a lot of slab matching (the ‘butterfly’ effect look) which is great for shower walls and large areas.  Their options are more expensive and aren’t going to be something you find at Home Depot.  But, if you are investing in a custom home, the countertop is a major visual factor and worth really thinking about spending more on the right look.

Here are a few countertops they had on display that peaked my interest:

1) Colorado Gold

We actually just specified this countertop for a client’s Spanish Revival style home.  They wanted the all white kitchen look, but the usual grey undertones of bianco carrara and calacatta just weren’t working with the warm undertones in the house.  This marble is out of Colorado and has minimal gray.  It is like calacatta gold, without the grey veining.

Colorado gold marble

2) Valley Gold Veined Marble

This product has a lovely grey and gold mix of veining, but is a bit softer in the veining than some other slabs.

Valley Gold Marble

3) White Macaubas Marble

This marble is shown honed, so it looks more matte in the photo.  Some people do not care for the random veining in a lot of marble, or the speckles in granite.  If you want a more symmetrical look, the lines of this marble may appeal more to your eye.

White macaubas marble

4) Striato Olympico Marble

Speaking of stripes…  I think this look is really cool for a masculine space, like a man’s bar, media room, closet or private bath.  But, I could also see it in a kitchen that was really modern and sleek.

striato olympico marble

5) Calcatta Quartzite

We’ve personally used several Caesarstone & Silestone quartz products (London Gray, Pulsar, etc) that look like marble.  Our client’s love them!  Here is a quartzite that is called ‘Calacatta‘.  Now, being honest, it does have a pinkish undertone and doesn’t look just like Calcutta, but if you prefer a ‘natural’ material but don’t want to commit to marble, this might be the way to go.

calcatta quartizite

6) Soapstone

Speaking of alternative options.  If you are looking for a darker countertop, Soapstone is always a special option.  Now, the oiling concept does take some getting used to, but if you are going for a rustic look, I think this product is a fabulous option!


7) Grigio Italia Marble

I mentioned before about Aria’s commitment to book match the slabs.  Here is a special example.  This product actually looks like it forms a chevron. 

grigio italia marble

Here is a close up.  A lot of dark grey, light grey and a bit of white.

grigio italia marble close up

8) Pietra Grey Marble

If you are in the market for a darker countertop, here is another lovely option.  If you do not want marble, Caesarstone makes a similar option in quartz (Piatra Grey).  This marble really makes me think of Italy and its classic buildings.  Yes, it will wear over time, but it will look lovely while it does it!

Pietra Gray marble brushed

So, 8 new options to consider for countertops that you may not have thought of before.  Personally, I don’t think Bianca Carrara or Calacatta Gold will ever go out of style.  And our goal is to design with products that are classic, chic and serene. But, if you want to think outside the box, I hope you’ll take a look at these products, some of which might be more on the ‘chic’ angle, and consider them as options for your home!















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With today’s lifestyle requiring fabrics that can live ‘with’ us, comes the ever increasing question of durability and livability.  Our new custom chairs will add a classy touch to your home’s décor. The chairs feature a durable light gray Sunbrella fabric, graceful curves, and a dressmaker skirt with a custom contrast velvet band.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Sunbrella fabric gained notoriety with their high-performance fabric for outdoor furniture in the early 80s. Since 2002, the company has translated their success in the outdoor fabric market to designing durable fabrics that match the look and feel of fine interior fabrics. Sunbrella fabric is a great option if you are concerned about durability and preserving the life of your fine upholstered furniture. Sunbrella fabrics last at least twice as long as other fabrics, allowing you to enjoy your furniture much longer.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Below is a close up image of the light gray Sunbrella fabric and the velvet contrast band on the skirt of the chair.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The dimensions of each chair are 31W x 33.5D x 36H and the inside depth of the chairs are 21.75D. We currently have two chairs in the store that sell for $2,489 each. We also have a sofa from the same collection that sells for $4,339. Come by the store to learn more about Sunbrella fabric and our new furniture arrivals!

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to appear on the local NBC station’s program “Studio 512”.  This is a local lifestyle program focusing on food, fashion and fun topics around town.

heather and nikki at kxan studios

The staff was nice enough to snap a photo of Nikki and I playing ‘News Anchor’ before we started.

Host Amanda Tatom wanted to talk about how to display children’s art now that the kids are back at school and parents are loaded up with art made in class.

displaying children's art

The big idea was how to banish the clutter from the refrigerator doors or tack boards and elevate the art to something special.

I presented three ideas for displaying children’s art:

1) A Blurb Book

Create an annual catalog of your children’s art via a soft or hard back book you self publish through a company like Blurb.  These are so easy.  Simply upload your pictures and drag them onto a page. 

children's book


You can even print extra copies for grandparents for minimal expense.  Starting investment: about $15.


2) Wexel Art Frames

The team at Austin based Wexel Art created a concept for frames that you “hang once” for art you “change often”.



They have two styles: one style has four screws at the corners holding two plates of acrylic together with the art sandwiched between.  These are beautiful frames that look wonderful with abstract art, and finger painting! 



For art you truly plan on swapping in and out, Wexel offers a frame that holds the art behind the acrylic with super strong magnets.  These are a breeze to slide on and off and swap up the look.


Starting investment: about $45

3) Basic large white mats with simple, white frames

Consistency and symmetry is the key to avoiding a cluttered look.  In this scenario you can purchase inexpensive frames with a large mat and simple white or black frame. 

RIBBA Frame IKEA 8x10" photo fits if used with the mat. The mat enhances the picture and makes framing easy.


Alternatively, you can have a custom frame and mat made for minimal investment if you keep the mat and frame simple.  This will really elevate your art and make it look fabulous!



Starting investment: Store bought frames- about $10, custom frame and mat: about $100.

Within this same concept, I have seen several examples where a large body of artwork has been scaled down from its original size into smaller images and included within one mat and frame. 

Here are few photos:

scan in kids artwork and print it per year!


Sixx design


collage of art


If you’d like to watch the segment shown on TV, you can view it here:


Don’t be afraid to create a sophisticated display of your child’s mini-masterpieces in your home!



Our new velvet tufted chairs from the Michael Weiss collection incorporate classic style with a modern flair. The chairs feature his signature style of clean lines and architectural simplicity. Aesthetically, velvet tufted chairs have a more “feminine” look, but these Michael Weiss chairs suggest masculinity. They are perfectly suited for a study, office, or grouped for conversational seating.

michael weiss velvet tufted chair

The velvet tufted chairs are upholstered in a rich, dark grey velvet that is accented with polished nickel ferrules on the espresso finished wooden legs. Below is a close up of the polished nickel ferrules.

polished nickel ferrules

The chairs are eight-way hand tied and made in Hickory, North Carolina. They also feature a “feather lux cushion,” which is made from high-density urethane foam wrapped with a blend of 50% combed fibers and 50% blend of duck feathers and down. The cushion combines soft down comfort with resilient spring-like support.

grey velvet tufted chairs

The dimensions of the chairs are 28 ½ W x 36 D x 36H. The inside depth of the chair is 22”. We have two velvet tufted Michael Weiss chairs that sell for $2,135. Come into our store to learn more about the chairs and to see all of our new items just in time for Fall!

It is time for the annual Austin Monthly’s “Best of the City Reader’s Choice Poll”.  Last year Heather Scott Home & Design won “Best Interior Designer” and I’d love to do it again!

Austin Monthly's Best of the City Poll

They’ve mixed it up this year a bit and have weekly voting categories.  This week is “Business & City Life” and it includes an Interior Designer category.  If you would, please take a few minutes to click on the link select ‘Heather Scott Home & Design’ for the Interior Design category.  You do have to log in and can only vote once.  Voting ends tomorrow, Sunday, the 7th at 11:59 pm.

Click here:

 Best of the City Voting Ballot

In other news… on Tuesday mid-morning I will be appearing on a new KXAN talk show, Studio 512, hosted by Amanda Tatom.  Now that the kiddos are back in school, we are going to be discussing what you can do with your children’s’ artwork in terms of ‘artistic displays’.  Hope you can tune in!

We really appreciate your support!


We just installed a fun model apartment in San Antonio.  My goal in sharing this on today’s post is to show you the impact you can make in a small space by only changing the furnishings in a room. 

famiily room

There are some phases in life when we don’t have the luxury of painting the walls or adding architectural character to a room.   An apartment is a prime example. 

In this model apartment the paint and floor were very neutral which gave us an easy envelope to work with.  One of the keys in decorating a model is for the prospective tenant to remember your property above the others.  This is made easier on the tenant if they are able to say ”That property is the one that….”.  We want our concept to stand out above the others.

To that goal we made some bold color and graphic pattern selections that should be quite memorable.  Our color scheme is black, white and bold green with a lot of graphic patterns that pop.

Living Room Before:


Living Room After:

famiily room

Breakfast Nook Before:

breakfast area

Breakfast Nook After:

breakfast nook

breakfast table close up

Bedroom  Before:

Spacious Room

Bedroom After:

bedroom 1

bedroom 1 detail 2

bedroom 1 detail

So, some fun choices for the young, and young at heart, looking for apartment living.   I would say the key lesson is that if you are not in a place to invest in defining the architectural character of your space don’t give up!  Focus, instead, on how to create impact with a cohesive color scheme and style to make the greatest design impact. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!




Swivel chairs are perfect for rooms with multiple focal points. They are great options for rooms with views, a fireplace, a TV, or in a conversation grouping. Our latest arrival of upholstered swivel chairs are just as practical as they are posh. The chairs are upholstered in Crypton fabric, which features a patented barrier that ensures that stains and spills will easily wipe away if the proper cleaning instructions are followed.

swivel chairs in Crypton fabric

Crypton fabrics are soft, breathable, stain resistant, and nearly indestructible. It is a great fabric option for those concerned with upkeep and is especially popular for people with children and pets.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Our chairs feature Tilton Ivory (Crypton) fabric with a dark grey velvet contrast skirt band.  The contrast trim adds a polished and tailored look to the chairs.  The chairs are made in the USA, in North Carolina, and are eight-way hand tied.

We have two chairs in the store. The dimensions of each chair is 28 ½ W x 35 D x 37 ½ H. The inside depth of the chair is 21 inches. Each swivel chair sells for $2,583.00. Come into our store to see these chairs and to learn more about Crypton fabric! You can also visit for more information.

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