Our retail store has been busy receiving new items. The past few weeks we have showcased our new lamps and accessories. However, on this week’s blog we want to share our new console tables.  The unique finishes and details on each of our consoles are simply stunning.


Our first console features a Greek key motif that adorns the base of the console. The dual shelf detail allows for an ample amount of display space for your most treasured home accessories. The antique gold finish and reverse painted glass offer a chic and transitional look. The dimensions are 72” W x 18” D x 30” H and it sells for $1,079.99.


Below is a close up of the frame finish and unique colored glass.



Our next console is similar in style, but offers a minimalist aesthetic. The console also features two shelves. The painted glass shelves are painted with an “oyster shell” finish. Therefore, the shelves offer a lot more movement and texture than your typical painted piece. It is perfect for an entry way or behind a sofa. The dimensions are 54”W x 18”D x 30”H and it sells for $889.99.


amethyst console

Below you can see the oyster shell finish and antique gold frame below.


Visit our store to see all of our stylish and unique consoles. Let us help find you the perfect piece for your home!


The Austin lifestyle magazine, Tribeza, just held its 3rd annual Interiors Tour and each year it gets better!  There was a great mix of design ‘styles’ presented in the homes on tour.  From fresh and funky to outright traditional, I wanted to share some photos from the tour and provide some tips which might be interesting/helpful if you are embarking on defining your own interior design style.

1. Little vignettes can pack a big design punch

Do not forget to decorate those odd spaces (a long empty wall or lonely corner).  It does not take much to make a statement.

An acrylic bar cart and funky wall art add pizzazz to this practical set up.

bar cart

Dress up an empty space with a bold piece of art, table skirt and chic books.

art vignette

A framed Hermes scarf, table top books and a bold orange desk add personality to this space.

hermes art

2. Make an impression in a small space

Small spaces are fun to decorate, you can get a big bang for your buck because you do not need to spend much on materials. 

This fun powder bath has black sequins wallpaper, a bold mirror and a marble counter with a huge edge!

black powder bath

Too glam for you?  Blue and white are always in style…

blue and white wallpaper

And how about those spaces where you, the homeowner, actually spends a lot of time?  A fun wallpaper in the laundry room:

laundry room

Or closet, can really brighten your day!


3. Make your dining spaces reflect your personality

Some people feel that if they have a ‘formal’ dining space, it has to be ‘formal’, even if that means they will never use it.  Many of the homes on the tour were downtown, where space is at a premium.  It makes perfect sense to maximize the way you use your space.

Tone down the ‘formality’ of your dining room with seagrass wallpaper, casual (but bold) pendants and a fun rug.

dining room

Install a breakfast nook with built-in seating that can also provide additional storage when spaces are tight.

breakfast banquette

4. Bedrooms do not have to be boring, feel free to bring in drama with color

Most of us want our bedrooms to be a peaceful, serene oasis (ok, ‘us’ definitely includes me!).  But, guest bedrooms and children’s rooms can be great spaces to go bold, if that is not something you would traditionally do in your everyday spaces.

This little girl’s room has fun elephant wallpaper and bold colors.  This room can take a little girl from nursery days through teens.  A child’s space can last for more than just a few years.

hot pink girls room

This boy’s room has a bold accent wall and a great art gallery where projects can be easily swapped out.

kid's art gallery wall

This last bedroom sleeps two in style.  Bold beds make a statement, as does the wall color.  You can tell this room was designed with thoughtfulness, and a dash of fun.

twin beds

For more details about the Tribeza Interior’s Tour, these spaces and their homeowners/designers, check out this link.  There are some wonderful profiles, Q&A’s and some additional, professional, photos! 


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Lamps not only add a functional element to a room, but they can also serve as a statement piece. Our new opalescent lamps are a chic and elegant addition to any home.


If you want to introduce warm tones in the room, these lamps are perfect. The pair has shades of pink and pearly alabaster with an amber colored finish. Our lamps exude modern femininity, featuring clear acrylic accents and an off white linen shade. Each lamp measures 32 inches tall and sells for $379.99.


The close up of the lamp really portrays the creamy amber finish and accented acrylic base.


Visit our store today and let us help you accessorize your home with sophisticated statement lighting!


Scott and I have just returned from the Dallas Market Center for the “Total Gift & Home Market”, held every January.  We always enjoy going and seeing all the latest products.  Hard to believe, but we were already buying next year’s Christmas décor!

christmas in january

We saw so many wonderful products and picked up on quite a few ‘trends’.  My favorite purchase was a number of these lovely throw pillows from Square Feathers.  I imagine you will be seeing a number of these in future design projects; so chic!

favorite pillows
Industry insiders have been seeing that, in general, interiors are beginning to trend more ‘traditional’ (floral patterns, softer looks).  But, in a change to past decades there is no longer an ‘in’ color palette.  You might recall we have gone through phases were everyone wanted their house done in green, red and yellow.  Then it was blue and brown, then grey and yellow. 

It is widely accepted now, when it comes to interiors, people are picking the colors they like, not just what they see in the national big box stores.  I think Pinterest and Houzz, as well as online shopping, have played a key role in this. These mediums allow individuals to curate their own style and then find the products that deliver that style.  As a designer, I love it, because it means I am constantly challenged to pick new and interesting design schemes, instead of always doing the same thing… no fun in that!

All that said, there are always currents of change in the products being offered at market and I wanted to share a few noticeable consistencies Scott and I picked up on while we were ‘working’ (yes, I know, best job ever!).

#1: Preppy Black and White Stripes

black and white rug

Kate Spade is definitely influencing the home décor segment with her new product launches (rugs, pillows, throws, bedding, etc.).  I have been noticing more ‘preppy’ home décor, and I think black and white stripes fall right into that segment. 

Love these for a bathroom!

black and white stripe bath accessories

black and white stripe vases
#2: Gold Accents

I almost called this gold accents and antlers, because there were a lot of antlers (just wait until winter/holiday décor arrives!), but I decided to stick with just ‘gold’. 

gold light fixtures

Everything goes in cycles, but we have been seeing a lot of gold tables, gold light fixtures and so on for a while.  A theme at market this year was the incorporation of gold foil in artwork.  

gold and antlers

gold in art

Gold foil details were found on artwork, as well as on mirrors and accessories.  Brass may be the finish of choice for plumbing fixtures at the moment, but gold is having its day in home décor! 

mirrors with gold accents

#3: Typology

Speaking of artwork, art is so personal it is tricky to choose for someone else.  People, landscapes, animals; everyone feels differently about them.  One growing segment of ‘art’ is typology, which is really art made of sayings, graphics, symbols and such. 

subtle art, typography
I like this segment, because it can be highly personalized (a motivational saying, a Bible verse, a loving sentiment) and is often very affordable. 
typography and sayings

These shots are just a few of the new products we enjoyed seeing while we were at market, including a shot from Braydon & Brooks, who supplied the artwork for our HGTV House Hunters Renovations episode (still no air date announced!)



So, 3 new elements to consider incorporating if you are in the market for new home décor!  I am going to revisit ‘defining your style’ as a blog post sometime soon (it has been a few years), so you can learn how to cultivate your style and pay attention to trends, but not be a slave to them!  At the end of the day, your home should be your haven, based on your defined style, not someone else’s.  More to come on that topic!















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The beginning of a new year is always a busy and exciting time for our staff! New design projects are starting and new items are coming in weekly. This week we received new faux florals, ranging from pink peonies to lilies.  Faux plants are a classic way to bring in color and texture into a room. Not only are they stylish, but you do not even have to water them, which makes for an easy maintenance.

Our soft pink peonies with a touch of greenery are hand cut, dyed, colored and assembled in a glass cube. Perfect for a coffee table or bookshelf! It is 10 inches tall. This arrangement sells for $468.


Below is a single peony arrangement that is a perfect size to place on a coffee table book or a bedside table. It measures 6 inches tall. We have 4 available and they each sell for $69.99.


We also just got in a lovely ‘Lily Casablanca’ arrangement. Full of pure white and green lilies, this makes for a stunning statement piece in an entry way or living room. It measures 16 inches tall. It sells for $449.99.


You cannot go wrong with a classic white rose! Our rose hydrangea arrangement really has a bright a fresh look that can easily go in any room that lacks a touch of texture or contrast. It is 9 inches tall and sells for $209.99.


Below is another stunning white rose floral arrangement. If you want a more elegant look, these crisp and white roses are a perfect fit. It is 11 inches tall and sells for $268.


Visit our store and pick the perfect floral arrangements for your home.

We’ve mentioned a few times about our remodel over in Barton Creek; the home that was being updated from a dark and dreary castle to a “Modern French Chateau”. 


This project has won us several awards already, including Best Kitchen and Best Bathroom in the state of Texas from ASID. 

ASID Rising Star


Modern Luxury Interiors wrote a feature story on the home and we did not want to share photos of the project until the magazine came out.  We were excited just this week to see the online and print versions, so we can now share our photos!

Everyone usually just wants to see the pretty photos, so I am going to keep the text brief.  You can read the full story here:  http://www.modernluxury.com/interiors-texas/digital-edition  or buy a copy on newsstands to get more detail on the project, design challenges and solutions.  

I have a few before and after’s at the end, for those curious to see where we started from!

Grand Entry:


Formal Library:



Kitchen 2

Family Room and Reading Nook:

Living Room

Master Bedroom:

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom:

Master Bath



Little Powder Bath (with beaded wallpaper!)

Powder Rm

Media/Game Room:

Game Room

Game Room Detail

Before & After’s:





Please make sure you check out the article in person or online!  The story about how the family came to purchase and renovate the home is a treat and they were a lot of fun to work with. If you enjoy design, you will enjoy the story!

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Adorn your shelves and tabletops with our new decorative books! Our new books are the perfect accessory to add a pop of color, pattern and interest to your home. We have many new styles in our store and online to purchase. Here are a few of our team’s favorites.

We have a series of Mosaic Moroccan books. Each book is sold individually and feature a unique mosaic design. They are a fun way to mix patterns and color. They sell for $29.99 each.

Mosaic Books

We also cannot stop buzzing about our set of gold bee books. They are neutral and simple, but the gold bee adds a fun detail to the books. A set of 3 sells for $99.99. To read more buzz-worthy details or purchase these books online, follow this link.

bee books

Keeping with the nature theme, our set of butterfly books are also a charming and meaningful way to accessorize your home. Many cultures believe butterflies symbolize hope, joy and new beginnings. What a fitting symbol as we embark on a new year! Butterflies also symbolize the soul and remind us to “keep the faith” as we undergo transitions in our life. They can serve as a thoughtful gift or treat for yourself. The set of three books sell for $99.99. 

butterfly books

Shop your favorite designer brands with our boutique series of books. The charming series is perfect for a built-in shelf. The series featured below are sold as a set of 3. The shops are Dior, Chanel and Hermes. A set of three are sold for $115.00. Each set can also be purchased online!

Designer Shops Books

There are also more shops available that are sold as a set of 4. The shops include Tiffany & Co., Bergdorf Goodman, and Tom Ford. Each set is $149.99 and can be purchased online!


Make your signature handbag a part of your décor! We have three iconic handbag options that are perfect for fashion lovers. We have the Chanel, Hermes Kelly, and Louis Vuitton handbags available. The Hermes Kelly Bag was named after and made hugely popular by Hollywood starlet and princess Grace Kelly (hence the name).

designer books

The Chanel bag book set sells for $159.99 and the Louis Vuitton bag and Hermes Kelly book set sell for $189.99 each. These can also be purchased online.


Add a touch of travel and romance to your home with  our Eiffel Tower book set.  The books are a creative way to represent the romantic “City of Light” and the iconic Paris landmark. The books are sold as a set of 5 for $169.99 and can be purchased online.

Paris Books

As you can tell we have a great collection of decorative bound books to choose from! There is a style for every interest or personality. Shop our books in store or online anytime!


written by Raquel Skrobarczyk

Last year we worked on quite a few kitchen and bath remodels.  Before and after’s are always a lot of fun, but this particular project had quite the transformation!

la cornue stove and hood


I think the best description for this home was ‘peach’.  Everything was the same color throughout-mostly beige but with a real peachy undertone.

The home’s heavy stone work, textured walls and Texas star details definitely would not work with this young couple’s stylish aesthetic. The couple was not quite sure which direction they wanted to move toward with their new furnishings, so we came up with a design that would give them a bright, fresh palette that would work well with any style.

Raquel took the lead on this project, breaking into 3 main areas of focus: Paint, Tile/Millwork & Lighting.

1. Paint

We had to address the peachy faux paint situation immediately to better understand what we were working with.  The homeowners wanted to keep the existing flooring (a nice natural stone) so we needed to select a color scheme that would compliment the floor’s undertones.

kitcehn full view before

The kitchen cabinets were in good shape, so our plan was to keep those (with some modifications) and paint them white to eliminate the dated stain finish.

cabinets before

Revised final cabinet layout:

kitchen layout, proposal


2. Tile/Millwork

One of the main design features we decided to tackle early on was the architectural elements of the space. The existing stone on the walls and island were not in keeping with our client’s design aesthetic, so we developed a plan to remove the stone and replace it with a well thought out combination of millwork/trim and tile.

kitchen before, back of room view

Stars were a design detail used throughout the house (trim, light fixtures, mirrors, etc.)  This must have been charming for the original home owner, but we decided this theme and the fluted moldings were not consistent with our design concept, so we removed the stars and decorative trim and opted for a more timeless design selection.

doors and trim before

3. Lighting

Our projects usually suffer from a lack of lighting, but this house was the opposite!  We had the equivalent of an airport runway on the ceiling, and a few other elements creating an over abundance of lighting in general.  This one living space had close to 30 can-lights in the ceiling!

lighting before

The height of the ceiling was a challenge, but our focus was to make the lighting a functional benefit and also a new design feature for the homeowners.


kitchen after

1. Paint

The walls were all painted Classic Grey, which is light and neutral.  The cabinets were painted white and given a few minor modifications to accommodate new appliances, including this smashing stove and hood by La Cornue

kitchen during construction, paint

millwork and stone during construction

The new paint made the space feel twice as big and brand new!

2. Tile/Millwork

black and copper la cornue stove and hood
farmhouse sink and bridge faucet

We had very little ‘back-splash’ to work with, but we used marble set in a chevron pattern.  The new farmhouse sink and bridge faucet look wonderful with the new cabinet hardware. 

island millwork

We kept the island in the same configuration (because we were keeping the flooring) but instead of the heavy stone, we have timeless millwork that will contribute to the light and airy feeling.

3. Lighting

Lighting is always a fun part of the design process. After narrowing down the can-lights to just two, our clients were open to using larger more dramatic light fixtures in the other areas.

kitchen pendants

In the kitchen we specified three over-sized pendants in a black & gold finish.

People always ask if it is OK to mix metals and our answer is always “Yes!”. Mixing metals makes a space feel more lived in and not so “matchy, matchy”. In here we have polished nickel cabinet hardware and black & gold pendants as well as copper on the stove, and as you can see, it all looks amazing together!

new lighting after

In the living area we selected a very dramatic chandelier in industrial steel. With such high ceilings you have a little more wiggle room to use larger light fixtures to make a statement.  A good rule of thumb is that bigger is always better when it comes to lighting since it is considered the jewelry of the room.

kitchen after

I trust seeing these photos and following our rationale provides you with a clear understanding as to how our design vision came to life!  This new space is ready for any palette of furnishings that the homeowners decide on.  Whether it be bright and bold with deep jewel tones or soft and soothing with whites and neutrals, they can’t go wrong! A crisp, bright white space is always in style.




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Last week was a busy week for our team! Both our design and retail team pitched in to transform our retail space with a fresh new look for the new year. It is always our goal to create a unique shopping  experience for our customers by creating product vignettes that will inspire!


Our new store layout not only features new vignettes, but a new floating wall. Scott hand-built and painted the wall so that we could break up our vignettes and showcase more of our wall art.


As you can see, it has truly helped to transform our space! Below are photos of the front of the wall and the back of the wall.


Now we can showcase our silver starburst mirrors!


Our front vignette is perfectly transitional. The white washed wood furniture paired with the grey Hickory Chair sofa and hair on hide ottoman is sophisticated and polished.


Our white washed sideboard is accented with our polished nickel lamps and dark indigo giclee art.


Our back vignette is both inviting, earthy and warm. The persimmon accessories pop against the taupe upholstery, chocolate leather and brindle hide rug.

BackRightVignette6 - Copy

If you have any questions on any of the furniture, lamps or accessories featured please call us at 512-342-6899 or email us at info@heatherscotthome.com. Visit our store  and give our team the opportunity to help you transform your home in 2016!

guest bath shower after


Happy New Year!  Our team is back to work full blast and excited about all our projects in this new year.  Our project list right now includes: residential houses, commercial offices, downtown condos, a brand new apartment complex (clubhouse and model apartments) and an exciting new model home.  Plenty to keep this crew busy and hard at work!

In between new project work, I wanted to show this final room, the guest/powder bath, from the house remodel we’ve been showing you over the past month. 

guest bath shower after


This bath is located just off the kitchen/great room and was in much need of an update!


Our awesome homeowners were on board with a total redo and the only item they were interested in keeping was the pretty mirror they had recently added (which our team painted black to match the new cabinet).

Guest bath

Guest bath shower

Guest bath
Guest bath shower


The configuration of the bathroom stayed the same, but the homeowners got new flooring, cabinet/counter top, sink, shower tile and plumbing fixtures.

guest bath after

guest bath shower after

guest bath after

To work with the color scheme of the rest of the house, we chose blues, greys and whites as the predominate color palette.

The room was painted, then the shower tile ripped out and replaced with timeless marble.  We added a shampoo niche for soaps/bottles in lieu of the small little soap dish that had been there before.



powder shower

The room was small, so we did not need much tile and were able to splurge on a pretty marble mosaic with black dots for the new flooring.

powder floorjpg

powder floorjpg

This bathroom now feels light, bright, clean and fresh.  We love the velvet and linen valance and shower curtain.  The scalloped light fixture is a lovely alternative to a basic flush mount.  Since the shower in this bath is rarely used, we installed two towel hooks instead of a towel bar to give us space for these pretty botanical prints.

guest bath shower after


A guest bath is a great opportunity to experiment with decorative elements.  Because these rooms are typically smaller, you can use a few ‘wow’ elements without breaking the bank!

If we can help you with any design projects in your home this year, please take a few minutes and fill out our online questionnaire.  Once we receive the questionnaire info, we will reach out to discuss the options for new looks in your home!

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