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With summer and this weekend’s 4th of July holiday, people are gearing up to have fun outdoors! Having an inviting space to entertain friends or to cozy up in is key.

If you want your outdoor space to fit your lifestyle, Heather shared three important tips on how to style your space this week on KXAN’s Studio 512 with host Amanda Tatom.


Studio 512 Outdoor Accessories

1. Fit the space to your lifestyle and make the most of your space

Outdoor Sectional

What purpose do you want your outdoor space to serve? Do you love to entertain and have guests over? Is your style more chic and stylish? If you have a bigger outdoor space, sectionals with an outdoor coffee table is a great way to fill up space. Even pairing a table with a bench would work. Built in fireplaces are another great way to make the space inviting for friends and family.

Do you have a smaller space for just you? Living downtown in a city can limit your outdoor space so having a small accent table with a pair of folded wooden chairs can add the perfect touch.

2. Here’s the fun part, accessorizing!

This is the part where you can play around outdoors. Heather talks about four essential items that will spruce up your patio and be the talk of the summer.

Outdoor Pillows and Accessories

  • Rugs made out of an outdoor fabric with a fun pattern can add style to any patio or deck.
  • Outdoor lighting that can be as simple as having twinkle lights or unique pendants.
  • Be creative when choosing pillows. Bold patterns and bright colors can make a statement on any sofa. Featured on the show are pillows from a local company based in Austin called Square Feathers. All of their products are handmade and ready to ship anywhere.
  • Candle holders and succulents or any type of greenery makes for the perfect table accessory.  

3. Pots for Planting

Custom Striped Pots

When considering what kind of exterior pots you want, think about how big or small the space is. It’s also a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends when planting!

  • If you have a small area use taller pots, and if you have a larger area go bigger and wider to fill up space.

Hopefully these tips will help you when styling you outdoor space! We will post the segment link on Facebook soon. Stop by our retail store for all your home accessories. Have a safe and fun 4th of July everyone!

This summer we have been busy receiving stylish and tasteful furniture and home accessories. With so many new products coming in, it was the perfect time to do a full floor move. Our retail team created 10 unique vignettes that flow effortlessly. From a chic study to a sophisticated living room, our new vignettes are sure to inspire you! Today’s blog will feature some of our team’s favorites.

living room vignette

Our main vignette is a sophisticated and feminine living room. The vignette features a grey palette with all grey and taupe fabrics on our upholstered furniture. The light gray hide ottomans have a marbled look that perfectly complements the vignette. They also provide extra seating to the room.

living room vignette

The printed pillows and gold accents make the room look polished. The cocktail table features a mother of pearl top with gold edging. It adds just enough glamour to pop against the gray tones. The lighter pillows and orchid arrangement also help to brighten up the room.

New Traditional Living Room

Our second living room vignette features traditional wing back chairs and modern casegoods. Mixing traditional furniture with modern finishes can help you achieve a timeless look and a “new traditional” aesthetic. The gold accents on the ivory lacquered cocktail table ties in with the brass hardware and sepia-toned framed botanicals.

Wingback Chair

The wingback chair features a neutral graphic pattern, and the taupe fabric is accented by a custom linen pillow. It makes the chair look perfectly tailored. Last but certainly not least, our framed shadow boxes and gold cluster grapes add the perfect finishing touch to the room.

Shadow Boxes and Grapes

Our next vignette is a stylish reading nook. The vignette features a unique mix of materials and textures. From a glamorous acrylic cocktail table to a zinc and reclaimed wood console adorned with glass amber lamps, this vignette is full of personality.

Reading Nook

The reclaimed wood and zinc console is accessorized with statement accessories. The gold sculpture, crystal sprites, and fashion books add a charming touch to the console.

accessories on console

Finally, our study is the perfect room to inspire! A home office or study doesn’t have to be stuffy or serious. It can be just as playful as any other room in your home. You can experiment with more bold patterns or colors in smaller spaces. Rather than making your home office or work space an after thought, incorporate details that are uniquely you!


Office accessories

To see more of our vignettes visit our store. Our retail team is a great resource to help you create the home of your dreams. We will be closed Saturday, July 4th, but will re-open on Monday at 10 AM! Have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend!

posted by: Emily Hernando

Purchasing a new sofa is a long term commitment (or at least, it should be).  Before you purchase your next sofa, and end up living several years with a ‘mistake’, here are 3 key questions to ask yourself before you buy.

1) What is the primary use of this piece of furniture?

Do you want a place for your family to gather and lounge?

This photo shows a sectional with soft back cushions (great for lounging) as opposed to a ‘tight back’ which you can see in the next photo.

sectional in crypton fabric

Will it serve in more of a “formal” living room for guests?

This photo shows a high back sofa with a tight back. A tight back is good for a clean lined, more modern look or for a more formal area.  Soft back cushions can sometimes look ‘messy’, so the tight back is a good option for a neater look. 

high back formal sofa

Is it for your media room and need the extra depth?

This media room used a deeper sectional with a  chaise for lounging.  This provides more comfort for movie watching and napping!

tufted back sectional

Or will you need it to be contract grade because it is in a heavy use or commercial space, like a restaurant or hotel?

This apartment clubhouse lobby has a commercial grade leather sofa in a dark color to withstand heavy use.  If your family is hard on furniture, purchasing a sofa made for heavy use may be the best route for you.

leather sofa for commercial use

Whatever the reason is, there are sofas that take into consideration durability for everyday use, size & configuration, stain resistibility, and even “sleep-ability”. If you know what the primary use of the sofa will be, you can find one that is just right.  Be sure to tell the sales consultant how you expect to use the sofa and what your needs are so they can be an additional asset. 

2) Based on the primary use of this piece, what type of fabric should be used on this sofa?

Fabrics can make a huge difference in your satisfaction with the sofa you place in your  room. If you know that there will be children using the piece, there are several options that are kid friendly and can bare the stains. Our main upholstery line, Vanguard, carries all of the Crypton fabrics. Read more about them here:

We used Crypton in these two family rooms because both homes had very young children.

english arm sofa with accent pillows
chesterfield sofa

If you have an animal, and don’t want pet hair to be as apparent, there are textured fabrics that can camouflage your furry friend’s “souvenirs”.   Simply chose a color that is closest to the fur color of your ‘best friend’. 

textured fabric on sofa

Lastly, we often recommend FiberSeal, a company specializing in fiber protection to help prevent stains on your fabric.

Now you don’t have to be too intimidated to use a light-colored fabric on your sofa!

3) In terms of the style/look, what is appealing to you?

There are endless possibilities on how to customize your sofa based on what “look” appeals to you and will flow with the design scheme of the room. Don’t feel like you have to buy the plain sofa you see.

Think about adding some personality with the use of ‘designer details’ such as decorative skirts, nail heads, tufted backs, and feet styles.

The sofas in the next two photos show, first, a band of trim on the bottom, and secondly, a band of contrast fabric on the skirt.  These upgrades are often a minor charge for a lot of pizzazz. 

sofa with contrast trim on bottom
sofa with skirt and contrast band

If you have a vision, it is a possibility.

Now that you know what to consider when purchasing a custom sofa, you are ready to go make your space one that you and your guests will love.

If you still aren’t sure what you want out of your next sofa, our team would love to help.  Our retail shop carries several wonderful upholstery brands and they are willing to take the time to help you understand your options.  If you need even more hand holding, our design team is available for in home projects.  Just let us know what you need by contacting us here:!

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Our new consoles are unique in size and look. Both are narrow and feature unique materials.

acrylic glass console

Our petite acrylic and glass table is small and is perfect for a smaller space that cannot handle a larger, bulky wood piece. Acrylic furniture is light and airy, which helps serve as a visual trick for a room.

inset glass top on acrylic console

The top of the console features inset glass. The dimensions are 30 W x 9 D x 36 H and it sells for $1,329.99.

iron console with antique mirror

Our narrow iron console with antique mirror is as classic as it is narrow. The sleek design is well suited for smaller spaces. It can also make the perfect first impression in a foyer. The dimensions are 60 W x 10 D x 30 H and it sells for $1,139.99.

antique mirror

Visit our store this summer to find the perfect piece of furniture to fit your home!

posted by: Heather Blue Harkovich

I was at a business conference last week which was held at the Thermador showroom in California.  We had the opportunity to get a tour of the showroom and learn about many of their products.  I picked up some interesting tips,took some ‘kitchen’ inspiration photos and thought you might enjoy learning more about it all!

We started our tour in the “Ideal Kitchen”, named as such primarily for the layout, which is most conducive to cooking.  I found it interesting when our tour guide told us that a refrigerator is used 7 times more frequently than a freezer, and this is growing due to the move to eat fresher foods and less processed items.

ideal kitchen, range

ideal kitchen, fridge

This next kitchen, they termed the ‘Aspen kitchen’, with the intent to demonstrate a vacation or second home kitchen.   This kitchen features a small professional range. 

Thermador cooking products are known for their star burners, for even temperature distribution, and low simmer feature which can maintain 100 degree heat by intermittently turning itself off and on (this avoids burning foods on simmer and the need for a double boiler).

You also have the ability to run the back splash all the way down behind this range which is nice from a designers point of view.

aspen kitchen

If you look to the far left of the photo, you may notice that the fridge is fully flush with the cabinets.  Usually even a ‘counter depth’ fridge sticks out a bit.  Not with Thermador; they also include stainless trim pieces in case your existing cabinetry doesn’t fit the fridge exactly. You don’t even notice how seamless it is!

One nice feature I liked was their dishwasher which can be customized to hold up to 18 tall wineglasses and can do a quick 20 minute cycle.  Everything comes with options to fit your lifestyle!

Our next stop was the ‘Martha’s Vineyard kitchen’ (for the light, washed oak and beachy look).   From a terminology point of view, a “Range Top” is what you see below, with the controls on the front, whereas a “Cook-top” has the controls on top (you will see a picture of this later).  Many people often confuse the two.

matrhas vineyard kitchen

Another nifty feature shown in this kitchen was the concealed warming drawer underneath the Range Top.  It has a cabinet front so you don’t even know it is there.  This warming drawer comes with a timer to turn itself off so you don’t accidentally forget and leave it on (this would be a great feature for me; I always get a little OCD thinking I left the warming drawer on in my kitchen).

close up, marthas vineyard kitchen

The next vignette, the “San Francisco” kitchen was very compact, but modern.

San fran kitchen

We spent most of our time learning about the cook-top in the island which included a downdraft (so you don’t have to have a massive vent hood).  This cook-top came in a ‘mirror finish’ which takes on the hue of the counter top around it. 

cooktop with down draft
This downdraft is quite high, but that makes it more effective as most vapors rise quickly.  Downdrafts can be vented outside or recirculated in the home (and meet strict government air quality standard) depending on what your kitchen is able to structurally accommodate.

One of my favorite products was the induction cook-top which physically does not get hot.  The iron pan gets hot, but nothing else.  One Thermador employee said when he makes bacon, he covers the cook-top with paper towels, puts the iron pan on top, then just throws away the grease splattered paper towels when he is done.  Talk about easy clean up!

mirror cooktop

The chefs in the group (I have to admit to not being one!) were most excited about the Thermador Steam Oven.  This product combines steam with convection to cook faster, preserve nutrients, defrost food without cooking the edges, restore leftovers, and provide multi level cooking for different foods without transferring flavors.  Basically the product of a foodies’ dreams.  It all sounded very impressive.

steam oven
On a final note, circulating back to the comment at the beginning about refrigeration versus freezers, Thermador calls their cooling systems “Freedom”, whereby they encourage you to take the freedom to do what you want with refrigeration and freezing.  You don’t even have to put them near each other. 

My favorite cabinet area was the 90” long wall of refrigeration (which you can not ‘see’); they called the “New American Home”.  It includes double the refrigeration, a small freezer and a wine unit with the option to set 2 temperatures inside the unit.  They designed this area to reflect how many American homeowners really use the kitchen today; for fresh foods and limited freezing (and obviously a decent amount of wine consumption!).

wall unit

They also spoke about how Thermador designs their appliances to cabinet or furniture specifications, as opposed to average appliance specs, which better meets the needs of a high end kitchen design.

It was truly an informative experience, now I just need to translate that into some motivation to be a better cook!  Hope you find some inspiration in these photos and concepts and if you are thinking about new appliances I encourage you to research Thermador as you look.  They are excited about celebrating the company’s 100th birthday next year, and a company in business for 100 years has to be doing quite a few things right!




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Our new ceramic cubism safari animals are playful and fun. The rhinos and giraffes can be accessorized as an accent piece or grouped together for a sophisticated safari motif.

ceramic giraffe and rhino, cubism

The ceramic safari animals feature a taupe glaze. We styled the animal accessories on different consoles and a bookshelf. The giraffe is unique way to add height to your decor. They are the perfect accessory for animal lovers. Giraffes represent grace and gentleness of spirit, whereas the rhino represents strength and stability.

rhino and giraffe decor

The dimensions of the rhino are 14 W x 4 D x 7 H. It sells for $49.99.

ceramic cubism rhino

The giraffe is10 W x 4 D x 10 H and sells for $59.99.

ceramic cubism giraffe

Visit our store to see more of our new home accessories. If you are in need of unique Father’s Day gift ideas, use these animal accessories to show the father figure in your life what he represents to you.  Have a Happy Father’s Day this Sunday!

Written by: Raquel Skrobarcyzk

I’m sure you’ve heard us mention FOUND, the amazing clothing boutique we worked on last year. Much of the inspiration for FOUND was from the owner Stacey Smith.

Foudn owner stacey smith

We just can’t stop gushing about how beautiful everything turned out and just in case you missed it, here are a few pictures to refresh your memory!

found entry by heather scott home and design

found arch design by heather scott home and design

found check out area by heather scott home and design

found front entry by heather scott home and design

found overall design by heather scott home and design

Found settee by heather scott home and design

We were able to bring Stacey’s vision to life with a little help from her own personal style. Her boutique directly reflects her unique style and personality. It is bright, energetic and fabulous!

When we were asked to help her add some window treatments to her home, we knew it would have a similar vibe to her clothing boutique and personal style and would be a lot of fun!

We are excited to share an ‘exclusive’ look at Stacey’s personal condo in downtown Austin! If you haven’t noticed yet, Stacey is not afraid of bold patterns and colors!

chevron drapery panels

Stacey also created a ‘gallery wall’ to add some character and personality to her condo.

chesterfield sofa, acrylic table, gold accents

A gallery wall is a great way to tell your story! Framing items that you love and have collected over time will create a look that is uniquely yours. I always make it a point to pick up a print wherever I travel to add to my walls.

Remember this wallpaper from FOUND’s entrance?!  There were some remnants left over and Stacey put them to very creative use to spice up her custom built ins!

stacey smith, found owner, condo

I love the unique cabinet pulls and also the detail around the TV.  Everyone worries about how to design around a TV.  Stacey’s use of wallpaper looks amazing and you immediately think about how cool the space is, not the fact that that is ‘just the place for the TV’.

tv wall with wallpaper and cabinet

Also, pay special attention to the accessorizing on the bookcase.  Many of our client’s struggle to accessorize bookcases.  Take a note from Stacey and see how she completed her cabinets.  She loves fashion, so she has collected an amazing library off fashion books and displayed them with panache!

accessory vignette


You can easily tell that the same person was involved in both of these designs. Her choice of bold jewel toned colors, paired with graphic black and white prints is carried throughout both spaces. Also, a love for all things gold and shiny!

Many times a person’s fashion and lifestyle are directly reflected in their home décor. If your home is your haven and a reflection of yourself, wouldn’t you want it to reflect the best possible version of yourself?

For example, people who love wearing all black and limited accessories may have a more tailored living environment with solid fabrics. Whereas, people who love bold patterns and vibrant colored clothing may have items in their home with more visual impact and mixing of playful patterns.

We encourage you to curate a style that is uniquely yours! Stop by our store to see our ever changing supply of art and accessories and you may find the perfect piece that speaks just to your style! And be sure to stop by FOUND to check out the space and pick up a lovely new dress (or two!).

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Our new iron console table features clean lines, a sophisticated geometric pattern and antique nickel finish. It can be used in an entry way or behind a sofa.

iron console

Our iron console can break up the monotony of your standard wood furniture. It is the perfect piece for a transitional home. We accessorized the table with navy blue lamps and art, but it can be paired with neutral accessories or a fun pop of color. Below is a close up the nickel finish.

close up of iron console

The dimensions are 48 W x 16 D x 33H and sells for $679.99. Visit our store this summer to see all of our new arrivals!

iron console

I just received the latest Austin HOME magazine and I love the image on the cover. 


Can I say, that house is  has my ‘dream location’ here in Austin: right on the water!  How fun.  I can just imagine dipping my toes in the water.

Speaking of imagining, Gene Menez, the editor at Austin HOME asked me if I would be willing to ‘imagine up’ an awesome outdoor patio as part of their Designer’s Challenge series. 



What fun to have carte blanche on designing the outdoor space of your dreams.

This Summer 2015 issue is full of wonderful eye candy, including a Tarrytown home by Ryan Street and loads of ideas for how to make your outdoor space sing!  The magazine is available on newsstands now, so pick up a copy before they are gone!




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Our new hair on hide ottomans are a subtle and sophisticated way to incorporate animal print into your home. Hide has always been a timeless way to introduce texture into your space. The ottomans can be used as a pair in a living room area for additional seating.

hair on hide ottomans

The white and gray ottomans feature a sleek silhouette that is accentuated by the pewter nailhead trim. The particular mix of hide mimics marble. If you are fan of cool grays and neutrals, this is one chic alternative to bolder, darker hide ottomans. Below is a close up of the hide and nailhead trim.

close up of hair on hide

The dimensions of each ottoman is 20 W x 20 W x 21H and each ottoman sells for $949.99. The ottomans can also be special ordered in any fabric or leather. Visit our store to peruse our fabric options.

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