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We have recently seen a surge of design clients  who are seeking a more ‘glam’ look for their home.  Funky wallpaper, statement light fixtures, bold color schemes and/or patterns are becoming frequent requests.  Black, gold and white are definitely trending for color schemes.

Dining room close up

In this ‘before & after’, we were working with a lovely couple who had the ‘bones’ set for their dining room but needed help adding the ‘pizzazz’.


Our homeowners had selected the two dramatic chandeliers and a gold beaded wallpaper for the back wall prior to contacting us.  They wanted to keep their existing table but called us in the complete the room in a stylish, but classic, way.

dining room before


We brought in black, white and gold elements to introduce drama and add some high contrast to the room.  This room is immediately off the entry and sets the tone for the rest of the home. 

dining room 1 after

As is usually the case with Austin, we kept some ‘natural’ elements in the room, the hair on hide bench and the raw wood table, to tone down the glam.  This gave us leeway to use a leather and gold studded buffet for storage on the back wall, as well as an abstract print with a gilt frame.


A corner of the room called for something to fill to space, but it was a bit tight.  We brought in a small-scale bar cart and jazzed it up with bar accessories and a couple of black, gold and white prints.

dining bar cart

Often people will ask if you need a rug in various rooms.  This is one of those rooms you could go either way.  Instinct says to put a rug under the dining table, but because the walk space was so narrow on all four sides, I felt like it would more likely be a tripping hazard than a design benefit, so I elected not to recommend one.  The room works just fine without. 

Dining room close up

We have a few other rooms from this ‘glam’ house, as well as other ‘glam’ projects to share over the coming months, so stay tuned!




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Swivel chairs are a great option for a room with multiple focal points. They are a functional way to introduce conversational seating to a space. This week we received two different styles of swivel chairs that feature stylish details at a great price point.

Swivel Chair

Our first style of swivel chairs feature a neutral pinstripe fabric.  They are an appropriate style for a family room or even a nursery! The chairs include a lumbar pillow for added comfort. The dimensions of the chairs are 29.5 W x 36 D x 36H.  They sell for $1,119.99 each.


Swivel chair 2 (1)

Our next style of swivel chairs features a barrel shape, nailhead trim, and a herringbone fabric. The seat cushion is reversible with a fabric and  brown leather option. They are underscaled and engineered for a smaller space.

Swivel Chair with Leather Seat

The chairs also offer a low profile which is ideal if you do not want to block a particular view. The dimensions of the barrel swivel chairs are 28 W x 31 D x 31 H. They sell for $1,049.99 each. Below is a close up of the chairs nailhead trim and reversible leather seat cushion.

close up swivel chair with leather


We also have herringbone ottomans and occasional chairs that will complete any space. Stop by our store and take a spin in our new stylish swivel chairs!

It is sometimes hard to have the best of both worlds. You want a stylish home, but need functional pieces to store away your family’s clutter. Luckily, there are many stylish solutions when it comes to storing toys. Both decorative and functional, these toy storage ideas are sure to keep your home neat and chic.

If you want a home that reflects your personal style, but is also functional, you should start thinking about investing in functional furniture pieces. Also, baskets for shelves and storage ottomans can hide toys in a pinch. Heather shared this concept and these principles on KXAN’s Studio 512 this past Tuesday. You can watch the full video here.

Studio 512 Sophisticated Toy Storage


If you prefer to read, we have listed Heather’s expert tips below.

1. Use storage ottomans for a quick clean up.

Storage ottomans are the perfect way to hide away toys that don’t need to be seen. We featured a leather and nail head trim ottoman that is stylish for any room in your home. It can be used as additional seating and is very simple to clean for unexpected messes. Also,  upholstered ottomans are a safer option so you do not have to worry about your kids hitting their heads on sharp corners.

Brown Leather Ottomans

2. Invest in furniture pieces that can be stylish & functional.

We featured a demilune piece of furniture that is perfect for a children’s room, entry way or near the kitchen since these are the areas  where children spend most of their time. Always invest in pieces that will be timeless and something you do not have to throw away when you move or when your child grows up. By having a sophisticated demilune, you can put artwork above it, a cute lamp, and even be creative with different knobs so that it still looks age appropriate.



3. Accessorize with storage baskets for open or closed areas

photo 2 Nursery storage baskets

Storage baskets are a fun and easy way to either show or hide your children’s toys. You can use tall baskets or ones that have lids for corners of the room. If a children’s room has bookshelves, you can still make toys look neat with top open baskets. Whether they are fabric or wicker baskets, they can invoke an organic and warm atmosphere in the room. Be playful and creative by adding a decorative band or pick a fun fabric as well!  Special thanks to our sophisticated mom friend, Shelby, for lending us some of her kid’s storage baskets.

Childrens Storage Baskets

Below is a photo of new metallic wicker baskets that we have available in our retail store. They are available in three different sizes with different color banding on each. So cute!


Hopefully these ideas will help you when you need a quick storing place for your family’s clutter! If you need help with any storage ideas stop by our retail store and we would be more than happy to help you!

Our new four door cabinet is not only a great piece for storage, but is also an art piece in itself. The cabinet features a giclee finish, beveled mirror top and polished nickel base. The unique finish and materials used make the piece a unique and stylish find.

Four Door Cabinet

The four door cabinet opens up to two separate shelves, providing you a spacious storage area. Each panel of the cabinet features a canvas giclee art design. The blue tones in the piece are complimented by the modern polished nickel frame.  Below is a close-up of the giclee door panels.

Four Door Cabinet-side (2)

The dimensions of the cabinet are are 71.5W x 18 D x 34H. It sells for $3,159.99. It is a sleek and stylish option for a living room, media room or dining room. Make plans to visit our boutique to see this piece and all of our new home accessories!

Four Door Cabinet-side (1)

If you read our Friday blog this morning you know that voting for HGTV Fresh Faces of Design kicked off at 9 AM! We have a new link for voting. Visit and cast your vote! You will be unable to vote for us as your favorite on our profile page.

found entry by heather scott home and design

To vote for us follow these easy steps!

1. Click this link.

2. Scroll down to select the “Posh Public Spaces” category.

3. Click on Heather Harkovich and Raquel Skrobarczyk’s “Eclectic Art Deco Boutique” to tour our project photos.

4. Click “I’m Ready to Vote” and choose your favorite by clicking “Vote.”

Remember you can vote once per day in each category with voting ending on October 30th! Thank you for your support and votes.

Heather Scott Home & Design is very excited to say that as part of a national competition, HGTV has selected our design team as a “final nominee” in its ‘HGTV Fresh Faces of Design Awards’!


Heather and Raquel are the featured design duo for their work on the retail shop FOUND as part of the contest’s category ‘Posh Public Spaces.’

found overall design by heather scott home and design

As a finalist, we have the opportunity to win the ‘national’ title based on consumer voting…. If you are a fan of our work we would love to have your support via voting for us on HGTV’s Fresh Faces website!

Found settee by heather scott home and design

Today, September 25th, the voting period for Fresh Faces of Design will go live on at 9AM EST, and America will vote once a day for their favorite design in each category. The voting period will close on October 30th.  Yes, that means you can vote every day until then- oh boy!

Please vote for us as your favorite design team for ‘Posh Public Spaces.” You can click this link to vote on our profile page. Our page also features the inspiration behind our nominated projects.


Thank you for your continued support and for everyone who voted for us in Austin Monthly’s Best of City Poll these past two weeks! Your support is more than appreciated.

We are excited to announce that we have a new line of scented candles for sale in our retail boutique, Nest Fragrances. Nest’s line of scented candles uses a premium, soft cosmetic grade wax to optimize burn and fragrance diffusion. Nest Fragrances is based in New York and was founded by respected home fragrance expert, Laura Slatkin. Her collection has quickly become a fan favorite due to its exceptional variety, chic packaging and exquisite scents.

Nest Fragrance Candles

We currently have 7 of Nest’s Signature scents available. Some of the fragrances we have include “Ocean Mist and Sea Salt” which has the essence of a gentle ocean mist. It is combined with hints of sea salt, white tea and coconut. We also have “Moss & Mint” which has notes of garden mint, apple blossom and muguet that are infused with a touch of oakmoss and vetiver. Both are a sensory treat!

Nest Fragrance Candles

We also have “Vanilla Orchid & Almond” which has notes of Mediterranean almond and white orchid that are enveloped with vanilla, patchouli, and musk. “Moroccan Amber” features Moroccan amber, sweet patchouli, heliotrope and bergamot accented with a hint of eucalyptus. We also currently are stocking Cedar Root & Lavender, Grapefruit, and Bamboo. If you have a favorite you have not seen listed, drop us a note and we would be happy to get it for you!

Nest Fragrance Candles

The Classic Candle is 8.1 oz  and has 60 hours burn of time. It sells for $38.  The 3-Wick Candle is 22.1 oz and has 150 hours of burn time. It sells for $58. Visit our store today to smell Nest Fragrances’ exquisite scents for yourself. They make for the perfect gift or treat for yourself!

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You might remember a couple of years ago I did some interior design work for the HGTV show “Property Brothers: Buying & Selling” when they were filming in Austin.  I did a blog post on the project here

The lovely couple who sold their home during this process bought a great new place even closer to town.  They called me a couple of months ago to come up with a plan to incorporate the pieces they brought with them, along with some new items.

This has been a really fun project because of the couple’s openness to color and pattern. 

after, colorful art and pattern

I often say a piece of art or fabric is a great starting point for a room’s design scheme.  In this case, the couple had the rug they purchased during the Property Brother’s show, along with the “Bally” art they purchased in Europe as an anniversary gift.

These two items included fuchsia and citrine and, lucky for me, the couple was brave enough to incorporate more of these two colors into their home.


The couple’s biggest challenges were (1) there were not enough places for adults to sit during their weekly family dinners (2) the room tended to be dark and (3) it felt incomplete.

family room before


A fun, happy and colorful room to lounge in and enjoy!

After, family room with colorful pattern rug and citrine drapes

The room was a bit tight for your typical family room club chairs, and the home owners do not use the room for TV watching, so they were comfortable selecting two smaller pairs of lounge chairs for seating.

after, close up of art

We added a pair of bright, blue glass lamps to flank the sofa for reading.  Surprisingly, the citrine silk drapes also really helped to lighten up the room!

close up on pillows

Bright pillows added a punch of fun and tie the room’s color story together.

after, opposite side of room

On the opposite side of the room, dark grey velvet chairs and lightly patterned chairs bring a level of practicality to a home full of young children and pets.

chair fabric and pillow

And what child (and maybe adult) does not love a fuzzy pillow to cuddle with at the end of the day?

I know we do a lot of neutral around here, but it sure can be fun to mix things up and incorporate some bright colors that make people happy!  Do not be afraid to do the same for yourself if you fall in this camp.  You might never know how you feel about it if you do not take a chance!    


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Our new silver leafed iron lamps are a sophisticated and timeless addition to a home. The iron lamps feature a lovely champagne leaf finish and an ivory fabric shade.

Silver Leaf Iron Lamps

The three scrolls at the top of the lamp add soft curves and femininity to the overall look of the lamp. Below is a close up of the scroll details and the dripping candle neck.

scrolls on silver leaf lamp

The lamps dimensions are 17” W and  33” H, and they sell for $329.99 each.

Thank you for everyone that voted for us during the ‘Shopping’ category in Austin Monthly’s Best of City Poll. We appreciate your support. Voting for the “Best Interior Design” category ends Sunday, September 20th!  Follow this link to cast your vote!

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Bringing greenery into a home adds life to the space. If you love plants but cannot seem to keep them alive, we have great news for you!

tulips on table

You can still get the look you love in your home by incorporating a faux floral! I know…I used to be very wary with faux plants, too, but after seeing them used in our designs, they have become one of my favorite room accessories.

It is important that you invest in good quality, realistic looking faux plants.  This is not the item to scrimp on.  A well designed faux plant or tree can do more for your home than just ‘look good’.

Here are four practical reasons to add greenery to your home:

Reason #1: Define Spaces


Sometimes a room’s layout can end up leaving you with an empty corner to fill. Tall plants are perfect for decorating difficult spaces. Their height and weight end up balancing the design elements in the room. The height of a tree also creates visual movement making your space more aesthetically pleasing. Another way plants are used to define space is they can serve as room dividers. If the interior layout is more open, a plant can be placed to help separate the seating areas to create more intimate spaces.

Reason #2: Liven Up Rooms

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

All plants, no matter their size or color, create warmer energy for a space. Even if some of us seem to struggle keeping real greenery alive, faux plants still do the trick by adding a relaxing contrast compared to typical accessories. The small hint of nature ends up being a very welcoming element in a home, especially when placed in an entryway. Placing a flower or plant on an entrance buffet that has a mirror behind it actually doubles the plant effect by mirroring the plant.

Reason #3: Adds Visual Interest

pink peonies

Plants do a great job of bringing color schemes together in a room. Their natural, wild texture usually contrasts the rest of the room’s design elements. Another opportunity to add to your room’s design is by using a plant with a decorative planter. There are many different ceramic bases or pots that can artfully display your plant in your home while adding to the design of your space.

Reason #4: Softens Architectural Elements

white roses

Nature is usually difficult to emulate in manmade accessories because of their organic shapes and colors. Florals are perfect for balancing out harsh lines in some furniture designs and bookshelves. Plants add a fluid, rounded dimension softening angular furniture. Florals and natural accessories (including driftwood and beautiful stones) break up harsh, hard spaces creating a lovely contrast.


If you have been afraid to bring greenery into your home, do not discount faux just because you think they will look fake.  Heather Scott Home & Design has very discriminating taste when it comes to the florals we select for the shop and our clients.  I encourage you to think about the benefits of bringing a hint of nature, real or faux, inside your home.

If you still have concerns, feel free to email us and we would be happy to send you close up photos of our amazingly realistic orchids, peonies, hydrangea and fiddle leaf fig trees.  I guarantee you will be impressed!



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