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I mentioned a few months ago that our team was involved in the pilot episode for a new HGTV program.  The show will air next Tuesday, March 3rd at 8 pm EST/7 pm CST on HGTV.  Currently their schedule says “Fixer Upper” but from what we have been told, this episode will be sneaked in as a test run.

Exterior of the home filmed in the episode:


You may have watched the Hatmaker family on the show ‘My Big House Renovation’, last year.  In this pilot show, the Hatmaker family teams up with another family to help them renovate to meet the needs of a large family lifestyle.

Heather Scott Home & Design was excited to be tapped by the production crew as the local team to assist with procuring design elements for the show.  Team member Nikki Clause was the lead on this project, and as you will see from the photos below, she managed to rope in a large portion of the team to help out with the ‘all hands on deck’ call in order to meet the lighting speed of the show’s concept through to filming. 

Heather Scott Home & Design team members Nikki (kneeling bottom left), Emily, Olivia and Sarah paint the wall in the nursery:

team painting

Sarah & Nikki paint the homeowner’s existing furniture (or each other!):

painting furniture

Wallpaper being hung in the master bedroom:

wallpaper installation

At this time, we can’t show you any of the ‘reveal’ photos; you will have to tune into the show for that.  But, here is a sneak peek at filming just a few months ago:

show filming


We hope you can tune in this coming Tuesday night and let us know what you think!

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Our new backless counter stools can add sophistication to your kitchen. The counter stools feature turned legs, a tiered edge, pewter nail head trim and a rich hand rubbed black finish that can complement a variety of interiors.

backless counter stools

Our counter stools can be paired with a gathering table that is counter height or with a kitchen counter. The seat of the counter stool is upholstered in a neutral olive cotton. The upholstered seat looks sharp against the black finish of the mahogany wood legs.


We have used these counter stools in a prep kitchen with a counter height table in past design project, see pictures below.

Heather Scott Home & Design Prep Kitchen

The timeless design of the stools really complete the space. We currently have three stools available in our retail store. The dimensions of the counter stool height stools are 16″ X 16″ X 24″ H. They sell for $354.99 each.

Heather Scott Home & Design Kitchen

The stools can be ordered in bar height (30”H), different finishes and even chocolate brown leather.  Visit us today and allow us to help you choose the perfect kitchen seating for your home.

One of our team members, Sarah, and I have been spending a lot of time together recently.  Including this past Sunday, when we ran the Austin Half Marathon.  Sarah did amazing.  It was her first 1/2 marathon and she was an absolute star!  She does not even look tired in this picture, does she?

sarah and heather at end

Several of our team members were there to support us during the run, which made it even better.  You can see how excited we were to see familiar faces along the route!

sarah and heather at half marthon

In addition to the run, Sarah has helped me on two photo-shoots over the past two weeks for recent projects we completed.  She has a really good eye for the camera and for styling. 

Since she is so good at styling, I asked her to write a blog with some styling tips for other designers (for shooting professional photos) and also for homeowners, who often struggle with how to complete the ‘finishing touches’ for their home.

Here are Sarah’s tips for styling like a pro:


Even with the nicest furniture in your home, the best way to polish off a great look is by adding the right finishing touches! Accessories make the difference, if executed correctly. Over the past few weeks, I have been lucky enough to shadow some amazing photographers and stylists. Through their keen eye, a normal room becomes a showcase.

Here is a list of the top five points I gathered when it comes to accessorizing. This list can make the difference in making your home standout:

Tip #1: Use Odd Numbers

When accessorizing, remember to try to aim for the rule of three. An odd number of items tend to create a triangle effect resulting in better eye movement.

In this photo, on the cocktail table we have a set of 3 books, a set of 3 candle sticks, and, on the tray, one vase with two sculpture objects (creating our set of three).

group of 3

Tip #2: Vary Heights of Objects

Accessories are much more interesting to look at when they are different heights. If not, they tend to be overlooked and become boring. This is one of the easiest tips to achieve!

Flowers are great centerpieces to start with. Depending on the vase height, they make great statement pieces. If you have flowers that are not tall, another trick is stacking a group of books and placing the vase on top of the books.

Once you get your main height, make sure to vary the other accessory heights, too. Throwing in a picture frame that is lower in height is a nice personal touch that is visually pleasing.

vary heights

Tip #3: Use Elements with Different Textures

Another tip is to make sure not all the accessories have the same texture, shape or size. For example, if all of your accessories are round, throw in a piece with corners. Or, if you have all lusterless items, adding a shiny accessory would be a good fit.

Our retail boutique has plenty of little accessories that are just the perfect touch to achieve this look, ranging from silver wired balls to adorable silver turtles!  And, not only does this little styling vignette tick the box for texture, the use of pinks throughout rolls us into tip #4, using color to tell a story…

use texture in styling

Tip #4: Tell A Color Story

This styling tip is a fun one! Pick either a pop of color you love, or pick a color that complements the rest of your room’s color theme. For example, if you have a lot of orange in your home, picking a contrast navy color really adds interest. Or, if you have a room with mostly neutrals, pick out what you would like your accent color to be.

Both designers and stylists recommend trying to carry a color throughout your house to create flow. A really easy way to add color is using flower arrangements, throw pillows, candles, or even a colorful throw! Such an easy addition really makes your accessory grouping “pop!”

For our photo-shoots, we will often use a Lafco candle.  The blown glass holders are beautiful on their own and come in so many perfect colors!

add color with candles

Tip #5:  Keep it Clean and Serene

Never go overboard with accessories. Try to keep in mind “less is more,” and your displays will have a bigger impact.  Practical elements, such as lamps and clocks can function as your ‘styling elements’.  Styling doesn’t have to be something that is only done for the camera!

vary textures
keep it simple, flower

Find the accessories that speak to you! This will achieve a cleaner, calmer feel to your room.

In summary, successful styling does not have to be intimidating.  If you follow these five easy tips as a guideline, you can really make your home stand out. So, do not be afraid to start!  Dive in and try a variety of items that will provide options of what looks good together.  If you are not sure about your vignette, either pretend you are taking a photo, or actually take a picture, to see how the space ‘really’ looks.

One caveat before I leave you thinking all styling is so easy you’ll have it done in moments; that is not the case.  Successful styling for photographic purposes does require a serious commitment to attention to detail. 

styling a kitchen

When you see professional pictures of fabulous homes, let me tell you, it takes time to  make sure everything works together. I’m talking about an hour of styling before getting the perfect shot. Stylists and photographers jobs range from making sure accessory placement looks natural to obsessing over folding towels and steaming out bed sheet wrinkles!

styling a bedroom

There are so many tiny details they account for, but in the end it really is a process of testing and eliminating until they find the perfect mix of what works together.

So, do not forget the finishing touches for your home or photo-shoot.  Plan for the spaces that need accessorizing and focus on the number of objects, the color and texture, the heights of the products and finally, edit, edit, edit.  Follow these tips and you will be a styling pro in no time!





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Our decorative throw pillows are an elegant and stylish way to spruce up your upholstery. Simply swapping out your old pillows for new ones can make a sofa, chair or bed look fresh and updated. Pillows are also an easy way to introduce a pop of color or tie a design scheme together.

teal velvet applique pillow

One of our favorite new pillows is the perfect size for the center of a sofa (as shown above) or on the center of a bed. The pillow features a crème neutral linen with a teal velvet appliqué and silver bead accents. It is lovely and feminine. It is 18 x 30 and sells for $329.99. Below is a close up of the pillow.

close up of velvet applique pillow

Our natural linen pillows with charcoal plum velvet appliqué can add texture and color to your décor. We paired the pillows together with two different patterns on a taupe tuxedo sofa. The patterns and colors complement each other rather than clash. The charcoal grey pillows are 18 x 30 and sell for $369.99 each.

charcoal grey pillows

The center pillow features a white linen fabric with a beaded appliqué. It is 15 x 21 and sells for $269.99.

close up of beaded pillow

The pillow below features a natural linen and beaded pattern. The neutral linen fabric pairs well with the beaded detail for a hint of sparkle and glamour. It is 22 x 22 and sells for $299.99.

22 x 22 beaded pillow on chair

Below is a close up of the beaded detail on the pillow.

22 x 22 decorative throw pillow

Pillows are a fun way to experiment with textures and patterns. Mixing different sizes, textures, colors and patterns can give your home that highly coveted designer look. Let our team help you create your own mix of pillows.

Do you remember this blog I wrote about a new retail boutique we were working on last year?  If you look at those ‘before’ photos, you might wonder, what was this client thinking when she bought that house?????

Well, she had a great vision of what she wanted to create and set about it; without fear.  This is the same client who filled out our design questionnaire and listed her desired style as: “Marie Antoinette meets Studio 54”.  I do not think I have ever had a more specific style inspiration description!

Well, after about eight months, this retail boutique, Found, finally opened with a grand affair and to much acclaim. I am excited to share professional photos (all shot by Casey Dunn Photography) as well as fun shots from the Grand Opening fete!

The new exterior:

found main entry

found outdoor vignette

If you appreciate historic preservation, as a reminder, this is what the house looked like the first time we toured it:

exterior 7
before 16
I’m not sure, but maybe it should have been on the condemned list!

And here it is now:

Found Exterior

And now, the fun part: the interiors!

This is the South entrance through an amazing trio of steel and glass doors (seen on the right in the photo above):

found entry by heather scott home and design
The West entrance through the hot pink door seen in the photos above:

found front entry by heather scott home and design

This is a full view of the interior space.  Raquel and I worked on the design together and selected a wood look floor tile for durability.  We also wanted to keep the interiors bright (it was very dark inside when we started).  The floor is set on a herringbone pattern which adds character and interest.  There are a number of different wallpapers used throughout, but they all flow together from a style and color point of view.

found overall design by heather scott home and design

We also had the opportunity to design a variety of mill work details, such as molding for the walls and an antiqued mirror area for an inset arch.

Found settee by heather scott home and design


found arch design by heather scott home and design

We designed this cash counter to meet the daily needs of their retail team (hiding paperwork, a place for bags and tissue, a printer, etc.).  The architecture firm Clayton & Little and build group Burnish & Plumb were responsible for implementing the concepts and they did a fabulous job.

cash counter by heather scott home and design

Behind the cash counter we used two fabulous buffet pieces topped by grand lamps and a Joyce Howell painting purchased at Wally Workman.   

found check out area by heather scott home and design

Our client paid attention to every detail, thinking about what her customers would like best about their shopping experience. Each dressing room has a different wallpaper, mirror and lighting.  They have iPads on which one can select a playlist, as well as a ‘call for champagne’ button.  You can even order snacks and treats!

found dressing room by heather scott home and design

And, we did not forget the bathroom, either.  Finished in glam gold, we have a fabulous vanity, mirror and light fixtures.  Not to mention wallpaper and marble throughout!

Found bath by heather scott home and design

And, because it was so much fun, I have to share some pictures from the ‘Grand Opening’.  Starting with the invite which certainly did not get lost in the pile of mail!

Found grand opening invite
Live models were hired for the store front windows… That is Raquel and her husband Jacob out front of the shop.

at the party

and a pseudo Marie Antoinette was cavorting around the party (BTW Marie is a guy!).

scott and marie

The party drinks and appetizers were so creative!

drinks bar


table display

And Raquel and I had a blast getting our photo taken on the red carpet-

heather and raquel

and so did Scott and I!

heather and scott on red carpet

Raquel, Jacob, Scott and I had a grand time celebrating the success of Austin’s newest, locally owned, shopping destination.  Please go visit the shop and support their business if you are in Austin!  Raquel and I had a wonderful time working on such a creative and interesting design project.  Here’s hoping to more in the future!

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Our new alabaster and bronze accented table lamps could add a classic architectural touch to your decor. The translucent white columns are perfectly paired with a brushed brass base and sheer rectangular double shades. They are the right scale for a console, buffet or side table.

pair of alabaster lamps

The lamp’s elegant and understated design could provide a stylish element to many table tops. Below is a close up of the alabaster base.

close up albaster base

These lamps are 29”H and the shade is 17″ W x 10″ D x 10″ H. Each lamp sells for $364.99. Visit our store to see some of our newest lamps and home accessories!

alabaster and brass table lamp


As I mentioned, Scott and I went to a business conference two weeks ago.  Unfortunately, the conference coincided with The Dallas Total Home & Gift Market, one of our favorite events.  Since we could not go, Raquel, Nikki and Lilly (3 of our designers) went without us to see all the latest trends and products.

Lilly was kind enough to identify key product trends and take photos to share with us.  As you know, we aren’t proponents of buying ‘trendy’ furniture, but it is important to keep an eye on what is happening in the marketplace.  It is easy and important to add some new pillows or décor to keep your home looking fresh.  

Dallas Market Center Buildings:

dallas market center

dallas market

So, Dallas Market from Lilly’s point of view:

If you’ve never been to Dallas Market before, it is quite an experience. As a designer, it is a visual paradise, with beautiful products everywhere you look. With 3 buildings and many floors of showrooms, the volume of products you see can be overwhelming!  That said, there were some obvious trends we saw throughout market.  I’ve narrowed the list down to the biggest three.

1) Shagreen

Shagreen was everywhere at Dallas Market, which means it’s definitely here to stay. We saw shagreen used in almost every application, from console tables to ottomans, to picture frames and tissue holders.

shagreen furniture

shagreen bath accessories

shagreen picture frames

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, shagreen is an untanned leather covered in small round granulations.  Shagreen is usually made from the skin of sharks or rays. In design, shagreen can be upholstered to make almost any piece and is a great way to add texture and color to a room in an unexpected way.

The most common colors we saw in shagreen pieces were cream and gray tones—another trend that is here to stay—but we also saw it in a variety of pastels, which made spaces more fun and interesting with pops of color.

shagreen desk accessories

shagreen frames and trays

If you’re opposed to using animal skin, or the typically high price of the product, we also saw many examples of faux shagreen, which if done well, can look great and give the same effect as the real thing. Adding shagreen accents to your home conjures luxuriousness and can give your space a unique richness.


2) Geodes

Geodes were another noticeable trend at market. Geodes are round rocks which contain hollow cavities lined with crystals, the most common type being quartz.


We saw geodes as a trend not only literally, but noticed their natural jewel tone had inspired a color trend as well. These rocks are beautiful on their own and are a great way to add rich color and texture to your home.

In a way, these rocks act as pieces of art themselves. In my favorite application we saw, the geodes were framed in silver-leafed shadow boxes, and hung in an arrangement on the wall, making a gorgeous focal point to the space.

geode wall decor

We also saw polished versions of the rocks made into accessories, and of course large raw, untouched geodes that were so mesmerizing, they didn’t need to be manipulated.

geode topped boxes

geode starburst on stands

geodes on display

3) Mediterranean Blue & Graphic patterns

In almost every booth we visited, there was evidence of a Mediterranean trend. That rich, Mediterranean blue reminiscent of the Greek isles was everywhere!

blue patterned large rug

blue graphic vases

We saw rugs, lamp shades, tabletop accessories, seating, textiles—literally everything you can think of— in this color. We also saw a lot of the Greek key pattern in many applications. I personally love this trend, and think it’s the most doable of the three. I love the idea of incorporating this color with whites and neutrals, because I believe it really makes your furnishings stand out, and in a way that isn’t overwhelming with color.

blue patterned rug

blue patterned ottoman

Blue tones are soothing to the eye and are generally calming psychologically, and in that aspect it acts as neutral itself.

poufs in blue in white

lamps with graphic blue shades

If you aren’t ready to commit to painting your walls blue or buying a blue sofa or chair, start with accessories like pillows, lamp shades, or a piece of art in the same hue to get you into that Mediterranean spirit. The least “trendy” of the design trends, this blue is the new navy, and is on the horizon for 2015.

Everyone always wants to know what “market” is like.  I hope you got a taste of it from this blog post.  We will have new accessory and décor items, which were shown at market, coming in to the shop over the next couple of months.  We hope you can drop by and see them!

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Our new Voluspa scented candles are a sensory treat with their stylish packaging and luxurious fragrances. The Voluspa brand has quickly become an internationally renowned home fragrance label and a favorite among celebrity clientele. We currently have more than 10 different scents available in the 12 oz. signature boxed candle and 11 oz. metal tin. The fragrances we are featuring on today’s blog are some of our most popular: Suede Blanc (spiced/woody), Gardenia Colonia (floral), Laguna (aquatic), and Saijo Persimmon (citrus/fruity).

Voluspa Candles and Tins

Each Voluspa candle features a clean, burning coconut wax blend and cotton wicks. The wax is made from coconut oil that is cold-pressed and then turned to wax through the process of hydrogenation. The creamy wax blend allows the candle to not only look creamy white, but allows it to hold a high volume of fragrance. The 11 oz. tins have 50 hours of burn time and sell for $16.50. The 12 oz. boxed candles can burn for up to100 hours and sell for $27.50. All Voluspa candles are hand poured in the USA.

Voluspa candles, tins

Visit our store to learn more about our Voluspa candles. They make for great gifts and the perfect treat for yourself. Discover your favorite Voluspa fragrance today!

Voluspa tins

We have a client with a “lock and leave” as she calls it.  A retired school teacher, she has family out of state and spends a lot of time away from home.  She was searching for a “small cottage” in a Austin community where the landscaping would be maintained and an entry gate might reduce possible break ins while she was gone.

She found the ideal location and size (about 1,500 sq. ft.) but the home needed some significant updating, especially in the kitchen.


The kitchen had carpet (really- look at the photo!), a long bank of endless upper and lower cabinets, and was completely cut off from the family room with the fur down and row of upper cabinets.  Note the ceiling light fixture (more on that later).

kitchen before

The cabinets were in good shape, so we kept those and just worked on rearranging the layout.  The family room is very narrow, so we wanted to make the island smaller and move it closer to the back wall. 

kitchen into family room
kitchen before into laundry

We worked on some options for the layout (first round shown), then revised them:

kitchen v1
island v1

Selected materials:

Backsplash with marble and glass

backsplash tile with paint

We chose “Grey Goose” for the countertop from Pacific Shore Stone.

grey goose counter for kitchen

And now, we wait for the contractor to finish the job! 

Remember where I said up above, “note the ceiling light”?  This is the perfect example of how you never know what you will uncover once you start a project.  The previous home owners had completely covered a massive sky light right in the middle of the kitchen!  This discovery has wreaked a little havoc on our plan to place kitchen lighting, but as with all projects there are always a few surprises and you need to be flexible!

kitchen during

Our client originally thought she wanted a white kitchen, but the more she looked at pictures, she decided she wanted to do something different.  So, we went with a blue/gray paint for the cabinets and a shade darker on the island.

painted cabinets, remodel

kitchen remodel painted cabinets, side view

painted cabinets, stove view

We are still waiting for some finishing details, including the island pendant lighting, but in reality, this was a very small kitchen remodel with major impact!  That is why I wanted to share our ‘progress’ with you.  

Lesson #1: Don’t underestimate what can be achieved in a small space.  Instead of separate and crowded, your kitchen can quickly become dramatic and ‘open plan’ with a minimal investment.

Lesson #2: You need to refine your design style.  Our client was sure she wanted a white kitchen, but it is ok to change your mind.  If you do a lot of looking you will train your eye to better understand what you want out of your remodel.  The best time to do this is before selections are made, not after the contractor has ripped out everything!  This will save you both time and money, and who doesn’t want that?

I hope these 2 “lessons learned” will help you if you decide to undertake any type of remodel.   Good luck if you decide to embark on this on your own; it can be very rewarding (once you are finished!).  If you decide you would like some help on your design and or decorating project, feel free to reach out to us here:










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Add a touch of style to your home with our new upholstered wingback chair. The wingback chair is a classic silhouette that can serve as a standalone piece to balance a room. The tall back and enveloping sides are both inviting and cozy.

wingback chair

The statuesque chair features clean lines, low arms, and light linen fabric. It is a sleek alternative to the traditional rolled arm. The chair is versatile enough to be used in a grouping or alone as the anchor of the room.

wingback chair side view

Below is an example of how we used the chairs  in a conversational grouping in a recent design project.


Below is a side profile of the chairs. You can read and see more pictures of this project here.


The dimensions of the chair are 32 W x 37 D x 46.5 H. The seat height is 19″ and the arm height is 22″. The chair sells for $1,499.99. The chair can be special ordered in a variety of fabrics and leathers.  Visit our store and let us know how we can help you find the perfect piece for your home!

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