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Many times I’m asked about ways to quickly change an old or drab space into a new and fresh feeling room.  If you’ve followed my blogs over the years you’ll have picked up on many of those solutions like pillows, lighting and accessories.  However, one way to add a refined ‘freshened’ appearance to a room (that will cost more than pillows and or lighting) is custom drapery. 

We have clients (and friends) who like to pick up drapery panels off the shelf.  While this is a way to add drapery panels, many times the full effect of these additions is lost in the details.  Like anything in design, the real payoff is in the details.  And, when we speak of details, our design operations manager Emily, is one of the best in the world.  Based on her passion for precision, I asked her to guest blog as it relates to her experiences participating in nearly all of our client installs.  Emily’s words of wisdom are as follows:

Whenever we are at an install and the draperies go up, we are in awe by how quickly they transform the room. Besides the color scheme, the window treatments are one of the first selections that are made during the design process.

Here are the top three reasons to take the leap and invest in custom drapery panels for your home.

1. You are creating a unique, one of a kind look

When creating your custom draperies, there are endless possibilities that can be suited towards your taste. From classic to contemporary, we have hundreds of fabric books and various trims that can be paired together to create your vision.

In the image below, our design team paired a simple white and black linen to create a artistically chic look. Although the color scheme is simple, the elements of this room are special and eye catching.

two tone drapery panels

In this next photo, the draperies contain three separate elements, 2 fabrics & a trim. You won’t be able to find something “ready made” with this detail!  When you are in the room, you really notice this ‘wow’ factor.

drapery with leading edge band and trim

drapery detail of trim and leading edge

Another aspect to take into account when creating custom draperies is pleat style. Options range from Cartridge (more casual) to French (more formal) which can further foster the room you have envisioned. There are many options available and choosing your style can transform your dream into a reality.

pleat styles, row 2
pleat styles, row 1


2. You have the option to create “fully functional” or “decorative only” draperies

There are two options when creating custom draperies, decorative or functional.

Below are draperies that are functional. As you can tell these are hung between 10-12” higher to make the windows & room appear larger. This gives the room a grand look & feel.

velvet drapery with leading edge

The second option is to have draperies that are decorative only and are meant to make a statement. These draperies are also hung 10-12” above the window frame to draw the eye upwards. Although these draperies do not close to cover this window, they were designed so they would not encroach on the beautiful view of the Texas Hill Country outside.  Although no one wanted to block the view, it was also recognized that drapery panels add the warmth and finishing touch that a room needs.

printed drapery panels

3. Draperies are the focal point of the room

Window treatments typically make a large style statement.  They can pull together the room with color and pattern. Light, airy fabrics can brighten up a space and bold, patterned panels can add a statement when paired with neutral furnishings.

Below are examples of draperies that have a classic hand and give the space a feeling of serenity.

printed drapery panels in master bedroom with woven wood shades

printed drapery panels in breakfast room

cotton printed drapery panels

Custom draperies are always an integral part of our design projects because they finish a room.

If you are interested in custom draperies, don’t be intimidated! Before you get started, below are four questions to consider:

1. How tall do you want your draperies to be?

2. Do you want them to be fully functional or purely decorative?

3. What type of pleat style are you interested in?

4. Do you want to upgrade the lining to something thicker or possibly block out the sun?

Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to explore custom draperies for your home.  You can stop into the store or send us an email.  We hope to help you create the perfect draperies for your home!

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Our new custom ceramic lamps are the perfect accent if you want keep your room sophisticated, stylish and simple. The timeless gray ceramic on the lamps is versatile enough to be paired with bold art and accessories or with neutral art and accessories.

custom ceramic gray lamps

The shape of the lamps are wide and tall enough to be substantial on a console. The acrylic mounting and finial add to the overall allure of the lamps. The lamps are 33 ½ inches tall with a white linen drumcloth shade that is 11 H x 17 diam. Each lamp sells for $399.99.

custom ceramic lamps side view

Every detail about these ceramic lamps is customizable. Today, there are even more options to choose from. You can select from 6 different finials and mounting finishes, 37 different forecasted fashion colors, and 9 different lamp shapes.

gray custom ceramic lamp

Visit our store or email us at to see how you can design your very own custom lamp!

If you are not a big reader, you might have missed the buzz on Marie Kondo’s book: “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up- The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing”.  This small book has been on the NY Times Best Seller list for several weeks and is creating a lot of chatter.  I suspect “Kondo” will be added as a new dictionary word for decluttering this year (as in: I ‘kondo’d’ my pantry this weekend; Kondo’d my closet, etc.).

the life changing magic of tidying up

Those who know me are frequently aggravated by the fact that I do not keep many ‘things’.  I am quick to discard, recycle or donate clothing, books, home décor, paperwork (of any kind) and anything else that makes its way into my home or office.  Family sees this as a lack of sentimentality.  Marie Kondo sees this as a requirement for a clean, uncluttered, peaceful and enjoyable home.

Read this quote from The London Times:

“[It is] enough to salute Kondo for her recognition of something quietly profound: that mess is often about unhappiness, and that the right kind of tidying can be a kind of psychotherapy for the home as well as for the people in it … Its strength is its simplicity.” – The London Times

I was in Atlanta the other week for a business conference and had the pleasure of listening to a talk by Suzanne Kasler, one of the best interior designers in the country. 

She was speaking about our job as designers and how that job is not about the ‘buying’ but the ‘editing’.  I see this all the time.  Many clients simply have too much ‘stuff’ but struggle to part with it.   They buy and buy, but what they’ve bought just is not right so they are unfulfilled.

Frequently we hear: it was expensive, it was given by a relative, I might need it someday.  But, the client doesn’t love it and it doesn’t bring them joy.  Marie Kondo tells you how to deal with this once and for all. 

She claims you just need to do a thorough tidy once and you never have to do it again.  She tells you how to move past keeping things like old electronics, power cords, warranty cards, extra makeup, lotions and travel size samples.  If it is in your home, she tells you how to categorize it, eliminate it, or store it at no expense (no need to purchase any systems or storage bins).

Kondo helps those of us emotionally attached to things for sentimental reasons or personal reasons.  She explains how to thank the item for its usefulness and then move it out of your home.  Her big take away is that you handle every item and ask yourself: “Does this bring me joy”.

Kondo is passionate and serious about her position.  I giggled at several of her statements and points of view (including how to care for your socks).  But, I agree completely with her major concepts and advice for how to store items (for example, store items vertically so you can see them, not one on top of the other). 

If your interest is piqued, I encourage to read an excerpt here or consider purchasing a copy here.  It will be $10 well spent.  I look forward to hearing what you think about the book!

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This past week we received many new home accessories. From frames to trays, we have many new items that can help freshen your home for Spring. Some of our favorites incorporate the popular “organic luxe” trend. We have three different sizes of red cedar roots in a chamois finish and sparkly geodes that will allow you to incorporate nature’s beauty into your home.


Our natural cedar root adds dimension and texture. It is the perfect conversation piece. When paired with our crystalline geodes, you truly can incorporate the “rough luxe” aesthetic into your home. The cedar root range in price from $49.99 to $199.99.

red cedar root with crystal

Geodes are round rocks that have a hollow cavity lined with crystals. Geodes derived from the Greek word geoides, which means “earth-like.” In nature, you can find them in a variety of colors. We currently have geodes in neutral tones with white and pale blue crystals. They sell for $24.99 each.

geode crystals

Incorporating geodes, agates and other natural gemstones is currently one of the most popular home accent trends. You can find home accents, art,  lamps and furnishings with embellished with “nature’s jewelry.”

Amethyst drusy on red cedar root

Visit us and purchase our earthy, luxe accessories today!

geode on jewelry box

Luxe magazine reached out recently to ask my opinion on where to shop for art for design projects.  As an Art History major, I love to talk about art, so I was honored when they selected me as a featured designer for their recent “Scene’’ section.

luxe art story

luxe close up, art

The artists I referenced are all available through the Wally Workman Gallery, off West 6th street in Austin.  There are several wonderful galleries in that area of town.

Luxe mag cover


You can check it out in the Winter 2015 edition. Pick up a copy while it is still available!  The issue, as always, features some truly lovely homes.

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Our new hand painted canvas art includes introductions from the latest winter markets. These pieces  feature fabulous texture and depth.  They are also the perfect scale to add a statement to a room. 

One of our new original art pieces features pale yellow, black and silver leaf accents. It is large enough to be hung on a wall by itself or above a console. The dimensions are 54″ x 68″ H and sells for $599.99. We have paired it modern black accessories and ceramic lamps with black shades.

54 x 68 art with black

We also have another large art piece that features light neutral shades with a pop of marigold and gold leaf. The gold leaf accent really stands out against the neutral background. The piece pairs well with gold and teal accents. The dimensions are 68″ x 54″ H and sells for $599.99.

marigold and gold art 54 x 68

A new 50″ x 50″ features an abstract oceanic scene. The colors are a rich cobalt blue against a neutral background. It can be placed with most furnishings and accessories. We have it paired with a dark wood console and lamp. It sells for $479.99.

50 x 50 canvas art, oceanic

The art below features a neutral canvas with dark charcoal and light gray accents. The light canvas really stands out against the dark espresso frame. It is 40″ x 50″H and sells for $449.99. 

framed canvas art 40 x 50

Visit our store to see all of our latest art arrivals in person. Shop with us and let us help you help you find the perfect piece of art for your home!

I was thrilled to have another opportunity to appear on KXAN’s Studio 512 last week to provide Interior Design tips!

Design tips for small spaces

Our topic was “Four Key Design Tips for Small Spaces”.

I focused on:

  1. Selecting multifunctional furniture pieces and re-imagining a room’s purpose
  2. Choosing upholstery pieces with slim lines
  3. Using visual tricks to make your space seem bigger
  4. Adding style with impact

Click on the link below to watch the video clip, see specific design examples and learn more!


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It is hard to believe that Spring is only two weeks away! Our custom made orchids are the perfect way to freshen and brighten your home just in time for the new season.  Our large custom made arrangements can be used as a centerpiece and our smaller orchids can serve as a sophisticated accent for a small space.

orchid in large tofu bucket

Our orchids in a vintage tofu bucket are the centerpiece. The tofu bucket base adds character and distinction to the classic white orchid. No two buckets are are ever the same. Our latest arrangement features a dark espresso bucket. The arrangement features 4 orchid phals and sells for $499.95.

orchid in large tofu bucket close up


Below are some examples of how we have incorporated the orchid in a vintage tofu bucket in our design projects. We have used this style of orchid arrangement as a centerpiece on an contemporary entry table.


orchid in vintage tofu bucket, design project

We also used this style of orchid on a sleek, stainless steel dining table. The tofu bucket pairs well with contemporary and traditional furnishings.

Heather Scott Home & Design, Living Room with Orchid Tofu Bucket

Our smaller mercury glass orchids are the perfect accent to add height to a small space. They can be placed in a bathroom, powder room or on a end table.  The orchid in a small square mercury glass is a new style. It sells for $139.99.

orchids in mercury glass

The orchid in a round mercury glass sells for $139.99. It is one of our favorite styles. The mercury glass base adds sophistication to the single orchid. 

orchid in mercury glass

Below is an example of the small mercury glass orchid as an accent between two occasional chairs.

mercury glass orchid on end table

Below is an example of the mercury glass orchid in a bathroom.

Mercury Glass Orchid in Bathroom

Our custom made orchids are versatile enough to be used in different areas of your home. Visit our store to learn more about our orchids and treat yourself to one (or even two) just in time for Spring!

I mentioned a few months ago that our team was involved in the pilot episode for a new HGTV program.  The show will air next Tuesday, March 3rd at 8 pm EST/7 pm CST on HGTV.  Currently their schedule says “Fixer Upper” but from what we have been told, this episode will be sneaked in as a test run.

Exterior of the home filmed in the episode:


You may have watched the Hatmaker family on the show ‘My Big House Renovation’, last year.  In this pilot show, the Hatmaker family teams up with another family to help them renovate to meet the needs of a large family lifestyle.

Heather Scott Home & Design was excited to be tapped by the production crew as the local team to assist with procuring design elements for the show.  Team member Nikki Clause was the lead on this project, and as you will see from the photos below, she managed to rope in a large portion of the team to help out with the ‘all hands on deck’ call in order to meet the lighting speed of the show’s concept through to filming. 

Heather Scott Home & Design team members Nikki (kneeling bottom left), Emily, Olivia and Sarah paint the wall in the nursery:

team painting

Sarah & Nikki paint the homeowner’s existing furniture (or each other!):

painting furniture

Wallpaper being hung in the master bedroom:

wallpaper installation

At this time, we can’t show you any of the ‘reveal’ photos; you will have to tune into the show for that.  But, here is a sneak peek at filming just a few months ago:

show filming


We hope you can tune in this coming Tuesday night and let us know what you think!

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Our new backless counter stools can add sophistication to your kitchen. The counter stools feature turned legs, a tiered edge, pewter nail head trim and a rich hand rubbed black finish that can complement a variety of interiors.

backless counter stools

Our counter stools can be paired with a gathering table that is counter height or with a kitchen counter. The seat of the counter stool is upholstered in a neutral olive cotton. The upholstered seat looks sharp against the black finish of the mahogany wood legs.


We have used these counter stools in a prep kitchen with a counter height table in past design project, see pictures below.

Heather Scott Home & Design Prep Kitchen

The timeless design of the stools really complete the space. We currently have three stools available in our retail store. The dimensions of the counter stool height stools are 16″ X 16″ X 24″ H. They sell for $354.99 each.

Heather Scott Home & Design Kitchen

The stools can be ordered in bar height (30”H), different finishes and even chocolate brown leather.  Visit us today and allow us to help you choose the perfect kitchen seating for your home.

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