Master Bedroom Overall
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Our sweet family, who’s game and media room you saw over the last couple of weeks, also updated their master bedroom during our project.

The existing furniture was very dark and heavy and they were ready for something lighter.  The room is very large (length wise) and has a nice (but not deep) bay window.  The light in the room is fantastic, but the furniture layout was challenging due to the length of the room.

master before
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design
master before 3
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design
master before 2
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design


A lot of the wife’s inspiration pictures for this room looked very “New Orleans” to me. She especially wanted a mirror like those above the nightstands. Her husband was great and said his only caveat was that the mirrors not have cherubs. I was happy to give on that since he let us use blush and lavender. Note to guys: a soft, feminine bedroom can be a wonderful retreat. And, you have heard the saying,: “Happy wife, happy life”.

Master Bedroom Overall
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design
Bed Detail
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

We incorporated a pretty upholstered bed, reproduction nightstands and those wonderful mirrors to bring some symmetry into the room.

Again, trying to keep the room light and airy, we swapped out the heavy wood dresser for a light, painted, Swedish style piece and mixed it with a piece of abstract art to make it a little more modern.

Master Bedroom Vignette Alt Crop
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

New white silk drapery panels fill the bay window and two chairs with an acrylic bench provide a nice place for reading or watching TV. The chairs are covered in one of our go to kid-friendly fabrics, Crypton. Good thing, because first thing this cutie did was climb onto them!

heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

I know a lot of people still have TV armoires and it is a shame because they were expensive.  But they have essentially become obsolete with flat screen televisions. Now that they had a flat screen, our homeowners wanted a nice built-in that could hold the TV and toys, to help keep the room clean. Nothing clears out clutter faster than putting toys in a basket and then putting them behind closed doors. Easy-peasy.

master built in
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

This room has gone from feeling crowded with dark and heavy matching furniture to an elegant and classic oasis that will stand the test of time.  I personally love the mix of antique reproductions with modern elements such as the acrylic side pieces, abstract art and fuzzy pillows.  This style will give you longevity with your ‘investment’ pieces and can easily be updated with more modern elements as the years go by.  Now, that is getting the best of everything!


Whether you flip through design magazines or gather inspiration on Pinterest or Houzz, you will have undoubtedly seen the popularity of the farmhouse-style in interior design. Farmhouse-style is defined by simplicity, functionality and warmth. It is also unpretentious and uncomplicated as it marries well with many other styles.  Our new farmhouse dining table can set the mood of your space with its inviting and charming design.


Our farmhouse table’s “lived-in” finish and clean lines offer an effortless sophistication. The mix of natural textures and materials gives the table the table its laid-back appeal. The table is made from solid mahogany wood and features a lovely two tone finish: a driftwood wood stain on the table’s top and gray graphite legs. Below is a close-up of the finish.


This piece can be customized with a wide range of finishes and stains. The table dimensions are 96 W x 47 D x 30 H. It sells for $1,999.99.


We also have the matching dining chairs in the store. The grey linen fabric ties in the gray painted legs of the table. The dimensions of the chair are 21 W x 24 D x 41 H. Each chair sells for $499.99.


Visit our store to learn how you can add a farmhouse touch to your own home!


Family Game Room

Just outside the media room I showed you last week, is our fun family’s ‘game room’. This room was also the playroom for “little baby girl” (nursery to come in future post) and the room had become overrun with toys. Mom’s request: ‘get all this clutter hidden behind a built-in’. So we did that, and had a great time painting it a playful Tiffany blue shade.

Family Game Room
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design



It is easy to see how children’s toys can over run a space.  Putting all these items behind closed doors makes a room so much more comfortable for adults to use it, as well.

game room before 2
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design
game room before
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

This room had previously housed the furniture from a prior living room and a collection of other cast off pieces. With a revised furniture plan this room became really useful for many family members to hang out and spend time together.


We designed a sectional to fit the space nicely and added two petite swivel chairs for TV viewing and Christmas present opening.  The tufted sectional is great for little ones and the woven pattern and darker ottoman are very forgiving.

family game room close up
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

This home owner’s little one came in and climbed up onto the sectional and kept saying ‘So cute, so cute, so cute’. I wish I had gotten it on video. It was precious.

Family Game Room Built in
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

I have to tell you about the drapes. I’ve worked with these clients for over 5 years and when I proposed the color scheme, black, white and Tiffany blue, she said ‘I never told you this, but I don’t like black’. First off, she was so sweet the way she said it (like it was her fault I proposed black even though I’ve known her that long), but secondly, she did not say ‘no’; she said ‘let me think about it’. Two days later she decided to get out of her comfort zone and go with black! Not many people will take a chance when they are uncomfortable.

Family Game Room
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

Once installed, she says the drapes are her favorite thing about the room. Moral of the story: rethinking your position does not mean you are giving in or compromising who you are. Challenge yourself to be open to new ideas, colors and styles. People’s individual styles often evolve, change and develop as they are exposed to new design concepts. Keep an open mind in all areas of life!


Anyone up for a game of chess? Our new grey and white chess table is perfect for friends and family to gather around, relax and play the dynamic game.


The table and chess set are constructed out of soft mahogany wood that has a slight distressing to it. This table has a multitude of functions and is ideal for storing the chess pieces when not being used or any unwanted items.


The table and chess set is a combination of a rich smoky grey accompanied with a creamy white. It is also available in a variety of standard wood finishes. The chess table with the chess set sells for $899.99 and its dimensions are 33”W x 33”D x 21”H.


On one side of the board, the players are painted a chic, smoky grey finish.


On the other side of the board, here is a close up of the creamy white finish that complements almost any color.


This table is as entertaining as it is functional, and adds a bit of charm to any space. Be sure to stop by our store to see this table in person! We would love to help you find the perfect piece to accompany your home.

Media Room

Over the next few weeks I’ll be showing you some ‘before and after’s’ from one of our favorite long-time clients. Both husband and wife are a treat to work with and we always have a lot of laughs.


Media Room
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

The media room is the man of the house’s sole domain and personal retreat.  The husband ‘got to’ as-in was permitted to- provide input on his media room in terms of comfort, color and design goals. I say ‘got to’, which sounds mean, but since it was previously decorated with Scarface and Predator posters, the wife and I were hesitant to allow this (sorry hubby!). He was ‘kind’ enough to donate said Scarface poster to my husband and it is now on display in his office/our stock room (my husband ‘gets to’ work with 7 women, so we let him have some say in the décor around his ‘work space’).


The media room was (as often happens) the place where the old furniture went as new pieces replace them.  It was definitely an eclectic assortment of pieces that were not conducive to family and friends hanging out together.

media room before
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

Both easy-going people, the major request was comfortable seating for watching UT football games and movies (including other Arnold Schwarzenegger and Al Pacino flicks). The husband is very tall so we went for an extra deep sectional (also perfect for napping!).

The room was challenging to furnish because it is long but narrow. So, we ended up with a sectional against one wall, allowing for a walk space on the other side. Anyone can pile on the massive sectional. And, if additional seating is needed on game days, small chairs can be brought in and placed on the open side.

We also added this great ottoman/cocktail table combo that gives you the best of both worlds!

media room ottoman
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

We painted the room a cozy, dark green/grey and installed new lighting as well.  The media pieces are made of metal and have mesh fronts to allow air circulation for the components.

media cabinets
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

The only thing we did not pick out was the 70” TV. As you can imagine, the husband had a wonderful time doing that all by himself!

Media Room
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

Hope you enjoyed!  More to come from this fun-loving family in the coming weeks!


With summer right around the corner, it is time to warmly embrace one of our favorite summer trends: coral and blush accents.  As the weather warms up, it is fun to pull in warmer color tones into your decor. Blush tones offer a romantic and playful pop of color. They can be a “trendier” alternative to calming blue and green tones.  Our new glass framed art pieces with soft pinks and corals beautifully accent an otherwise neutral space.


Our series of two art pieces appropriately named “Flower Nest” is subtle, elegant, and serene.  The pieces feature blush tones, grays, black, and gold leaf for added panache.


Each piece is glass framed with a double gold leaf and shiny lacquer frame. Each art piece is 37 W x 37 H and sells for $649.99 each. It can also be special ordered in a variety of other sizes, framed or unframed.


We encourage you to experiment with this pretty palette whether it be in your art, accessories, pillows or even a throw! Even the smallest pop of color can soften a room or tie the room the together.  Shop in our store or online for your very own punch of color!



It has been awhile since we last mentioned our Fort Worth design project. We have written several blog posts about this particular project including posts about the progress, Georgian style architecture, and the finished  “Family Friendly Media Room.” We have been unable to share the completed project on our blog because we were waiting for its editorial debut and now the wait is finally over! This project is featured in the summer issue of Southern Home magazine.


Founded in 2015, Southern Home showcases some of the South’s finest and most inviting homes.  This charming home in a historical neighborhood in Fort Worth seemed to be the perfect fit for this publication.  Southern Home tastefully showcases beautiful homes and captures the “heart” and artistic vision behind the projects featured. This issue is on newstands May 17th and it includes a number of beautiful homes through-out.

We hope you enjoy the lovely pictures of this charming home.

Exterior: The old home on this site was meant to be remodeled, but due to a crack in the foundation it had to be torn down.  Even with a fresh new build, this house looks like it has been in the neighborhood for decades.

25 Exterioredit

Entry:  Less is more in this elegant entry area with custom stair railing and furniture.

8 Entryedit


10 Entryedit

Dining Room: The ceiling is the focal point in this room, but overall it is casually elegant and meant to be welcoming and happy.

1 Dining Roomedit

Library Room:  Just off the kitchen, this ‘keeping room’ is a great place to chat with the cook or look out to the pool.

5 Libraryandkeepingedit

Kitchen: A timeless design with Alabaster white cabinets and Danby marble.

13 Kitchenedit

Breakfast Room: Sunbrella fabric? Check.  Comfy chairs? Check.  A little animal print (notice a theme)? Check.

3 Breakfast Roomedit

Family Room: In case you haven’t realized it yet, we love symmetry!

6 Living Roomedit

Powder Bathroom:  The perfect place to add some more ‘happy’ to a home.

18 Powder Bathedit

Planning Room:  We wish we all had a little ‘keep me organized’ room like this in our house; sigh.

21 Mudroomedit

Laundry Room: Who says your laundry room should be dull and drab?  Not our client!

20 Laundry Roomedit

Master Bedroom:  Peaceful, dreamy, calming.  Perfect for a good night’s rest.

14 Master Bedroomedit

Master Bathroom:  A little Calacutta marble never hurts!

19 Bathroomedit

Media Room: A fun place for the whole family to watch TCU games!

11 Media Roomedit

Guest Bathroom:  Let us just say: ‘pretty’.  This is one of four that are just as ‘pretty’.

23 Bathroomedit

Wine Room:  Or should we say “Man Cave’?  You get it.  The perfect place to watch some golf, drink some wine and ponder how lovely life can be when surround with friends and family.

22 Wine Roomedit

This home is an example of classic beauty with great bones, timeless pieces, and stylish pops of color. The homeowners personalities speak through every room. You can see even more photos of this project by viewing our portfolio.

Be sure to read the beautifully written article once it hits newsstands on May 17th. You can also purchase a copy for yourself here. It was a pleasure to work with everyone involved in this project, especially the homeowners. If you are interested in how our team can help you create the home of your dreams and reflects your own personality, visit our website and fill out our questionnaire.

We would also like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!



The Kentucky Derby is much more than a race. It has become a celebration of Southern culture and tradition. In this week’s blog, we tip our hats, elegant Derby hats that is, to one of the most stylish sporting events in the world.


Our equestrian art is perfectly appropriate with  “America’s Greatest Race” happening this Saturday. Our large horse framed print is chic and can add a dramatic statement to a space. In most cultures, horses symbolize strength, nobility, and beauty. This print gracefully encompasses each one of these qualities.  The print, named “Trapper”, is 43 W x 63 H and sells for $1,079.99.

Dental office lobby with fireplaceedit

For even more inspiration, one of our favorite projects features a framed photograph of a horse (shown above). The placement of the art on the fireplace makes the piece a focal point and ties the “Rough Luxe” lobby together. Plus, just like “Trapper” it adds a touch of tradition and grace to an otherwise transitional space.


Our art was also featured in Austin Monthly’s May issue (shown above) since equestrian themed decor is a popular home trend. Whether you are watching the races in Louisville, or plan on sipping a mint julep while enjoying the spectacle from home, remember that we have a collection of horse-related art and accessories to choose from. Email our team at for more information!

HGTV House Hunters austin, kitchen back view


The Heather Scott Home & Design team was excited to finally see our episode for “House Hunters Renovations” air a couple of weeks ago on HGTV.

HGTV House Hunters austin, kitchen view
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

In case you missed it, it is scheduled re-air Saturday, May 28th at 10pm EST/9 pm CST , but check this link for confirmation of dates and air times.

HGTV House Hunters austin, television production
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

Everyone loves a good ‘before & after’ and this house was no exception.  She wanted rustic farmhouse and he wanted traditional.  Both husband and wife were willing to compromise and sacrifice to give the other what they wanted, which is always a great way for a couple to manage a remodel!


This is it: tiny, cramped, just plain old and dark kitchen which was not conducive to today’s lifestyle.

kitchen before, full view
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

The biggest challenges were the layout and ceiling height (including lighting and venting).  Our clients had a specified budget they wanted to spend, but they also wanted to blow out the back wall and take the kitchen into the hallway/hall closet to give them more space.  Unfortunately, when you start moving walls, things get expensive fast. The homeowners ended up having to increase their budget to get the space they wanted.

We also had some major issues with the duct work and lighting.  We all wanted to raise the ceiling, but did not have a place to put the AC ducts.  We ended up going with exposed ducts in order to get a higher ceiling in this room. The homeowners did not mind the industrial look and the added ceiling height made a huge difference in making the kitchen feel more spacious.



Beyond the ‘behind the walls’ improvements, where a large chunk of the budget went, we were also able to develop and implement a plan for new surface materials throughout the kitchen.

You can see below the cabinets suggested.  I recommended an off-white shaker style with a glaze on the side cabinets and a beautiful alternative cabinet style, in a color called ‘ocean’, for the back wall.  The homeowners were nervous to commit to the ocean color on the whole back wall, but were willing to step out of their comfort zone and use it for a small portion by the ovens.  I loved that they were willing to try something bolder even though it was not something they would traditionally choose.

cabinets, counters and backsplash

We used a taupe colored quartz material on the counter tops and incorporated just a small portion of a mosaic herringbone tile for above the cook-top.

HGTv House hunters renovations austin cooktop wall
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

The homeowner was also keen on a collected furniture look for the kitchen, as opposed to being surrounded by cabinets on all three sides of the room.  I suggested exposed shelves above a furniture piece in one area and kept the wall above the sink open for shiplap and a custom art piece from Brayden & Brooks.  They were so sweet to actually customize the piece for the family.

HGTV House Hunters austin, appliance wall
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design
HGTV House Hunters austin, kitchen back view
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

The trickiest part was probably the island.  The kitchen was very narrow and we did not have room for a standard island, or if we had done one, it would have looked like an odd block in the room.  Luckily, the couple was opened to the concept of a furniture piece here, also.  We were able to find an awesome piece with a tin top and wood base. The folding edges give the family the option to expand the top for buffet serving or for the kids to do homework close to mom.

kitchen island
heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

Kitchen renovations are a big undertaking.  This family of five lived in the house during the 8 week renovation.  It was messy, inconvenient, and as usual, went over budget.  The one bright point is that I have never had anyone say, once it is done, that it was not worth it.  Everyone always ends up wondering why they waited so long to make the change.  This house was just the same. This family is growing up on acreage, exploring nature, enjoying a farmhouse lifestyle and celebrating togetherness in this new home and a kitchen space that will bring years of fond memories. And what is more important than cherishing time with loved ones?

heatherscotthome | Heather Scott Home & Design

Since its launch in the early 1990s, Kate Spade New York has blossomed from a small accessories fashion label to a true lifestyle brand. The brand has found success with stationary and tableware, but now the brand is making an even bolder move into the home furnishings industry. Kate Spade has partnered with some industry powerhouses such as Visual Comfort and Jaipur to create a Home collection that is “playful yet timeless.”


We currently have a selection of pillows and throws from the Kate Spade Home collection. The patterns, prints and colors are all quintessential Kate Spade. Each accent “channels the femininity, the whimsy, and the wit the brand is known for” according to the company’s president and creative director Deborah Lloyd. We couldn’t agree more! The embroidered dot pillows (featured above) are playful and chic. They come in three different colors Vibrant Green, Gold and Caviar (black). They are 18 x 18 and sell for $109.99 each. The gold dot pillow sells for $139.99.


Each piece offers a punchy pop of color or playful decorative detail. The Kate Spade line includes an offering of striped pillows, sequin embellishments, polka dots and over-sized tassel fringe. Not to miss the opportunity to add another fun detail, even the color names selected reflect the brand’s cheerful aesthetic. The collection’s punchy color palette includes: Shocking Pink (pink), Whisper White (white), Caviar (black), Picnic Green (green), and Navy Eclipse (navy).


Our striped Kate Spade pillows (shown above) add a classic pattern to a space. Each side of the pillow has a different striped print so that you can switch between the two sides. Some of the striped pillows also feature an over-sized tassel and lattice detail (shown below). These 20 x 20 pillows sell for $109.99 each.


The tassel pillows also come in Picnic Green and Navy Eclipse. They are also 20 x 20 and sell for $109.99.


The sequin pillows from the Kate Spade Home collection are definitely a statement. We have a neutral leopard print and caviar black pillows to choose from. They are 16 x 16 and sell for $139.99 each.


The throws from the collection come in a variety of punchy colors each with bold tassel detail and lattice work. They each sell for $115.


The colors we have available are Shocking Pink, Fanfare (teal), Caviar (black), Picnic Green, Navy Eclipse (navy).


The vision for the brand’s home collection perfectly executed. Many of the styles and prints were inspired by style icons such as Iris Apfel and Audrey Hepburn. We encourage you to visit the store and pick out the perfect Kate Spade pillow or throw that reflects your very own personality! Shop the styles online as well!

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